Infrared Lasers Are Ideal For Fixed Traffic Monitoring SystemsInvisible Versatility – ams OSRAM Presents Infrared Laser Diode For Industrial LiDAR Applications

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- In addition to its leading portfolio for automotive LiDAR, ams OSRAM is now expanding its product portfolio for industrial applications
- New Edge Emitting Pulse Laser SPL TL90AT03 is ideal for various direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) applications in industrial environment
- The component combines narrow emission width with outstanding performance and efficiency

Infrared lasers are ideal for fixed traffic monitoring systems
29.11.2021 | Trade Press
Premstaetten, Austria (29th November, 2021) -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, expands its comprehensive LiDAR laser portfolio with a component for industrial applications. LiDAR, short for "Light Detection and Ranging," is one of the central technologies for autonomous driving. But there are also numerous applications for the three-dimensional detection of surroundings outside of the automotive industry. ams OSRAM, a leader in the development and production of infrared pulse lasers for LiDAR systems, is now launching the SPL TL90AT03, which is ideal for applications such as industrial automation, site leveling and invisible traffic monitoring.
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SPL TL90AT03 expands ams OSRAM's comprehensive laser portfolio for LiDAR applications.
"Our many years of experience in the development of infrared lasers and close cooperation with leading companies in the LiDAR field have given us a unique position in the market," explains Matthias Hoenig, Marketing Manager for LiDAR at ams OSRAM. No matter which LiDAR application is used, the functionality of these systems is always very similar. A light source emits infrared light into the environment. When the light hits an object, it is reflected by the object and registered by a detector. Based on the time it takes the light to reach the object and back to the detector, the distance or structure of the object can be determined.
The SPL TL90AT03 from ams OSRAM was specifically developed for short laser pulses between 5 and 100 nanoseconds. The laser achieves an optical output of 65 watts from an aperture of 110 µm at a forward current of 20 A – corresponding to an outstanding efficiency of about 34 percent. The device comes in the proven and extremely rugged TO56 MetalCan package. The infrared component emits light in the established wavelength of 905 nanometers for LiDAR applications and is also suitable for a range of other applications thanks to its compact dimensions.
Another advantage of the laser is the particularly narrow emission width (the area in which the light leaves the component). It allows the use of compact optics and thus reduces the overall size of the system. In addition, the laser is available in another pin configuration as the SPL UL90AT03.

2021 Infrared Sensing Market Trend- 3D Sensing, LiDAR, SWIR LED
Release: 01 January 2021 ([Update] 17th May 2021)
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