Phase-out of incandescent light bulbs LED light bulb sales rise Guide for LED Bulbs
Because Japanese government urges manufactures and retailers to promote the application of LED bulbs as well as the series of LED bulbs tends to complete, Panasonic has announced to stop production of incandescent bulbs used in household market before.... more
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LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, conducted a survey showing that the retail price of worldwide LED bulb is decreasing slightly in July, 2012. For the first time, the bottom price of the commodity is below 10 USD in Britain, which would replace 40-watt incandescent lamp. Besides, the average price of the commodity which takes...more
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In the electronic world, there are varieties of bulbs in use. Among the popularly used types include fluorescents tubes, LEDs, incandescent lamps, halogens, HIDs and some others. These bulbs showcase in a variety of shapes and designs. A clear understanding of the shapes of the bulbs will go a long way to assisting you in understanding their basic features and modes of operation.. more
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