GlacialTech Announces New Igloo SR Series Heatsinks of 300 mm Diameter

GlacialTech, the diversified lighting and thermal solution provider, announces a new series heatsinks using stamping technology with a patented process suitable for high wattage LED bay light applications from 250W to 500W. The new Igloo SR series heatsink expands its models of 300mm diameter: the multiple chips version (Igloo SR250-3M, Igloo SR300-3M, Igloo SR400HP-3M, Igloo SR500HP-3M) and the single CoB version (Igloo SR250HP-3S, Igloo SR300HP-3S, Igloo SR400HP-3S, Igloo SR500HP-3S).  
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Advanced Cooling Technologies Sealed Enclosure Coolers Achieve UL Certification

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. announced that UL Recognition and UL Listing testing have been successfully completed for its Heat Sink Cooler (HSC) and Heat Pipe Cooler (HPC) Series products.  ACT's sealed enclosure coolers are used to dissipate heat generated inside enclosures or cabinets that house and protect electrical/electronic equipment from harmful environments.
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Online HeatSinkCalculator Aids Luminaire Design

Introducing the HeatSinkCalculator, an online calculator used to design, analyze and optimize heat sinks in various flow conditions.
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LED Startup Switch Lights Out

Despite the low priced LED bulb claims, the first bulb retailed for US $50 back in 2012 when it first hit the markets. This first version of Switch bulb has a nice look and weighed around 1 pound.
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GlacialTech Launches Bay Light Heatsink Range for 100W - 250W LEDs

GlacialTech, the diversified lighting and thermal solution provider, announces its line of Bay Light heatsinks for high wattage LED applications from 100W to 250W - the Igloo SR100, SR150, SR200, SR200HP and SR250HP. These lightweight heatsinks are made through a stamping process and achieve superb thermal performance from 0.71 °C/W to 0.39°C/W at a competitive price point. For high power CoB applications, these heat sinks also come in heat pipe models for even higher thermal efficiency.
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Plessey demonstrates its large GaN-on-Si die together with Litecool's heat management module

Plessey announced today that it will be presenting the results of its partnership with Litecool, a Sheffield-based innovative thermal solutions provider, to visitors during LuxLive, which takes place at ExCel in London from 19th to 20th November.  Plessey will be showcasing its large area LED die assembled in the Litecool MicroSpot product at its stand D31.
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MechaTronix announces first standard LED cooler for high bay lights

Since most LED package manufacturers have launched recently COB LED modules with output lumens far exceeding the levels needed for spot and down light applications, now also the need for standard high bay LED coolers became a fact.
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TILS 2014: Easlite Industry Introduces LED Product Portfolio

EASLITE INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a LED manufacturer in Taiwan. The company was founded in October 2010, with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. The company has experts from different fields including plastic aluminum heat sink molding technology, lens, IC design, PCB design, lighting electrical engineer.
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Philips LEDs Ditch the Heat Sink

Philips has released a new dimmable LED with a radically different shape compared to other LEDs and incandescent bulbs. The new SlimStyle 60-watt equiv. LED, available for retail in one month, has dropped the cumbersome heat sink and flattened out with a flat circle design.
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