Nichia's Laser Diode Technology Received a Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

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Nichia's laser diode technology has been recognized for its contribution to the advancement of the motion picture industry and has received a Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

About the Academy Awards for Science and Technology

The Academy's Scientific and Technical Awards are given to companies and engineers who have developed significant technologies that have contributed to the motion picture industry.

Five of Nichia's LD engineers involved in the development of the blue and green laser light sources used in laser projection systems for movie theaters have been awarded in the category of "Technical Achievement Award".

Nichia's blue and green laser diodes have been widely adopted in laser projection systems for movie theaters, and Nichia's contribution to their widespread use has been highly regarded.

Nichia's Laser Diode Development Dept. team members recognized by the Academy

From the left:
Tsuyoshi Hirao (Development of the LD chip)
Tomonori Morizumi (Development of the reliability technology)
Yoshitaka Nakatsu (Development of the green LD)
Kazuma Kozuru (Development of the package)
Yoji Nagao (Development of the blue LD)

    Photo of the certificate           Nichia's Laser Diode Module: OctoLas®

The Background of Winning the Academy Award

Cinema projector light sources are rapidly transitioning from conventional bulb-type lamps to Nichia's laser diode sources, a new technology developed specifically for the cinema industry, thus the background of Nichia's award and recognition. A variety of reasons justify this shift, including:

Long Lifetime
Laser diodes have a longer lifetime compared to lamp-based light sources, significantly reducing the frequency of replacements. This not only cuts down on operational costs and maintenance efforts but also reduces the amount of waste generated, thereby lessening the environmental impact.

High Image Quality
Laser diodes offer a wider color gamut, achieving more vivid colors and deeper blacks. The high contrast ratio makes images clearer and more realistic, enhancing the visual experience.

Laser diodes can emit very bright light, enabling clear projection of images on large screens. This allows cinemas to offer a more impressive movie experience.

Stable Light Output
The long-lasting laser light source experiences less light output depreciation over time compared to lamp-based sources, ensuring greater stability. This leads to less deterioration in image quality and maintaining consistent video quality over a longer period of time.

Energy Saving
Laser diodes are more energy-efficient than conventional lamp-based light sources and can therefore reduce power consumption. This not only cuts down on operational costs but also reduces energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions, making it an excellent choice for minimizing environmental impact.

Quick Start-up and Shutdown
Laser diodes have a significantly faster start-up and shutdown time versus lamp-based light sources, reducing the preparation time for projectors.

High Installation Flexibility
Laser projectors can have a smaller cooling mechanism due to their low power consumption, making them more compact than conventional lamp-based projectors. Additionally, unlike lamp-type light sources, there are no restrictions on the installation direction, making the placement flexible and allowing for projection from various angles and positions. This increases flexibility in cinema spatial design.


The superior performance of laser projectors is not only utilized in cinemas but is also widely used to meet visual needs in various fields. Many applications are expanding for various reasons:

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