Ready for the New Era of Electric Vehicle Macroblock Exhibits at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition

(September 21, 2023) Macroblock heads to the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition from 9/21 to 9/22. The theme of this year’s booth is “Ready for the New Era of Electric Vehicle”; this time the company brings visitors a series of exhibits related to automotive lighting and automotive display. Macroblock is optimistic about the future of the electric vehicle market. Therefore, we hope to interact with various partners and industry leaders through this event and come out with more creative collisions.

Macroblock divides the booth into 3 parts, namely the front area of the car, the interior area of the car, and the back area of the car. The applications exhibited in the front area include “Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)” and “Emblem Light”. The applications exhibited in the interior area include “Steering Wheel Assistant Display” and “Curved Backlight Panel”. the applications exhibited in the back area include “Iconic Rear Light” and “Full-Width Strip Taillight”. Below, we will provide detailed explanations for each application.

Macroblock heads to the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition, and the theme of this year’s booth is “Ready for the New Era of Electric Vehicle”

PART 1: The Applications Exhibited in the Front Area

  • Adaptive Driving Beam [1] (ADB): MBI6353Q
    The ADB can automatically adjust LED light beams to avoid blinding the driver of the oncoming vehicle while still illuminating the road on both sides of that vehicle. This makes the car headlights more flexible and intelligent. The application can apply Macroblock automotive driver IC, MBI6353Q. Each MBI6353Q can control up to 48 LED pixels. It could increase brightness by driving multiple LEDs in cascade, or drive the channels in parallel to boost drive current. Furthermore, MBI6353Q has 4,096 steps of brightness adjustment to fit ambient light changes to meet the dynamic adjustment illumination requirement of ADB.

    [1]  The exhibit of ADB was jointly developed by Macroblock & Lextar


The adaptive driving beam can apply MBI6353Q

  • Emblem Light: MBI1841Q
    The emblem light can light up the vehicle emblem, allowing it to remain clear and visible even in dim light conditions. Moreover, it can also enhance the stylish appearance of the vehicle's exterior. This application can adopt Macroblock automotive driver IC, MBI1841Q. MBI1841Q contains 8 linear channels. For each channel, the maximum current can be up to 150mA and it can drive the channels in parallel to boost driving current. In addition, MBI1841Q comes with multiple built-in rolling patterns that can be easily set up by external resistors, which can provide greater variability in the lighting effects of the emblem light.

The emblem light can adopt MBI1841Q

PART 2: The Applications Exhibited in the Interior Area

  • Steering Wheel Assistant Display: MBI5353Q
    The steering wheel assistant display is primarily used to show important driving information, such as current gear, cruising range and so on. The information is presented directly in front of the driver to effectively reduce the chances of visual distraction while driving. This application can apply Macroblock automotive driver IC, MBI5353Q. MBI5353Q contains 48 linear channels and supports 32-scan design, which can achieve 16-bit grayscale. Additionally, each MBI5353Q controls 1,536 dimming zones; therefore, it could provide a high-quality and high-contrast image for the steering wheel assistant display.

The steering wheel assistant display can apply MBI5353Q

  • In-Vehicle Curved Backlight Panel: MBI6353Q
    The curved backlight panel can be used for today’s center information display (CID), replacing conventional mechanical pushbuttons with a large-size digital panel. Drivers can easily acquire driving information and adjust in-vehicle settings through this digital CID. The application can adopt Macroblock automotive driver IC, MBI6353Q. Each MBI6353Q can control 192 dimming zones, which supports “Hybrid Dimming Technology”, thus it can achieve excellent low-grayscale performance. Moreover, it owns high-current and high-voltage; therefore, it can bring high brightness for the curved backlight panel to address the glare challenges.

The curved backlight panel can adopt MBI6353Q


PART 3: The Applications Exhibited in the Back Area

  • Iconic Rear Light [2] & Full-Width Strip Taillight: MBI5353Q & MBI5989Q
    The iconic rear light is suitable for large vehicles at the rear end, which can be used to convey warning messages to alert rear vehicles or pedestrians, such as “turn signal” or “stop signal”, and can also display the current status of the vehicle, such as “charging reminder”. The full-width strip taillight, as compared to conventional taillight, increases the illuminated surface area by extending into a longer strip, thereby enhancing the visibility and safety of the vehicle during nighttime driving and providing stylish exterior design of the vehicle.

    Both applications can apply Macroblock automotive driver IC, MBI5353Q and combined with Macroblock automotive MOSFET, MBI5989Q. MBI5353Q each can control 1,536 LEDs, and support multiple independent single-dot controls to make taillight more changeable. MBI5989Q contains 16 channels, and it has three functions: upper ghosting effect elimination, high contrast interference elimination and LED short caterpillar elimination. Combining MBI5353Q with MBI5989Q, taillights can be safer and smarter.

    [2] The exhibit of iconic rear light was jointly developed by Macroblock & Lextar

The iconic rear light and the full-width strip taillight can apply MBI5353Q and combined with MBI5989Q

As compared to ordinary electronic products, automotive electronics have stricter standards for their components. Macroblock's automotive series products have all passed AEC-Q100 certification to make sure the reliability and stability of ICs meet the Automotive Electronics Council’s standards. Macroblock has been dedicated to the LED-related field for many years, and we see a bright future in the emerging automotive market and have partnered with several famous automobile manufacturers. We are optimistic about the arrival of the new era of electric vehicle. To meet a wide range of new market demands, the company will continually develop corresponding solutions and expand deployment in the automotive field.


TrendForce 2023 Global Automotive LED Product Trend and Regional Market Analysis
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1. PDF (166 Pages)- 30 June 2023
2. EXCEL- 30 June 2023 and 31 December 2023
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