MEAN WELL Further Refine Its DALI-2 Digital Lighting Control Solution to Achieve ESG Visions

After the outbreaks of the pandemic and wars, global raw material prices have soared, driving up energy costs and consequently causing electricity prices to rise worldwide. To reduce electricity expenses and align with the ESG (environment, social, governance) trend, businesses are accelerating various energy-saving and carbon-reduction initiatives. Specifically, smart lighting is considered an immediately effective investment and has become a company's top choice. Among the many solutions available, MEAN WELL's DALI-2 digital lighting control solution is widely recognized for its reasonable price, comprehensive features, and stable quality. It has long been used extensively in various commercial environments, including numerous international brand stores in buildings like Taipei 101.

Tony Hsieh, section manager of MEAN WELL's Technical Service Center, pointed out that in recent years, numerous smart lighting solutions have been launched due to increasing corporate emphasis on energy-saving and carbon reduction issues. International brands have introduced solutions integrating smart home appliances, while others focus specifically on the smart lighting market, such as MEAN WELL's DALI-2 digital lighting control solution. Many solutions on the market from system integrators often adopt exclusive specifications, resulting in high operational costs and low market acceptance. In contrast, solutions based on the standard DALI communication protocol mostly emphasize low prices but often need more stable quality and fundamental functionalities. However, MEAN WELL's DALI-2 digital lighting control solution has been adopted successfully on many occasions, achieving an excellent balance between quality and price. Therefore, it is highly regarded by system integrators and users alike.

MEAN WELL showcased its DALI-2 digital lighting control solution at COMPUTEX 2024 to contribute to energy-saving and carbon reduction efforts. In addition to enhancing DLC-02 with virtual luminaire functionality for adjustments, the company also introduced the compact indoor LED driver power supplies XLN and XLC series and customizable lighting control panels featuring various buttons and signs catering to various applications.

Debut of Virtual Luminaires Creates a "Triple-Win" Situation

Since its inception, MEAN WELL has been dedicated to innovating and developing energy-saving products, researching environmentally friendly solutions, and reducing energy consumption to embody its philosophy of "Have good intention." Since the launch of the DALI-2 digital lighting control solution, MEAN WELL has actively collected feedback from partners and enterprises, aiming to optimize further and add features. Evolving from simple dimming functions, the solution now supports adjustable color temperature, color changes, scene control, and group control, advancing towards diversified and digital lighting control.

MEAN WELL has identified two major pain points system integrators face when planning smart lighting solutions for commercial clients. Firstly, during project execution, engineers must wait until all luminaires are installed before performing related configurations on-site. If unexpected issues arise during the final acceptance stage, they may be unable to resolve them immediately, resulting in prolonged project timelines and poor customer experience. Moreover, commercial environments increasingly emphasize interior design and have limited maintenance space, necessitating smaller components.

Mr. Hsieh specified, "We have added virtual luminaire functionality to the DLC-02 to address the two challenges. Engineers can now pre-configure the system internally based on design drawings without visiting the site personally, significantly improving overall efficiency.
Engineers can go on-site to troubleshoot if discrepancies between lighting mechanisms and designs are found after luminaire installation." The newly launched next-gen small-sized XLC/XLN-25/40/60W series is designed for narrow interior spaces to enhance maintenance convenience. The product lines offer multiple selectable output currents, allowing rapid adjustment via the DIP switch or NFC sensor without waiting for professional engineers to arrive, facilitating quick on-site adjustments. The design can reduce the workload of system integrators, provide better services to commercial customers, and create a triple-win situation.

The next-gen XLC/XLN-25/40/60W series features a double-insulation plastic shell and Class II design, compliant with the UL8750 Class 2 and Class P power supplies, IEEE 1789, and ErP flicker-free standards. It supports DALI-2 and other dimming interfaces, achieving dimming as low as 0.1% to enhance lighting variability and improve lighting comfort and health. Additionally, MEAN WELL showcased its luminaire control panel brand, improving the completeness of the DALI-2 digital lighting control solution and offering diverse customization services for comprehensive interior designs.

Commitment to Charity, Providing a Better Lighting Environment for Children

In addition to actively developing various green products, MEAN WELL has been striving to fulfill its social responsibility. Through the MEAN WELL Foundation, MEAN WELL donates its LED power supplies to improve orphanage lighting equipment. In 2023, the company donated 1,262 sets of luminaires to seven social welfare organizations. Collaborating with the POWER BY MEAN WELL manufacturers, MEAN WELL provided its luminaires to help these organizations save electricity and reduce light pollution.

Hsieh indicated, "The MEAN WELL Foundation donates goods and participates in services from site surveys to recommending suitable luminaires and delivering them to installation. We specifically invited MEAN WELL's distributors to join volunteer services. In 2023, volunteers from 5 distributors joined us to create better lighting environments for children and embody ESG principles in daily life."

Considering the increasing demand for smart lighting solutions in the market, MEAN WELL will continue to collect feedback from partners and customers. The company will also consider global market trends, optimizing and adding new features to its DALI-2 solution. This includes improvements such as smart curtain control and luminaire sensing functions, providing commercial clients with one-stop services that fulfill ESG visions efficiently within reasonable budgets.

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