LEDforum 2014 Gathers International Industry Experts to Create the Greatest Audio-Visual Feast

LEDforum 2014, organized by LEDinside, Cnledw.com and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, will be held on June 11, 2014, it brings together global famous enterprises and professional analysts from LEDinside. The seminar at the LEDforum will dissect the current situation of LED industry from technology, market demand and other perspectives, and forecast the future market trend on the theme of LED market trends and the development strategy.

International LED Giants Gather to Create a Brilliant Show

LEDforum 2014 will be held during Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, it is an annual event that has acquired enormous importance for LED industry. Top executives from the first-tire international manufacturers like Philips Lumileds, Osram, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, Toyoda Gosei, LED chip giants such as Epistar and Sanan Optoelectronics, China leading LED enterprises like Honglitronic, Refond and MLS Lighting will be invited as speakers, to create an audio-visual feast.

Here, you can clearly understand global especially Chinese LED market development opportunities and see how to be the champion in the fierce competition. LEDforum 2014 is too wonderful to miss!
May Free-Packaging Chip Reach the Peak of Perfection?

With the advantages of small size and high brightness, Flip Chip LED has gradually attracted attention of lighting and backlighting market, becoming the most important developing item in this year. LEDinside chief analyst Roger Chu estimates that Flip Chip LED market revenue will rapidly grow from USD 1.5 billion in 2013 to USD 5.5 billion in 2017. For the broad market prospects, flip chip LED will become the biggest target of chip manufacturers. So, what is the advantage of Flip Chip LED? LEDinside will invite Taiwanese Epistar to professionally introduce "Free-Packaging" chip, and Sanan Optoelectronics to make a wonderful speech on "The Competitiveness of Chinese LED Chip in the International Market".

Under the Global LED Lamp Replacing Tide, LED Enterprises to Conduct Market Layout

As the global LED lamp replacing tide comes, LED bulb and tube become the mainstream products. LED is gradually applied in commercial lighting and residential lighting. LEDinside's statistics showed that comparing with 2013, in 2014 the global demand volume for LED bulb will grow by 86%, and that of LED tube will increase by 89%. LED lighting has ushered in the golden period of development, so, how enterprises to conduct market layout? Sean Zhou, the Asia-Pacific Marketing Director of Philips Lumileds, will dissect the topic of "Opportunities and Challenges in LED Lighting Market". Lighting giant Osram will introduce the market situation of commercial lighting and residential lighting, and Seoul Semiconductor will share their experiences of LED lighting design and applications with participants. In addition, Jiliang Lin, the general manager of MLS Lighting Marketing Center, will share their experiences about the export channels of LED lighting.

For LED Technology Reform and Innovation, Which Direction will be Chosen?

Benefiting from the increasing demand for backlight and lighting, international manufacturers has speeded up to enter China LED packaging market, while Mainland China packaging industry has achieved improvement in concentration. Immediately following the footsteps of the market, LED technology needs to keep pace with the times, then which innovation direction will be chosen by enterprises? Samsung may have more say on this question. LEDinside is honored to invite Guoqing Tang, the General Manager China of Samsung LED Department, to analyze "The Advance Direction of Global LED Technology". Ryoichi Tohmon, director of intellectual property project of Toyoda Gosei Global Marketing and Sales Department, will introduce the latest trends of white light patent. Moreover, the speakers from domestic LED packaging leaders Honglitronic and Refond will respectively make a speech on "LED Backlit Era" and "Latest LED Packaging Technology".

Moreover, analysts of LEDinside will present rigorous views and research achievement about 2014 global and China LED industry development trend, also forecast the future market trend.

LEDinside is a global professional market research firm for LED industry, LEDforum 2014 organized by LEDinside will be unprecedented. Welcome players in the LED industry to celebrate the event together!

A Great Seminar

Many higher executives and CEOs of LED industry have been invited here to attend LEDforum 2014, and the professional participants are from LED industry and related business around the world. LEDforum not only connects you to the notabilities in the industry, helping you gain more top-tier clients, but also provides opportunities for cooperation and an access to potential business partners.


LEDforum 2014 Guangzhou is free to attend this year, but attendance is approval/invitation-based. Please register online first. Upon the completion of your registration, you will see an online message indicating a successful registration (which means our system has your registration information). Note that only approved inquiries will receive our online invitation letter within 7 business days of registration.


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