Edison Opto introduces IP68 Lighting Strip

Featuring flexible printed circuit (FPC) board, Edison Opto has introduced a new lighting strip compliant with IP68 waterproofed grade for the demanding outdoor applications. The flexible substrate allows for a maximum curling angle up to 60 and enables application for installation around rounded, restricted cabinet spaces.
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Fairchild Semiconductor Delivers High Conversion Efficiency for Smartphone Backlighting Applications

Small Footprint, 1mm2 Boost Switch Saves 60 Percent Board Space in Smartphone Designs
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LEDtronics Introduces LED Chandelier Bulbs that Produce 360° Beam of Light Using Only 3 Watts

LEDtronics® announces Flame Tip Surface Mount LED Chandelier Bulbs that offer rich, beautiful lighting in many versatile applications. The DEC02SM-B11E26 series SMD LED Chandelier bulb comes in a flame-tip shape, UV-protected, plastic lens covering that allows the LEDs to shine three-dimensionally in multiple directions, while still being protected from the environment.
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Edison Opto introduces new planar light source - EdiPower® II

Edison Opto expands its product portfolio with the newly developed EdiPower® II series.
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LEDinside launches LED B2B platform - LEDeXchange

LEDinside offers free services for our members to post their product information on LEDeXchange, which helps open the door of internet marketing. The number of unique visitors on LEDinside has reached 1.7 million a year; among which, more than 80% of our visitors are from LED related industries, and the number is still increasing.
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Edison Opto announces four types of streetlight modules

As the application with LED streetlight module gradually becomes a global trend, Edison Opto has introduced four LED streetlight modules satisfying various roadway requirements.
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High-current LED for brighter projectors - A new generation of OSTAR Compact

The new OSTAR Compact from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is characterized by even better high-current capability and lower thermal resistance. It can handle up to 6 A in pulsed mode which is ideal for pico and pocket projectors for small mobile terminals. Depending on the design of small projectors these high-power LEDs can provide a real brightness boost.
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Littelfuse Introduces PLED5 Open LED Protector that Keeps LED Strings Lighted If a Single LED Fails

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the PLED5 circuit protection device that provide unique 3-in-1 protection for LED strings, including open LED protection, ESD and lightning protection, and protection against reverse battery/power connections. The new device is particularly useful for maintaining brightness and reliability in the growing market for outdoor LED lighting and high-intensity LED applications.
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HPLighting announced 7W LED light bulb at 3000K, 90lm per Watt and CRI above 90

Achieving the brightness of 630lm (90lm/W), HPLighting developed its new generation of 7W LED light bulb using its Cu substrate high power LED packaging technology. 
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TREND LIGHTING CORP., invested by Formosa group and Yulong Group, has presented a brand-new product, SKYLIGHT series, 30W floodlight with high power NICHIA LED inside by adopting street light fixture design experiences including second optical, waterproof, and dustproof. With 1800 lumen output, SKYLIGHT series is specified to replace 100W mercury light and the energy saving is up to 70%.
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ERG introduces two new compact FFC-compatible LED backlit drivers

LCD backlit power specialist Endicott Research Group (ERG) is offering two new LED driver boards that provide compact, economical solutions to OEM panel designers looking to get the maximum performance out of their displays.
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New Sharp LEDs Deliver the Deep Red Dazzle with Leading R9 Performance Shown at LIGHTFAIR 2010

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) is showing two new LED product families at LIGHTFAIR International 2010, on May 12 - 14: Double Dome and Mini Zenigata.
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New Lenses for IESNA Wide Area Lighting LED Systems

Khatod‘s focus on the evolving Power LED Technological environment. Now, they will introduce one of the most revolutionary optical solutions specified for any application in the Wide Area Lighting. Patented technology, innovative design, high versatile applications in Wide Area Lighting. No more need to mount and direct hundreds of single lenses in different beams in order to realize the pattern desired. A new-concept optical system, a single module, conceived and designed for immediate application.
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MEAN WELL introduces new CEN-60&75 Series ~ 60/75W Economical LED Power Supply

After launching CEN-100 (96W) series of economical LED power supplies, MEAN WELL continuously introduced lower wattage metal case models featuring with active PFC function and perfect waterproof/dustproof ability ~ CEN-60 (60W) and CEN-75 (75W) series. With special mechanical design, both series can meet IP66 requirement and save the cost of expensive heat-conducting glue. Meanwhile, thanks to the simplified single stage PFC topology, the required high power factor for the lighting industry can be achieved economically.
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TESS announces its 10W 1000 lumen LED bulb now available

TESS (topco energy saving system corp.) presented a new 10W 1000 lumen LED bulb in April and invited customers to leave their desire retail price. Not only customers responded eagerly but also have caused a worldwide inquiry and even an environmental protection organization in US shows its interests in this outstanding new LED bulb. Today (May 6) TESS announces its 10W 1000 lumen LED bulb cool white version officially available.
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ALT to Showcase Next-Generation LED Products in Lighting Japan

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT) today announced participating in 2nd LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo (Lighting Japan) from April 14 to 16, 2010, to demonstrate its cutting-edge high power LED lighting products and the latest next-generation lighting technologies. The featured products include MR16 V1/V3/V4, MR16 Globe, LED T8 Tube, Streetlight Series and Floodlight Series, which implement ALT’s advanced technology and are available with Cree, Lumileds and Toyoda Gosei High Power LED chipsets, ensuring the highest product quality.
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Muzzy Gator Getter Strobe – Water-Activated LED Strobe Light

When tracking down big game and lost gear in the darkness, the Muzzy Gator Getter Strobe takes the guesswork out of the search. This floating locator system features a water-activated strobe light that can be spotted up to one mile away. The Gator Getter Strobe attaches to Muzzy’s Big Game Floats to allow for easy tracking of gators or other large game such as sharks, alligator gar and sting rays. Muzzy Gator Getter Strobe Muzzy Gator Getter Strobe
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DELO introduces new LED area curing lamp

DELO has recently developed the DELOLUX 20 area lamp which irradiates adhesive layers evenly, for smooth curing of laminar bonding areas in just seconds. This newly developed LED area lamp perfectly complements DELO’s lamp family, which was introduced in 2009. LEDs have major advantages over classic discharge lamps, including long lifetime and stable light intensity.
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Prestigious design award for Lei Yueh, LED Brite Strip Combo wins 2010 red dot product design award

With its exceptional innovative design, Lei Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd. has received the prestigious 2010 red dot product design award winner for the LED Brite Strip Combo. This year approximately 1,636 companies from 57 countries have taken part with a total of 4,252 entries and have presented the internationally renowned expert jury with a difficult task. In the end, the LED Brite Strip Combo is one of the winners in this special recognition. 
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TOPCO Scientific Delivers ShinEtsu Silicon Packaging and Die Attach Materials with High Reliability and Operability

As an agent of ShinEtsu, TOPCO Scientific Co. Ltd sells LED silicon materials for the Japanese company. It has developed a new type of packaging material to improve LED process with high reliability.
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New Power Factor Corrected LED Driver from ON Semiconductor Supports TRIAC Dimming for Residential and Commercial Lighting Applications

Three Scalable Reference Designs Support Different Line Voltage Ranges and Offer High Power Factor (> 0.95) over a Wide Range of AC Input Voltage ON Semiconductor, a premier supplier of high performance, energy efficient silicon solutions for green electronics, announced the launch of a new power factor corrected dimmable LED driver for residential and commercial lighting applications.
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Cooper Lighting Products Recognized in Next Generation Luminaires Solid-State Lighting Design Competition

Four innovative products awarded for superior performance show diversity of vast company offering
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OPTEK's Auto Calibration Sensor Monitors Presence of Fluid and Air in Medical Tubing

Providing medical design engineers with a cost-effective alternative to ultrasonic sensors, TT electronics OPTEK Technology's OCB350 fluid sensor features automatic calibration circuitry and is available with multiple output states including "fluid present," "no fluid present," and "no tube present." The sensor is ideal for medical applications including monitoring fluid or air presence in tubing for infusion and transfusion pumps where fluids of different optical densities are used.
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Audi A8 with LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

In the new version of the Audi A8, light emitting diodes from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors are responsible for the dipped and full beams as well as for other specific lighting functions. Apart from their efficiency, an excellent argument for LEDs is their long life, which exceeds that of the vehicle. Plus, with light similar to daylight they improve motorists’ safety.
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Veeco Introduces the Lowest COO MOCVD System K465i

Veeco introduces the TurboDisc® K465i™ gallium nitride (GaN) Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) System for the production of high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB LEDs). Veeco’s industry-leading beta site customers rapidly qualified the K465i for volume production, and the...
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Topco Energy Saving System Corp. (TESS) / To Dominate the LED Lighting Market and Make Public Consumers the Winner

Topco Energy Saving System Corp. (TESS), the Taiwan-based LED lighting supplier, announced the latest LED bulb on Feb. 17th. Within the new range you can find the 6W/7W/7.5W LED bulbs to replace 40W/50W/60W incandescent lamp. The best luminance output could reach 80 lm/w. The LED bulb of TESS is shock-proof and mercury-free. The long lifespan and excellent luminance helps you save the money from electricity bill. All these advantages are far superior than you can find of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL).
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Edison Opto expands its product portfolio with the new, linear type LED, EdiLine III

Through continuous model advancement, Edison Opto has introduced EdiLine III for enhanced adaptability and robustness. EdiLine III is available in two types of packaging – 1W and 3.5W. The 1W device is measured at 41.25 x 4.0 x 0.8mm, with luminous flux of 100 lumens at cool white; while the 3W device is measured at 95.6 x 5.6 x 0.8mm with luminous flux of 330 lumens at cool white (CCT: 5,000~10,000K). Features:
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UPEC to showcase its new products at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2009

UPEC will demonstrate its innovative products and solutions, including Street Light, Intelligent Lighting Management System, and Interior Lighting Products, at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair from 27 Oct. to 30 Oct. 2009. According to UPEC, the Intelligent Lighting Management System uses electronic dimming gear and area wireless control, and each street light could be individually controlled, monitored and manipulated. By using the Intelligent Lighting Management System, that could achieve energy-saving, labor costs reducing, and reporting accuracy increase.
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