New feature Smart Dimming ensures the right light spectrum at the right time

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RED Horticulture will unveil its latest innovation in smart greenhouse lighting during GreenTech 2024, Smart Dimming. This feature optimizes artificial light usage by dynamically adjusting the spectrum based on real-time sunlight intensity, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising crop growth. "Smart Dimming provides what's best for the crop. The right light at the right time", said Regnier Ten Haaf, Commercial Subsidiary Director of RED horticulture. "Our photobiology knowledge is the key difference by making the perfect trade-off between the needs of the crops and the cost optimizations."

Smart lighting
Building on a foundation of more than 130 crop lighting strategies, multi-zoning management and energy consumption monitoring, RED says this new evolution in smart lighting represents a significant leap from their previous lighting solutions. While their past 4 channel LED light system offered classic dimming features, with Smart Dimming they now introduce real-time, dynamic LED optimization. "With this brand-new functionality we provide growers unparalleled control over energy consumption and crop development, challenging the status quo with our adaptive light spectrum management," said Regnier.

RED's Smart Dimming offers a unique real-time spectrum optimization. "Unlike traditional on/off management systems or static intensity dimming functions in climate computers, our Smart Dimming continuously adapts spectrum to natural lighting conditions. Not only does this ensure that the right light spectrum can always be set at all times, but Smart Dimming also ensures that energy is used as efficiently as possible, which actually saves energy. This sets us apart from our competitors and positions us as the most effective and sustainable solution where greenhouse lighting is concerned."

How does smart dimming work
Smart Dimming operates through a sophisticated blend of hardware and software. The algorithm calculates real-time spectrum setpoints based on sunlight intensity, using both forecasted and live data from weather services, energy services, and sensors.

"By optimizing power use and transferring it to the most efficient LED colors, Smart Dimming enhances photosynthesis while maintaining crop balance", said Regnier. "This dynamic adjustment begins at a specific sunlight intensity threshold, progressively shifting power to red LEDs, which are the most efficient. As sunlight increases, artificial light becomes more red, maximizing energy efficiency."

Communication between the MyRED box and light fixtures is facilitated by RED's proprietary RED Mesh protocol, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.

For global applicability
RED's Smart Dimming is suitable for various regions worldwide including Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. It is a smart solution that not only benefits the horticultural sector but even holds potential relevance in other industries requiring advanced lighting management. According to Regnier this latest feature is universally applicable, catering to a wide range of growers, including breeders, young plant growers, cut flower growers, and conventional growers.

Photobiology research
Developed over six years, RED's Smart Dimming is the result of extensive photobiology research and rigorous product engineering in both hardware and software. Regnier: "Following multiple trials with IT and Agro specialists, horticulture-related research institutes, and growers, we refined the algorithm to ensure optimal performance. Integrated within the MyRED app, Smart Dimming not only provides energy savings but also enables autonomous light management in greenhouses."

With Smart Dimming RED Horticulture embodies their commitment to empowering growers to boost their crop yields and sustainability with its innovative and smart lighting solutions.

Want to know more about this innovation? RED Horticulture will be participating in GreenTech 2024. A presentation with regards to smart LED will be given daily starting at 14.00hrs. at booth 317 in hall 3.


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