Innolux is gearing up to unveil five major immersive and interactive display technologies at Display Week 2024 in the US

The debut of Innolux’s digital augmented reality aquarium will redefine the virtual reality experience in entertainment and education settings Innolux is delighted to announce its presence at SID Display Week 2024 in San Jose, USA, from May 14 to May 16, where we will be unveiling a range of new display technologies tailored for smart cities. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies that merge reality with the virtual world, Innolux has come up with solutions that cater to the need for interactivity. Under the theme of "L...
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Innolux is participating in Display Week 2024 in the US for business opportunities in public places and smart vehicles

The combination of exclusive LC dimming technology and smart city solutions paves the way for low-carbon automotive applications for a sustainable lifestyle Innolux announces its presence at SID Display Week 2024 in San Jose, USA, from May 14 to May 16, where the company will be unveiling a range of new display technologies tailored for public spaces and smart mobility vehicles. By placing human needs such as interactivity, energy conservation, comfort, and intelligence at the forefront of our product technology development, Innolux...
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Innolux Unveils Advanced MicroLED Display Technologies for Automotive and Digital Art Applications

Innolux has been awarded the Display Component Product Technology Award at Taiwan’s Gold Panel Awards 2024 (GPA 2024). The company was recognized for its development of two innovative technologies: the “seamless quantum dot color conversion (QDCC) AM-MicroLED display technology” and the “flexible low-reflectivity automotive MicroLED display technology.” The company says it has integrated various proprietary technologies in its display offerings, including color-conversion technology, LED chip on TFT glass mass transfer and repa...
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Innolux Drives Innovative Growth through Display Technology and Achieves Remarkable Results in Software and Hardware Integrations

Showcasing pioneering AM miniLED, advanced miniLED and innovative AI software integration solutions  [April 22, 2024, Miaoli] Innolux will participate in 2024 Touch Taiwan, a highly-anticipated annual event, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 24 to 26, 2024. With the theme of "Live it up, Game with Fun", Innolux emphasizes that display technology can provide people with a cooler, more sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, it will also showcase its unique AM miniLED flexible display technology, infinite splicing AM miniLE...
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Innolux and CarUX Expand Business Roadmap in Smart Cockpit Ecosystem, Securing their Key Positions in the Industry

Providing diversified and innovative smart cockpit solutions, including large-scale advanced displays and innovative energy-saving automotive components <April 16, 2024, Miaoli, Taiwan> With the rapid development of smart mobility, the growth of smart cockpits has also been accelerated. To take advantage of this business opportunity, the Innolux Group is collaborating with its subsidiary CarUX to showcase relevant technologies at the Touch Taiwan 2024 expo, to be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 24 to 26. In addition to focusing on a seri...
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Innolux to Showcase a Series of Cutting-Edge Breakthrough Products Toward a Better Life

MicroLED display technology and exclusive chat display push the boundaries of Imagination with Revolutionary Technologies <Jan. 8, 2024, Las Vegas, USA > Innolux will showcase the latest cutting-edge and breakthrough products and technologies in Las Vegas, U.S. from January 9 to 12. According to President James Yang, Innolux focuses on the development of display and integrating new technology; the company’s products and technologies can be broadly applied in fields such as healthcare, meetings, shopping and entertainment, thereby comprehensively maximizi...
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CarUX, a subsidiary of Innolux allies with Corning to usher in new HMI driving experience

< Sep 26, 2022 Miaoli > CarUX, a subsidiary of Innolux specializing in automotive displays, announced today (Sep, 26) that it will expand its cooperation with Corning, a global leader in materials science, in the automotive field. CarUX will introduce Corning’s cold bending forming technology "Corning® ColdForm ™" into its large curved vehicle display. Through the high-quality curved vehicle display, the interior display design of the smart cabin is comprehensively improved, creating a visually shocking aesthetic experience for drivers and pass...
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Innolux Corporation (3481 TT) announced unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$ 19.3 billion for June 2022

Innolux Corporation (3481 TT) announced unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$ 19.3 billion for June 2022 2022-07-08 Innolux Corporation (“INX”) today announced its June 2022 unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$ 19.3 billion, an increase of 7.1% MoM and a decrease of 38.8% YoY, respectively. During June 2022, INX shipped 11.19 million units of large-sized products, an increase of 5.7% MoM. Shipments for small and medium-sized products were 30.39 million units, an increase of 11.1% MoM. In 2Q...
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【SID Display Week 2022】: Rise of Micro LED, Mini LED and OLED Displays

SID Display Week 2022 was held between May 8 and May 13 in San Jose, California. During the annual event, leading players worldwide showcased their latest Micro LED display technologies and products, including Samsung, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE and PlayNitride. The product applications shown included large-size displays, automotive displays, transparent displays, wearables and AR/VR headset displays. PlayNitride In response to the trend of Micro LED commercialization, PlayNitride presented its products in several categories at SID Display Week ...
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Innolux Ushers in the Age of the Metaverse with its Integrated Virtual and In-Person Experience

Debut launch of Innolux’s Large Floating Image Display, high-end VR displays, and high-end gaming monitors < Apr. 25, 2022, Miaoli > This year, Innolux Corporation will participate in one of the most highly anticipated annual events of the display industry, the 2022 Touch Taiwan Smart Display Exhibition, held from April 27 through 29 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Innolux will kick off the exhibition with large-format and ultra-narrow splicing TV Wall and, in addition to presenting its latest technologies and products, will unveil its cuttin...
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Ennostar Considers a Rights Issue to Raise Funds for Constructing a 6-Inch Micro LED Wafer Fab with AUO and Innolux as the Subscribers

On March, 28, Ennostar’s Board of Directors decided to get away a rights issue (Private Equity) of 70,000,000 common shares to raise funds for constructing a 6-inch Micro LED wafer fab and purchasing equipment for epitaxy and chip fabrication. AUO, one of the directors of Ennostar, will subscribe 67,250,000 shares and Innolux 2,750,000 shares. Share price is tentatively 90% of the reference price. Ennostar explained that rights issue can quickly raise money and the shares are non-transferable within three years as stipulated, which can ensure the long-term co...
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AUO and Innolux Strive for Shares in Automotive Display Markets, Innolux Shipping Mini LED Backlights to Europe, the US and Japan

As their profits soared in 2021, AUO and Innolux, two major panel manufacturers, have made investments in hopes of capturing shares in the vehicle mount display (VHD) market. Innolux, focusing on the design of smart vehicle cabins, showcased its Integrated Cockpit Display System at the CES event this year. AUO applied a large size AmLED displays to vehicles, aiming to secure shares in the automotive center console and dashboard market. Last year, Innolux generated more than NT$51.5 billion ($1.87 billion) between 1Q21 and 3Q21, with annual revenue hitting a 6-...
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Major Panel Suppliers AUO and Innolux Continue Transformations, Aiming to Stop Being Called “Stocks Prone to Business Cycle Swings”

Thanks to the soaring demand stimulated by the stay-at-home economy and supply constraints of glass substrates, ICs and other components during the COVID-19 pandemic, panel prices have started to take off since June 2020, enabling panel manufacturers AUO and Innolux to turn losses into gains. However, panel prices have been dropping since August 2021 following vaccination spikes and slowdowns in component supply gaps, signifying the unpredictability of panel business cycles. To be more recession resilient, AUO and Innolux have been striving for value transformation. ...
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Innolux first class MiniLED backlight gaming display amazes the world

April. 19, 2021, Miaoli-The stay-at-home economy and touchless life in post-pandemic era further push the demand of electronic products. Innolux is premiering a series of world class MiniLED backlight gaming displays for smart entertainment opportunities. Professional preferred ultra-high VRR MiniLED backlight gaming display Newzoo, a Dutch gaming survey company, estimates that the market value of gaming will hit USD 1.79 billion in 2022 in a global gaming market report. Gaming is the upcoming star. Innolux premieres a series of first class MiniLED gaming displ...
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Innolux Showcases Intelligence Beyond Imagination

Initiation of beyond-imagination floating image smart speaker and high-end miniLED consumer electronic products Photo Credit: Innolux April 16, 2021, Miaoli- Innolux never stops to realize the philosophy of Grow and Advance by showcasing value-added and differentiated products. Innolux is presenting various applications adopting cutting-edge technology in Touch Taiwan 2021 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center during April 21-23 with focus on the exclusive spotlight Floating Image Smart Speaker. Exclusive floating image smart speaker dazzles the market A wa...
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Innolux Showcases Technical Strengths from Achievements in Micro LED and Mini LED

With the debut of OPTO Taiwan today, Innolux is also showcasing its retina phototransduction AM-Micro LED splicing display, as well as a series of Mini LED high-end display technology and solutions, in the exhibition this time, which indicates that the company has been profoundly established in the high-end display field, and is currently on a gradual process of mass production and incorporation of the client end and the market of consumer application. (Source: TechNews) LEDinside forecasts that the value of the Micro LED market will arrive at US$2.891 bi...
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Taiwan-based Supply Chain Equipped for Upcoming Mini LED Display Applications

2021 is expected to be the year that Mini LED will illuminate the display market. Apple is getting ready to launch the new iPad Pro featuring Mini LED backlight display and Samsung will probably debut new high end TV portfolio based on the technology. Recently a Korean media added that Samsung might produce about 2 million units of Mini LED backlit TV next year. With all the upcoming Mini LED display applications, the supply chain in Taiwan covering LED manufacturers and panel makers who have been dedicating to improving the display technology based on mini...
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Innolux Presents Rollable Mini LED Display for Commercial and PID Applications

Innolux hosted 2020 new product premiere yesterday and presented a 55-inch rollable Mini LED emissive display featuring active matrix (AM) driving technology. The panel maker also introduced new display products targeting health and entertaining applications. The rollable display adopts flexible PCB backplane and features high curvature, brightness, contrast and saturation. However, Innolux did not reveal further details such as resolution for the product. Comparing to the rollable OLED panel LG demonstrated before, Innolux claimed that direct emissive Mini LE...
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Foxconn Group Integrates Internal Resources to Boost Mini/Micro LED Display Applications

Sharp’s mass production plan for Micro LED displays marked a progress of the Foxconn Group in next-gen display technology development. Incorporates LED chip production, packaging technology, panel manufacture and TV brands, the Foxconn Group is known for its ambition to set up an internal Micro LED supply chain. The Micro LED displays developed by Sharp, a 0.38-inch full color panel featuring 1053 PPI and a 0.13-inch blue display with 3000 PPI, were designed by the semiconductor group under Foxconn and manufactured by Sharp Fukuyama Semiconductor. ...
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TrendForce: HDR and Local Dimming Enter Automotive Display Markets

According to the latest report of TrendForce, “2020 Global Automotive LED Product Trend and Regional Market Analysis,” the market demand for automotive panel has reached 134-144 million units in 2019-2020 with center informative display accounting for the highest share. This was estimated based on the sales of car shipment. Currently, 12.3 inch is the mainstream size for center informative display, which is designed with two or three connected panels, or even designed into a whole panel sized 30 to 50 inch. Since 2020, car makers attempt to implement HDR and...
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Eye on the Growing Mini LED Market, Panel Makers to Reduce Cost and Extend Product Diversity

New display technologies Mini LED and Micro LED are bringing new opportunities to the industry. Many companies are thus trying to develop new strategies and form alliances with the aim to occupy a leading position in the market. Recently, Taiwan-based LED companies Epistar and Lextar announced their integration for leveraging their expertise to accelerate technology development in Mini LED and Micro LED technologies, hoping to win more business opportunities. Apart from LED manufacturers, panel makers have also geared up to push commercialization of the new di...
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Innolux Clarifies Rumors of Apple’s Mini LED Orders

Media from Taiwan reported that Apple has placed Mini LED orders to Innolux, a display manufacturer of the Foxconn group, for the new iPad Pro scheduled to launch in 2H20. In response to the report, Innolux announced that the company did not reveal relationships with its clients and the information was not correct. (Image: Pixabay) It was reported that Innolux has sent display samples to Apple for the new Mini LED based iPad Pro. Innolux has been a strong player in Mini LED and Micro LED technology development. As a member of the Foxconn Group, the ...
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【Touch Taiwan 2019】Micro LEDs Hit Automotive and Wearable Applications

Touch Taiwan closed on August 30. Visitors at the show could find a wide range of display applications from wearables panel below 1 inch to large TVs up to 120-inch based on Mini LED and Micro LED technologies. One of the eye-catching products showcased by panel manufacturer AUO is the 12.1-inch Micro LED automotive panel that delivered vivid colors, high contrast and smooth display performance. At the same time, an AM Mini LED display flaunted an astonishing screen quality. According to AUO, since automotive verification takes long time, the company see...
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Touch Taiwan to Highlight Mini and Micro LED Applications with AUO and Innolux Presenting Innovative Applications

The annual Display International Touch Taiwan is taking place this week with exhibitors from all over the world showcasing their latest developments in display technology. Taiwan-based panel makers AUO and Innolux are both showing their innovative display products at the show including Mini LED backlight display, Micro LED displays and more. (Image: AUO) AUO announced that it will unveil several new display technologies covering Mini LED backlit 8K TVs as well as gaming monitors, notebook panels and VR wearable displays adopting Mini LED backlig...
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Chinese and Korean Panel Makers Keep Their Focus on OLED, Taiwanese Companies Dive into Mini LED and Micro LED

2018 has been a tough year for panel producers due to the dropping panel price caused by oversupply. Chinese panel makers are still expanding their production capacities for LCD and OLED displays, putting pressures on other industry players. Samsung is closing its 8.5 generation production line in 2019 and shifting the focus to QD-OLED panels in response to the price competition. LG Display also plans to expand its OLED production capacities in China and Korea targeting large sized TV displays. It is estimated that by 2020, the OLED investment of LG Displ...
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Panel Producers Focus on Niche Products: Innolux Targets VR Headsets and AUO Develops New Applications

According to WitsView, a division of TrendForce, the glut ratio of panels is expected to increase to 4.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, leading to a drop in panel price. Facing the difficulties of the oversupply and decreased price, panel producers have shifted their focus to niche applications in order to break through the low price competition. Innolux has developed a high resolution sickness-free VR headset which won an innovative product award. The company aims to expand its presence in the growing gaming market with its VR headset and expects to mass produce the pr...
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Innolux Restructures Organization and Sets up Micro LED Business Unit

Taiwanese panel producer Innolux has announced the restructuring of the company’s organization. Robert Shiao, the prior president of the company, has become Vice Chairman. James Yang was promoted as President from Vice President and will oversee the business unit, operation unit and manufacturer unit of Innolux. According to Jim Hung, Chairman of Innolux, the new management team would strengthen the flexibility and competitiveness of the company.
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Mini LED Applications to Hit the Market in 2019

LEDinside forecasts that the development of Mini LED will accelerate in 2019 and 2020 and its market value will reach US$ 1699 million by 2022. Several industry players including San’an, HC Semitek, Epistar, NationStar, Harvatek, and Macroblock have reported their progress of Mini LED development. Meanwhile, panel producers such as AUO, BOE, Innolux and JDI have also unveiled applications adopting Mini LED technology.
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LG Display to Cut Jobs after Shifting Its Focus from LCD to OLED

LG Display has confirmed its plan to cut jobs through voluntary retirement as the company intends to shift its product portfolio from LCD display to OLED display which requires less production workforce, reported Reuters.
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[Touch Taiwan 2018 Show Report] Smart Displays Boost for Retail Applications

The application of smart displays in retail stores is one of the most discussed topics at Touch Taiwan 2018. With the integration of camera sensors, displays and IoT, smart display technologies can enable retailers to collect data of consumers and to market their products more efficiently. Consumers, on the other hand, will be able to gain more comprehensive details when selecting products and receive updated discount information while shopping. Many exhibitors have presented their state-of-the-art technologies and integrated retail solutions including Innolux, Champ Vision Display and E ink.
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Lighting ・NVSC219GL-L1(Royal Blue), NVSB219GL-L1(Blue), NVSE219GL-L1(Bluish Green), NVSG219GL-L1(Green): Added high power color upgrades to the 19(3535) Series. Automotive ・NC2W121G(High luminous flux), NC2W121G-SC(High luminance): Added to th... READ MORE

Highlights: Brightek unveils the EVO iCLed platform for automotive ambient lighting, addressing the latest trends in personalized interior design. With 7000 mcd of brightness, EVO is ideal for smart surface integration or exterior ambient ligh... READ MORE