A Different Story: New 27-inch iMac Will Reportedly Stick to LCD Instead of Using Mini LED Display

According to the latest news reports, the redesigned 27-inch iMac will be equipped with a conventional LCD panel instead of a Mini LED monitor, which is different from what the previous rumors suggested. However, display analyst Ross Young has reasserted that the new iMac will stick to the original plan of using Mini LEDs. As suggested by the recent reports, despite not using Mini LEDs, Apple will install 30%-40% more chips in the LCD for its iMac model with higher brightness. Like the 24-inch model, various colors will be available for the 27-inch one. T...
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Apple Rumored to Launch 27-Inch Mini-LED iMac With ProMotion in Early 2022

Apple is planning to introduce a new 27-inch iMac in early 2022, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young. This information comes from both Young's tweets and additional details that he shared with MacRumors. Young told MacRumors that the 27-inch display for the iMac will feature mini-LED backlighting, which likely means that it will have XDR branding. Young tweeted that Apple is currently planning to release the new iMac in the first quarter of 2022. Young added that the 27-inch iMac display will feature ProMotion, allowing for...
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