LG Display Showcases Innovative OLED Technologies at CES 2023

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LG Display, the world's leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will unveil its futuristic display products that innovate everyday life at CES 2023.

LG Display will be operating two booths at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), one in the North Hall (main booth) and another in the West Hall (automotive display).

The company's main booth will take this opportunity to reveal its industry-leading display technologies that make people's lives more enjoyable under the theme, 'Always On.' On the other hand, under the slogan of 'Advanced Mobility Lifestyle,' LG Display opens its first-ever booth solely dedicated to next-generation automotive display innovations, as the company strives to provide the best mobility experience through solutions ranging from state-of-the-art automotive displays to sound solutions.

LG Display is to expand its Order-to-Order business by introducing small-to-medium-sized OLED and automotive display solutions, including Foldable OLED displays that break down a device's boundaries and suggest expanded utility that adapts to customers' unique lifestyles.

The 17-inch Foldable OLED optimizes a laptop's utilization in various environments since it can fold and unfold in half to transform into a tablet or portable monitor. This innovative 17-inch Foldable OLED is almost entirely crease-free at the point of folding, letting users enjoy one device in various ways and forms. The screen is also equipped with the company's touchscreen solutions that enable people to use the screen with either a pen or one's fingers.

LG Display's 8-inch 360-degree Foldable OLED is a revolutionary technology that successfully enables a device to fold both ways to bring greater utilization, as users can now choose different form factors according to their task. Its module structure guarantees durability even when folded more than 200,000 times, while its special folding mechanism minimizes wrinkles along the folding areas.

The company strives to expand its automotive display business as it represents a strong future growth engine and key contributor to its Order-to-Order business. LG Display will unveil a wide range of revolutionary automotive displays featuring key proprietary technologies such as P-OLED and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD, innovations which enable larger, higher-resolution displays and more distinctive, practical designs.

LG Display's 34-inch P-OLED display, the world's largest automotive P-OLED, employs an ergonomic structure that gives the driver a clear view of the dashboard and navigation system at the same time. In addition, the company's 12.8-inch Control Pad, Center Fascia, will also be introduced at the booth.

The company's LTPS LCD-based Head-Up Display (HUD), which achieves up to 5,000 nits, meets the driver's needs while maintaining premium picture quality. Another innovation, glasses-free 3D display panel, maximizes the display's 3D effect by utilizing cutting-edge eye-tracking technology to give viewers a level of visual satisfaction they have never experienced before.

The company will also showcase its Thin Actuator Sound Solution, a new technology designed to take the infotainment user experience to the next level. LG Display's film-type exciter technology allows the device to vibrate off display panels or interior materials for a richer, 3D-immersive sound experience. This Thin Actuator Sound Solution even received a CES® 2023 Innovation Award ('In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety' category) for its excellence in space efficiency, design innovation, sound experience innovation and eco-friendliness.

The passport-sized Thin Actuator Sound Solution (150mm x 90mm) boasts a thickness of just 2.5mm – equivalent to two coins stacked together – and light weight of 40g, making it 70 percent lighter and 90 percent thinner than conventional car speakers.

Its compact size and innovative form factor allow it to be installed in various parts of the vehicle's interior, such as the headliner, pillar, dashboard or headrest, creating a consistent sound quality across the entire cabin so that everyone can enjoy its stereoscopic sound effects. Also, the speaker's lighter weight enables higher energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions, on top of not using environmentally harmful materials such as neodymium, an essential component of most conventional speakers.

In the North Hall, LG Display will also unveil its third-generation OLED TV panel that achieves the most advanced picture resolution to date by applying 'Meta Technology'.

LG Display will present its comprehensive OLED line-up, from the largest 97-inch OLED display to 77-, 65-, 45-, 42-, 27-inch OLED TV panels and ultra-small 0.42-inch OLEDoS.

New Movable OLED concept designs leveraging the technology's thin and light qualities for future mobility will also feature at CES 2023 to bring greater utility to people's distinctive lifestyles.

OLED Glow is a 27-inch OLED concept that is not only height and angle adjustable, but also comes with convenient touch technology. BeFit Trolly, which combines a wheeled storage design frame with a 48-inch OLED panel boasting CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology that creates sound directly from the display without additional speakers, maximizes functionality, mobility, convenience and interior designs.

LG Display will also showcase its gaming-optimized 45-inch ultra-wide OLED and 27-inch OLED displays. Its gaming OLEDs boast the fastest response time while permitting the highest level of performance and the clearest picture quality by applying a special polarizer for gaming. Furthermore, LG Display's groundbreaking Bendable display technology enables gaming OLEDs to bend up to 800R, so that avid players can experience the optimal curve for every game genre.

Starting this month, the company will mass produce the gaming OLED panels to be featured in premium gaming monitors by global tech companies such as LG Electronics, Asus, and Corsair.

LG Display will continue to introduce various products that promote a positive consensus among global customers, innovate the company's differentiated technological leadership and find potential customers to promote mid-to-long-term business growth.

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