Finnish grower and university launch strawberry R&D project

Robbe's Little Garden and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Myrrmäki entered a joint research, testing year-round strawberry cultivation in a closed environment. The so-called Urbanfarmlab is developing solutions that are set to be adopted at an industrial scale. "We want to look at the possibilities of growing strawberries year-round. Foreseeing that there will be a future demand for 12 months per year as Finnish customers are demanding local production of fresh fruit, as well as vegetables," says Robbe Jordas, Founder of Robbe's Li...
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Ferme Gadbois turns to tech to grow strawberry year-round

Ferme Gadbois, established in the 1850s in Saint-Barnabé-Sud, Quebec, carries a long-standing tradition of agriculture, nurtured through six generations. The farm is an integral part of the community. In the 1940s, third-generation family members began selling their strawberries locally. The goal was to enhance direct consumer access while working with regional merchants. Since 1989, the focus has shifted mainly to strawberries, while embracing sustainable farming practices. Recently, the family-run farm set out to grow strawberries year-round. It was a project pla...
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Dutch Researchers Find Strawberries Taste Better When LED Grow Lights Are Added

Strawberries taste better when they are illuminated in the autumn with LED grow lights, vitamin C content also increased as well, according to a Dutch research institute.
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