Innolux Drives Innovative Growth through Display Technology and Achieves Remarkable Results in Software and Hardware Integrations

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Showcasing pioneering AM miniLED, advanced miniLED and innovative AI software integration solutions 

[April 22, 2024, Miaoli] Innolux will participate in 2024 Touch Taiwan, a highly-anticipated annual event, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 24 to 26, 2024. With the theme of "Live it up, Game with Fun", Innolux emphasizes that display technology can provide people with a cooler, more sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, it will also showcase its unique AM miniLED flexible display technology, infinite splicing AM miniLED chip on board (COB) technology, and its capabilities in AI software and hardware integrations. Moreover, Innolux will also debut multiple next-generation miniLED display technologies with applications in a variety of smart fields. This is part of Innolux’s commitment to developing high value-added products and system integration services to become ‘More than Panels’. Additionally, it is also strengthening its strategic partnerships to enhance its industry competitiveness.

Exclusive advanced AM miniLED display technology creates a new milestone in industry and sustainability
  On top of constantly pursuing features such as higher reliability, brightness, and resolutions, as well as more refined image quality and lighter weight, the new generation of display technology is also becoming increasingly committed to sustainability and energy conservation due to the growing global focus on environmental protection. This year, Innolux will debut five stunning suspended 360-degree spherical AM MiniLED Flexible Displays. Thanks to Innolux's pioneering AM miniLED flexible display technology, these new displays feature high-definition, ultra-thin, lightweight (thickness of only 1 mm), and bendability. They can also come in a wide range of sizes, as the seamless splicing display technology allows for customizable dimensions. In addition, the active AM miniLED flexible display technology can accurately adjust the light-emitting time and brightness of its LEDs. This means the screen will not heat up even when it is using brighter settings, thereby saving more energy. Innolux's green technology manufacturing process significantly reduces the use of driver IC components and circuit boards, thereby reducing the use of highly polluting PCBA and saving costs. This unique feature has made this product one of the most high-potential green displays in today’s market.

  Additionally, Innolux will also showcase the Infinite Splicing AM MiniLED COB Public Display, which uses innovative LED chip on board (COB) packaging technology and new splicing and surface treatment technology. Compared to traditional surface mounted technology (SMT), this new product is equipped with many advantages such as higher reliability, lower cost, lower power consumption, wider viewing angles, more wear resistance, and higher impact resistance. In addition, Innolux has been working on the infinite splicing AM miniLED COB technology for many years, and has successfully developed products with ultra-fine pixel pitches of 0.75 mm and 1.27 mm. Its competitive strengths also include high black ratio, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, HD dynamic image quality, and no size restrictions, making it ideal for a variety of venues including department stores, hypermarkets, retail stores, and exhibition halls, etc. This is all part of Innolux’s effort to explore blue ocean opportunities in the next-gen display market.

Innolux’s exclusive generative AI “prints” new business opportunities in 3D modeling
  With the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) around the world, Innolux is using breakthrough 3D printing generative AI technology to demonstrate its value transformation of ‘More than Panel’. By utilizing its innovative 3D Printer & AI Solution, Innolux provides customers with one-stop generative 3D model and AI solutions. Services range from mask components, design, and final fabrication to software and hardware integration. At the same time, Innolux is continuing to cultivate AI software technology and deploying AI technology into 3D modeling. With one simple click on the AI generator, a 2D image can be quickly generated into a brilliant full-color, ultra-realistic 3D model. Currently, most of the 3D printing market still requires 360-degree panoramic shooting to construct 3D images for printing. However, Innolux's exclusive 3D printer & AI solution has a built-in AI deep learning model and generative AI functionality, making it possible for those without professional 3D modeling backgrounds to create 3D images. By reducing the barrier for entry for users, this solution offers a more efficient, thorough, and flexible manufacturing process to the 3D printing industry. It also demonstrates Innolux’s commitment to seize new business opportunities in the generative AI 3D printing market.

  In recent years, AI has become the world’s hottest topic and has gradually entered people’s everyday lives. Innolux will debut the Chat-N-Go AI Display, which combines the Innolux automated guided vehicle (AGV) system, AI platforms, and face recognition function. Unlike traditional static displays that must be carried by hand or pushed around, this new display’s highly integrated AI software also allows it to engage in conversations with people. This innovative product will be widely useful in new application fields such as education, social media, sales, marketing, customer service, and customer support by various institutions, ranging from e-commerce, finance, medical, education, to art museums and other diverse venues.

130-inch high-end miniLED direct view TV, pushing the boundaries of cinematic experiences
  With its profound cutting-edge technology and R&D capabilities, Innolux has newly developed the mass transfer LED chip on board (MTCOB) packaging technology. Having successfully created an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 0.75 mm, Innolux launched a next-gen high-end 130-inch miniLED direct view TV. Features such as high contrast, high brightness, high dynamic contrast, and energy efficiency will allow greatly improved image details, thereby delivering the ultimate immersive viewing experience and providing a new alternative for home multimedia entertainment. In addition, it uses the pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM) dimming mode and optical engine exclusively developed by Innolux. The active dimming mode reduces eye soreness and fatigue caused by prolonged viewing of traditional LCD screens.

Next-gen miniLED display technology seizes new business opportunities in outdoor display applications
  In recent years, the rapid development of smart cities has boosted the demand for outdoor displays. This demand is also further stimulated by sports events and infotainment. Innolux's 23.8-inch MiniLED Outdoor Display adopts the company’s next-gen miniLED backlight display technology and exclusive complete appliance technology. It has excellent features such as high color saturation, high brightness, high dynamic contrast, and low power consumption, which greatly improves its sunlight readability. Information on screen can still be clearly viewed even outdoors. In the future, business opportunities will be found in smart field integration solutions such as charging docks, hypermarkets, and shopping malls. Alternatively, by deploying a local dimming design via the proprietary miniLED backlight technology, Innolux's 36.6-inch miniLED In-car Advertising Display can achieve ultra-high performance by perfectly interpreting high specification images through its high brightness, wide color gamut, and high dynamic contrast features. It can also effectively improve the brightness and color details of the screen. On top of being used in vehicles, this technology can also be deployed as a display solution for many different outdoor environments such as arcades, cameras, maritime navigation, and charging docks, thus helping Innolux to compete for opportunities in the outdoor high-end display market.

  The International Smart Display Application Conference will be held concurrently with Touch Taiwan 2024. Innolux President and COO James Yang will attend the conference in person on April 24, and will speak on the topic of “Smart Display Insights Illuminate New Opportunities". You are invited to join Innolux at Touch Taiwan 2024, and to experience for yourself the new roadmap in pioneering display technology and innovative products.

2024 Touch Taiwan
Date: Wednesday, April 24, to Friday, April 26, 2024
Venue Location: 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
Booth Number: L1117 Innolux Corporation

Innolux's 23.8-inch MiniLED Outdoor Display 

Innolux's 36.6-inch miniLED In-car Advertising Display

Innolux and PenalSemi launched 130-inch miniLED direct view TV

Innolux's Chat-N-Go AI Display


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