Macroblock Debuts New ICs for the 2nd Half of 2019

Celebrating Macroblock’s20th anniversary and facing the rise of 5G era, Macroblock this year helds a whole day symposium with interesting topics regarding 5G era LED displays and HDR challenges and solutions. Furthermore, the demonstration zones also roll out advanced LED display technologies for the 2nd half of 2019.

Fig.1 Comprehensive LED display solution demos at Macroblock’s Symposium

Macroblock spreads outthe demo zones into 4 zones: 1. 5G Future-High Frame Rate Demo 2.Highly-integrated LED Display Driver IC Demo 3. 16-Channel LED Display Driver IC to Support 64-scan Design Demo 4. mini-LED / micro-LED Display Driver IC Demo.

5G Future-HighFrame Rate Demo

As the 5G era is coming, 20Gbps data trasmission speed is on the run. The market requirements for LED displays in 5G era has been pushed to a higher standard: 12-bit video input source, 120Hz frame rate, and 7680x4320 display resolution, making many impossibles to possibles, such as 8K HDR videos, cloud gaming at 120Hz/144Hz frame rate, live (real-time) broadcasting with higher image quality for sports events, and VR / AR with no latency.

We set up an experience zone of 5G future-High Frame Rate Demo to demonstrate the requirements and challenges of LED displays in 5G era. Two LED display cabinets show the same content at 60Hz and 120Hz frame rates separately. It is obvious that the display content at 120Hz frame rate can not be correctly displayed due to the big amount of data not being able to be transmitted completely with the current LED display system structure.

Other challenges for fine pitch LED displays in 5G era include: 1. PCB layout spacelimit making it difficult to place more LED driver ICs and control lines. 2.Increased clock frequency to hinder PCB quality upgrade. Macroblock has put a lot of efforts to conquer the challenges and launched highly-integrated LED driver IC series (MBI5359 and MBI5864), which are embeded with MOSFET with increased clock frequency, making it more easily and better for PCB layout of fine pitch LED displays.

Fig.2 5G Future-High Frame Rate Demo

Highly-IntegratedLED Driver IC Demo (MBI5850, MBI5359, MBI5759)

At the highly-integrated LED driver IC demo zone, we demonstrate three different types of ICs: MBI5850, MBI5759 and MBI5359.

The LED display cabinet embedded with MBI5850 demonstrates both gaming video and rolling grayscale pattern to show the smooth 16-bit grayscale effect, targeting at high-end rental and high image quality LED display applications, applicable for pixel pitch from 1.2mm to 6mm.

MBI5850 is a scan-sharing, 12-channel, and a highly-integrated LED driverIC that also features the “HDR-optimized” solution. That is, at a 32-scan design LED display, the display can reach 16-bit grayscale and 3840Hz refresh rate simultaneously with higher dynamic range at 25000:1. The scan-sharing structure simplifies the PCB layout of the LED display modules, helping manufacturers to reduce labor and material costs while improving manufacturing efficiency.

MBI5359 and MBI5759 are 48-channel highly-integrated LED display driver ICs, targeting at premium LED displays with super fine pitch LED displays(0.5~1.5mm). MBI5359 is an “HDR-optimized” sink type LED driver IC for common annode LEDs; while MBI5759 is a source type LED driver IC for common cathode LEDs.

The realization of HDR-Optimized and power saving solutions are demonstrated at Macroblock’s demonstration zones, we compare three LED display cabinets side-by-side: one with MBI5359 running at 14-bit grayscale mode with SDR video content, one with MBI5359 running at 16-bit grayscale mode with HDR video content, and one with MBI5759 running at 14-bit grayscale mode with the same HDR video content. Through the demos, MBI5359 at 16-bit grayscale mode enables LED display to deliver exceptional video quality with higher color depth and higher dynamic range at 25000:1 contrast ratio.

Meanwhile, the common cathode LED display cabinet taking advantages of MBI5759 and the specific power supply highlights the overall system solution which can achieve a lower surface temperature and lower system power consumption, with great video quality.

Fig. 3 Highly-integrated LED Driver IC Demo

16-Channel LED Display Driver IC to Support up to 64-Scan Design Demo (MBI5254, MBI5754)

Macroblock first debuts 16-channel LED display driver ICs to support up to 64-scan design: MBI5254 for common annode LEDs (the LED display cabinet is provided by Shenzhen LP Display), and MBI5754 for common cathode LEDs. For higher scan design, LED dispalys require fewer LED driver ICs of MBI5254 or MBI5754 and remain good image quality. Both driver ICs also show better performance on high contrast inteference elimination and color shift issue. In addition, the display specification may achieve up to 14-bit grayscale and 3840 refresh rate. MBI5254 is applicable for pixel pitch from 1.0mm to 6mm; MBI5754 is appicable for pixel pitch from 1.5mm to 4mm, suitable for broadcasting, control room and staging applications.

Fig. 4 16-Channel LED Display Driver IC to Support up to 64-Scan Design Demo

mini-LED /micro-LED Driver IC Demo (MBI5759, MBI5864)

In the mini-LED /micro-LED driver IC zone, we demonstrated 0.625mm pixel pitch LED display modules embedded with two 48-channel, highly-integrated LED driver ICs. One is embedded with MBI5759, lit with common cathode LEDs. The other is embedded with Macroblock’s latest scan-sharing LED driver IC, MBI5864, supporting up to 64 scan design. As MBI5864 is designed with scan-sharing structure and supports up to 64 scan design, fewer driver ICs are needed. In this way, MBI5864 simplifies the PCB layout and reduces the overall power consumption for each pixel pitch on the LED display module, comparing to MBI5759. In addition, MBI5864 is also in the HDR-optimized LED driver IC family, and it is applicable for super fine pitch, mini-LED, and micro-LED displays from 0.4mm to 1.5mm.

Fig. 5 mini-LED/ micro-LED driver IC demo


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