The Secret of Buying Top Quality LED Flat Panel Lights for Commercial Spaces

The Secret of Buying Top Quality LED Flat Panel Lights for Commercial Spaces

Buying LED panel lights can be a challenging affair with tens of thousands of manufacturer and suppliers claiming to be the best. To simplify the task for you, our team of LED engineers has come up with this detailed LED buying guide with secret tips and ideas for flat panel lights.   

A quick glance will give you the LED insights to pick top quality LED products that save power and last longer from the USA, China or anywhere in the world. Let’s start with the most important factor, namely:

Light guide plate and driver

The quality of an LED panel light depends mainly on the light guide plate and driver. The light guide plate will decide the light transmittance and power conversion efficiency. The driver will decide the power factor and lifespan of the entire light panel. Hence, it is important to make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of both.

Now that we understand the importance of both, let’s understand how to ensure best light guide plate and driver while selecting LED panel lights:

Selecting LED light guide plate - Below are the real images of panel lights with PS light guide plates and panel lights with PMMA light guide plates after only half year of usage. PS material is popular in the US because of its low price but it turns yellow easily and gets dark spots which decrease the power conversion efficiency.

(SeniorLED/ LEDinside)

PMMA material has the advantages of anti-aging and higher light transmittance compared with PS material. The plate color and light transmittance will have little change even after several years of usage.

Selecting LED light panel driver – LED light flicker is generally caused by large driver ripples. Usually a high PF value comes with flicker. It cannot be detected by human eyes but would be visible when taking pictures on a cell phone. As a low PF value drivers use a lot of energy and power, a certain PF value is required on LED drivers of higher than 10w panel lights. Due to the high cost, existing drivers with high PF value mostly have flicker.

At SeniorLED, we offer panel lights with a high PF without flicker since higher the PF value, greater the utilization rate of power, which results in more energy-efficiency.

In below image, the left is SeniorLED panel light and the right one is a general panel light. The difference caused by high PF is quite clear.

(SeniorLED/ LEDinside)

Other performance factors

Various other elements come together to make high quality LED flat panel lights. Below are the most important ones:

Aluminum Frame: LED flat panel lights that use environment friendly aluminum housing with fast heat dissipation, anodized and anti-corrosion last longer and perform better. Common characteristics of an inferior aluminum panel light are slow heat dissipation, weakness, short chip life and fast fading light.

LED light panel driver temperature: Aging tests and electronic load tests run at our LED manufacturing and testing facility show that driver and general panel lights can bear highest temperature of 101℃ and 138℃ respectively. Drivers that pass the test have better performance in safety and stability, which means a longer light panel lifespan.

Insurance and warranty: AIG insurance brings protection from manufacturing defects, and assures promise of warranty. This means additional safeguard for LED buyers importing products from China or other parts of the world. At SeniorLED, we guarantee full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements.

LED light luminous efficiency: The luminous efficiency of top quality LED flat lights is higher than 120lm/w. No flicker, top power efficiency (PF>0.9) and high CRI (Ra>80), THD<15% under DLC4.0 standards. DLC 4.0 Premium version has higher efficacy, 136lm/w. This is something for which SeniorLED is widely acknowledged.


About SeniorLED

SeniorLED is one of the top LED manufacturers and suppliers in China trusted by businesses as well as distributors for top quality LED lights. It produces and supplies LED tubes, panel lights, outdoor tubes, grow lights, and high bay UFO lights to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

As a LED wholesaler, it takes care of clients’ supply chain so that they can take care of customers. Businesses, commercial hubs, organizations and corporates purchase LED tube lights from SeniorLED to benefit from the best LED quality and price in China. Visit to learn more about it and LED products on offer. 

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