As Innovative Micro LED Applications Emerge, Overcoming Mass Transfer and Testing Problems Is Top Priority

Micro LED has recently been a high-profile emerging technology in the display industry, where overcoming the existing technical challenges for mass production are the ultimate goal shared by businesses. In Touch Taiwan 2021, leading players such as AUO, Innolux, and PlayNitride flexed their muscles by showcasing various innovative Micro LED applications. In addition to bringing stunning visual experiences, the upstream–downstream partnerships seen in the display event suggests that Micro LED is no longer a “science-fiction” and has stepped closer to th...
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ETRI Solves The Challenge In The Next-Generation Display Micro LED

IMAGE: RESEARCHERS FROM ETRI IS PERFORMING THE SIMULTANEOUS TRANSFER-BONDING PROCESS FOR MICRO LED CREDIT: ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH INSTITUTE(ETRI) The Korean research team developed the world's first next-generation display technology that can simplify the process and reduce the incidental expenses considerably. The new materials required for the new process were also developed for the first time in the world and is exp...
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Otsuka Electronics Korea introduces Imaging Luminance-colorimeter specialized in Mini-LED and Micro-LED

Otsuka Electronics Korea, having a history of display front-end measurement solutions, released a superior model of the HS-1000H series on the market. This latest one has been specially designed for Mini-LED and Micro-LED, which are very delicate as each micro-sized chip emits lights. As the existing model lines are trusted in the Mini-LED BLU optical inspection process, the new model also aroused many expectations.     To be responsible for quality inspection of advanced display technology, Otsuka Electronics Korea combined a 120-megapixel camera w...
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With the Rising Popularity of Transparent Monitors, VueReal Develops a New Transparent Micro LED Display

Foreign media has reported that VueReal, a Canadian developer of Micro LED display technologies, recently revealed a novel 3–4 inch transparent Micro LED display with a transparency level of 85% and brightness of 3000 nits, yet the resolution has yet to be disclosed. Reports continued to indicate that according to the video released by VueReal, the transparent display is produced on glass, but the company can also manufacture the display on a flexible substrate. Image source: Screenshot of VueReal’s video VueReal described that its trial production l...
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Precision Manufacturer Brave C&H Develops New Business to Target Mini/Micro LED Industry

The revenue of Brave C&H further declined in May, with a conservative outlook overall. The company plans to optimize existing high-end products in the short run, aiming to widen the gap with its competitors. Its mid-to-long-term plan centers on increasing investment in non-solar products, utilizing the current product advantages to stimulate customers’ demand for precision printing, and expanding contract printing services. Presently, these strategies have proved to be effective. In May, Brave C&H generated a revenue of NT$95.63 million (US$3.4 million), a m...
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ISLE 2021: An Overview of the Exhibitions of 16 Display Manufacturers

The 2021 edition of the International Signs & LED Exhibition (ISLE) was held from May 10 to 13 at Bao’An New Hall of the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Two other trade shows also took place concurrently under the ISLE, which was the overarching event. These two trade shows were the International Smart Display & Integrated Exhibition and the International Signs & Smart Space Application Exhibition.   At this year’s ISLE, all-in-one system, smart retail displays, immersive displays, and UHD display...
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【Exclusive Interview】Zymergen Contributes to the Breakthrough in the Development of Micro LED Displays with Its Cost-Effective Transparent PI Material

▲ Francesco Lemmi, Program Director of Films at Zymergen, came to Touch Taiwan 2021 to share the innovative display applications that are made possible with the offerings from the Hyaline family of PI films. As a revolutionary next-generation display technology, Micro LED was certainly a thematic focus at this year’s edition of Touch Taiwan, which has long been a major display industry trade show. Many companies including display panel manufacturers and LED manufacturers set up exhibitions to demonstrate their technological capabilities in the development and...
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Uk Team Shows New Integration Concept For MicroLEDs

University of Sheffield researchers propose epitaxial approach to integrating microLEDs and HEMTs Tao Wang and his team at the University of Sheffield in the UK have proposed a different type of integration concept for microLEDs - an epitaxial approach aiming to monolithically integrate microLEDs and HEMTs on a single chip. A microdisplay (defined as an ultrasmall screen with <1 inch diagonal) is the key element for a wide range of next‐generation display systems such as augmented reality, virtual reality, helmet mounted displays and head‐up displays, wh...
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Automotive Market is the New Battleground for Mini and Micro LED Technologies

Automotive Market is the New Battleground for Mini and Micro LED Technologies   Huawei released a demo video on its autonomous driving technologies on April 15th. Two days later on April 17th, Chinese EV brand Arcfox held a launch event for its luxury crossover sedan Alpha S (α-S). Among the four variants of the Alpha S, the Arcfox Alpha S HBT is equipped with the HI (Huawei Inside) platform developed by Huawei for autonomous driving applications. This is the same model that was shown in the demo video.   Designed to be a mass-prod...
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TrendForce: An Analysis on the Strategic Direction of Critical Suppliers through the Development of Micro LED Displays

TrendForce has just published its latest research report titled “2021 Mini/Micro LED Self-Emissive Display Trends and Analysis on Suppliers’ Strategies”. According to the report, self-emissive Mini/Micro LED displays have become the new technology development target of the companies involved in the display and LED industries since Samsung first unveiled a modular Micro LED display called “The Wall”. The display-related applications for the Mini and Micro LED technologies are very diverse, with products encompassing HMDs, we...
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Making the shift from blue to red for better LEDs

KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (KAUST) A new micro-light-emitting diode (micro-LED) developed at KAUST can efficiently emit pure red light and may help in the quest to develop full-color displays based on just a single semiconductor. Micro-LEDs are a promising technology for the next generation of displays. They have the advantage of being energy efficient and very small. But each LED can only emit light over a narrow range of colors. A clever solution is to create devices that combine many different ...
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AUO Plunks Down RMB 6.5 Billion in Kunshan Fab to Expand Production Capacity of Micro LED

AU Optronics (L) Corp., a subsidiary of AUO, announced on the latter’s behalf on April 28th that a sum of RMB 3.995 billion will be used to buy out all shares of the joint venture partners for AU Optronics (Kunshan), and AUO Kunshan will be incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary, with an additional investment of US$384 million that combines to a total investment of roughly NT$28 billion (approx. RMB 6.5 billion). AUO commented that the acquisition of shares was done to enhance the control over AUO Kunshan, and the priority right now is to expand ...
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Sundiode Develops Stacked 3-colour Micro-LEDs On A Single Wafer

A single pixel features three independently controlled micro-LED subpixels that are stacked vertically Sundiode, a Silicon Valley based company developing micro-LED technologies for display applications including AR and MR, has announced the achievement of fully stacked 3-colour (RGB) micro-LED pixel devices on a single wafer. In the stacked-RGB pixel technology patented by Sundiode and developed in collaboration with KOPTI (Korea Photonics Technology Institute), a single pixel features three independently controlled micro-LED subpixels that are st...
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San’an and AUO May Benefit from the Planned Production Lines of Micro LED by Samsung

The World IT Show 2021 hosted on April 21st to 23rd saw the debut of advanced products by both Samsung and LG. Regarding high-end TVs, Samsung has showcased its Micro LED TV and NEO QLED Mini LED backlight TV, whereas LG has presented the first rollable OLED TV in the world. Micro LED: planning for additional production lines As indicated by the coverage of South Korean media, Han Jong-hee, President of Samsung Visual Display Businesses, commented during an interview that the production line for the 146-inch Micro LED is curre...
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eLux Micro LED Display

Vancouver WA – eLux, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful achievement of two important milestones in the drive to commercial development of microLED displays. Optimization and automation of the fluidic assembly process with selective harvest of microLEDs has produced a 12.3” microLED display with a natural yield of 99.987%. An automated fluidic assembly tool manufactured by an accomplished display panel tool maker is operational in the eLux prototype fab located at Taiwan. The 12.3” demonstration display with 99.987% natural yield cons...
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Live Report from CITE 2021: Mini/Micro LED Products Are a Major Focus of Exhibitions

The 9th annual China Information Technology Expo (CITE 2021) is being held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Duration of the trade show is from April 9 to 11. The main theme of the event is “Innovation-Driven High-Quality Development”. To effectively articulate this theme, the event organizers have divided the show floor into nine sections that include the main CITE exhibition, applications for new display technologies, and smart manufacturing. More than 1,500 companies are attending the event as exhi...
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Ennostar Inc. to Showcase Technology Advancement at Touch Taiwan Exhibition

Ennostar Inc. (“Ennostar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3714) will head up a group of subsidiary companies to participate in the Touch Taiwan 2021 exhibition to be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from April 21 to 23, 2021. Under the banner of “LED Next,” Ennostar will showcase the infinite possibilities of LED and compound semiconductor applications. Formally established in January this year, this will mark the Ennostar group of companies’ first joint participation in an exhibition. The company will spearhead...
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Epistar-Leyard Joint Venture to Complete Production Expansion Prior to the End of May amidst the Vigorous Demand for Micro LED

The joint venture co-funded by Epistar of LED leader Ennostar and LED display supplier Leyard is currently experiencing a short supply of production capacity owing to the vigorous demand for Micro LED, and has scheduled its orders to June. The joint venture will be initiating the production expansion 7 months earlier, and is expected to arrive at a monthly capacity of 800 million (800kk) units prior to the end of May, which will also benefit Ennostar. Epistar and Leyard announced on the joint venture in March last year, where the two had joined hands on the arrangemen...
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Tier-One US LED Supplier Adopts Aixtron MOCVD Solutions for Micro LED Development

Recently, Aixtron announced that it has been supplying the AIX G5+ C MOCVD system for Micro LED manufacturing to a tier-one US LED supplier, though Aixtron did not disclose the identity of the US company and further details of the transaction. One of the key parts of Micro LED manufacturing is mass transfer. Achieving Micro LED mass transfer requires significantly more stringent wavelength uniformity and defect density parameters during the epitaxy process, compared to conventional LEDs. For Micro LED mass production to be viable, manufacturers ...
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Tier 1 US LED Manufacturer selects AIXTRON’s AIX G5+ C for Micro LEDs

Micro LED technology is on the verge of revolutionizing the display industry / AIXTRON tool of record qualified for the tightened Micro LED market requirements / AIX G5+ C impressive track record extended Herzogenrath/Germany, March 30, 2021 - Greater colors, brighter images, higher energy-efficiencies. These are the properties of the ultimate display technology for tomorrow's mobile devices and televisions. Micro LED technology enables these features and is on the verge of revolutionizing the display industry. The Micro LED technology is on the ro...
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AU Optronics Dedicates into Mini and Micro LED Market by increasing its Shareholding in Ennostar

On March 24th, panel maker AU Optronics announced that in order to strengthen business cooperation and long-term equity investment with its affiliate, Ennostar, AU Optronics has invested an additional 302 million NT dollars in the past month and will continue to increase this year. About 604 million NT dollars has been invested so far, and the controlling stake in Ennostar has risen to 7.87%.
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Miniaturising Red MicroLEDs

Porosification of InGaN provides a foundation for brighter red microLEDs Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), claim to have provided the first demonstration of InGaN-based red microLEDs with dimensions below 10 μm. Their work includes a measurement of the on-wafer external quantum efficiency (EQE) - a value of 0.2 percent. The team's miniaturised microLED will help the development of displays based on these devices and green and blue cousins. Screens formed from a vast number of tiny LEDs promise to deliver greater...
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Hamamatsu Photonics Has Developed A System For High-speed Inspection Of Micro-leds On Wafers To Detect Abnormalities In Their External Appearance, Intensity And Wavelength Of Their Light Emissions

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a system for high-speed inspection of micro-LEDs on wafers to detect abnormalities in their external appearance, intensity and wavelength of their light emissions. This inspection system utilizes a photoluminescence (PL) measurement technique* that is based on our advanced image processing technology and a newly developed imaging module with our unique optical design technology. We call this micro-LED PL inspection system the ‘MiNYTM PL’, type number C15740-01. The MiNYTM PL makes fast pass/fail decisions when ins...
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Micro LEDs for medical applications: ALLOS’ GaN-on-Si epiwafers are used for in-vivo brain/machine interface by Toyohashi University

Toyohashi, Japan and Dresden, Germany – 3rd March 2021 – The team of Prof. Sekiguchi of Toyohashi University of Technology and ALLOS Semiconductors have engaged to realize high efficiency nitride-based micro LED chips for novel in-vivo neutral application. Since their evolution in the 1990s, nitride LEDs have made inroads into our daily lives, saving energy and enabling many new applications. They are known for their ubiquitous use in numerous illumination applications and the emerging micro LEDs are famous in particular for use in super large TVs...
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Apple wins a patent for advanced monitors based on a new Micro-LED Chiplet Architecture

Last May Patently Apple posted a report titled "Rumor Claims that Apple has made a Massive investment in a new Plant in Taiwan to make Next-Gen LED based Displays." The report claimed that Apple would be investing over US$300 million on a new display plant to produce both mini and micro-LED displays. Then last September Apple won a micro-LED patent relating to a display for a future fitness band. This was followed by a published patent application last October covering a micro-LED display that incorporated solar cells. Last week Apple was g...
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Kulicke & Soffa Further Extends Mini and Micro LED Technology Through Strategic Acquisition of Uniqarta

SINGAPORE, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:KLIC) ("Kulicke & Soffa," "K&S" or the "Company") announced today it has acquired a 100% equity stake in Uniqarta, Inc ("Uniqarta"), a technology company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. This strategic acquisition includes Uniqarta's patent portfolio and other intellectual property rights. Prior to closing the acquisition in the Company's fiscal second quarter, Kulicke & Soffa worked extensi...
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Samsung MicroLED Opens a New Era of Breathtaking Picture Quality and Design

The next generation of television display technology is ready for the home out of the box with the unveil of Samsung’s 110’’ MicroLED in Korea Samsung Electronics announced the launch and pre-sale of the groundbreaking 110” Samsung MicroLED beginning today in Korea. Unlike any other displays currently available on the market, Samsung MicroLED delivers astonishing color vibrancy and brightness with self-emissive LED display technology. In 2018, Samsung’s first MicroLED display was introduced in the form of “The W...
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Micro LED Chip Revenue Expected to Reach US$2.3 Billion in 2024, Primarily Used in Large-Sized Displays, Says TrendForce

Since the introduction of Sony’s large-sized modular Micro LED display in 2017, other companies, including Samsung and LG, have successively made advances in Micro LED development, in turn generating much buzz for the technology’s potential in the large-sized display market, according to TrendForce's latest investigations. Emissive Micro LED TVs are expected to arrive on the market between 2021 and 2022. Even so, many technological and cost-related challenges are yet to be solved, meaning Micro LED TVs will remain ultra-high-end luxury products at...
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Axus Technology and Compound Photonics Partner to Process Monolithic Micro LED Development for AR Applications

Axus Technology, a provider of CMP, wafer thinning and wafer polishing surface-processing solutions for semiconductor applications, announced the collaboration with Compound Photonics (CP, also known as CP Display), a microdisplay solutions developer for AR/MR. The two parties will work to accelerate sub 5 µm pixel Micro LED development to the mass market. (Image: Compound Photonics) Axus and CP are partnering to integrate critical wafer-scale processes needed for mass-production scale up of CP’s 2 µm pixel, 1080p Micro LED displays fo...
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JBD Announces Mass Production of Its 0.13-inch Micro LED Display

JBD reported that it will release its JBD4UM480P Micro LED display series extending the AmµLED™ family in November this year. This series has a display area of 0.13-inch (3.3 mm) in diagonal and a resolution of 640X480. Approaching the size of a grain of rice (Figure 1), the display panel can be easily designed into a smart glass due to its ultra-compact footprint. The panels deliver luminance of 0.2 million nits, 2 million nits, and 0.15 million nits for red, green, and blue, respectively for a power consumption of only a few hundred mW under average oper...
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 - Osconiq E 2835 CRI 90 (QD) expands ams OSRAM's portfolio of lighting solutions that provide very high quality in a new mid-power LED. - In-house Quantum Dot technology ensures outstanding efficiency values of over 200 lm/W, even at... READ MORE

San Jose, CA – July 13, 2021 – Lumileds today introduced its new LUXEON 2835 Commercial LEDs engineered and designed to support the growing demand for a high volume, high-efficacy mid-power LED to serve commercial indoor lighting a... READ MORE