Evluma Releases ConnectLED™ Streetlight App on Google Play

LED lighting manufacturer, Evluma, announces the release of ConnectLED v2.2 for Android, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) app that enables utilities and municipalities to wirelessly control Evluma LED lighting products from the ground. ConnectLED v2.2 for Android is an upgrade to the popular v2.1.
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Fortius & Power Flips The Switch On New Contract For The Public Lighting System Of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Power Iluminare has recently joined efforts with Fortius Electromecanica to create a joint venture to supply public lighting for the next 18 years to Zapopan, a city with a population of 1.2 million. The contract for the project has a net worth of more than USD $238,751,010 and will include the installation, maintenance and operation of over 70,000 streetlights.
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City of Hillsboro Selects McKinstry to Audit City’s Streetlights

The City of Hillsboro has selected McKinstry, a design-build company specializing in energy-based retrofits, to audit the City’s streetlights for consideration of a city-wide conversion to LED street lighting technology.
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Beijing Installs Graphene Streetlights

China’s capital Beijing has installed 28 streetlights enhanced with advanced graphene material technology in Tongzhou District, which can slash energy consumption by 20% to 30% compared to current lamps on the market, reported China Daily.
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Muggings Increase in Indian City as Lighting Disputes Leaves Areas in the Dark

Indian government policies are spurring a nationwide LED streetlight upgrade, but parts of Mangalore, Karnataka remain in the dark leading to higher crime rates, as disputes between government organizations over what lighting to install in the industrial park continue, reported NYOOZ.
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UK Study Finds Switching Streetlights at Night Doesn’t Increase Crime or Car Accidents

New research sheds light on how local authorities can safely save energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.
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Philips HID High Pressure Sodium Lamps for Public Lighting

    This post was written by Georgios Tjoumakaris, Marketing Manager, Professional Lamps Utilities can now exceed their outdoor lighting requirements with Philips Ceramalux HPS lamps. These quality outdoor solutions have been proven in many applications, from site & area, urban and roadways across the nation. These lamps are ideal for street and roadway lighting, parking lots and garages, warehouses and manufacturing facilities where low maintenance costs and high-efficacy are desired. A tried-and-true tes...
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Installed Base of Smart Street Lights to Reach 40 Million by 2019

The installed base for ‘smart’ street light luminaires is set to grow rapidly, with network controlled nodes set to rise from 2 million today to 40 million by 2019, finds ABI Research.
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India Agartala to Embrace LED Lights

Agartala has completed the first phase of its 35,000 streetlight retrofit project last Thursday, according to a report of The Free Press Journal.
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Mumbai to Halt LED Project as Question Arise on Tendering Procedures

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s (BMC) plan to upgrade LED streetlights in India capital Mumbai ran into trouble as former mayor Sunil Prabhu and the opposition parties questioned the tender procedure, according to a report of The Indian Express.
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India Jaipur to Install 70,000 LED Lights soon

India Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ESCO Company to upgrade 70,000 or one third of its 197,000 traditional road lights to LED lights, according to a report from the Hindustan Times.
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Honolulu and Calgary to Install Energy-Saving LED streetlights

Honolulu and the Canadian city of Calgary are reported to replace sodium-vapor streetlights with energy saving LEDs, according to a news report by HNGN.
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Hanover to Switch to LED Streetlights

Hanover plans to install 700 LED streetlights by late Spring with a spending of US $365,000, according to a report of Bayshore Broadcast.
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UK Warrington Borough Council and Liverpool City Convert Streetlights to LED

The Warrington Borough Council and Liverpool City in UK have announced plans of upgrading current streetlights to LEDs respectively, according to various UK media reports.
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New LED Bulbs For Streetlights Tests in Dixon

DIXON, CALIFORNIA, - City planners want Dixon residents to share their thoughts and opinions of which LED streetlights they like best. At first glance, most people wouldn’t notice the streetlights until they saw the sign on the pole asking passersby for their opinion. It’s an open-air experiment on one of Dixon’s main thoroughfares. The city is holding an electric beauty pageant of sorts, placing a variety of brand new, energy efficient LED bulbs on these poles and asking people to vote on which one they like the best. "We’re exc...
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