StrongLED Smart Lighting Proposes Panorama Lighting Solutions for Better Home and Workplace Health

StrongLED Smart Lighting (SSL)—the newly established smart lighting business of Suzhou-based StrongLED Group—held a press conference with its research partner from National Central University (NCU) on October 22, 2021. Intending to prevent depression, insomnia, and other diseases of modern life, the company proposed lighting solutions for happiness- and health-centered architecture and welcomed guests to try on the “Lighting-based Brain Wave Test” on site. Various notables were also invited, including James Chang (CEO of StrongLED ...
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StrongLED Rumored to Have Acquired Osram OEM Orders

StrongLED Lighting Systems, a company registered in Cayman Islands, but with operations based in Taiwan and China is rumored to have acquired Osram’s outsurce orders, reported Taiwanese media Commercial Times.
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StrongLED Launches New LED Dot Light

StrongLED new product Dot Sirio is a high brightness dot light. The dots are constructed on a flexible cable with a customizable pitch containing up to 30 dots 9-LED or 30 dots 6-LED (dependant on length of lead cable and pixel pitch). The dots, which are for pixel array, designed to show the video, animation, image and various patterns of color, are single dot controllable by DMX. Our software, Strong Player, makes it become a simple large-scale installations.
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A Breakthrough in Combating Water, Surface and Airborne Pathogens. Crystal IS, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei, has launched Klaran LA®—the newest addition to its industry-leading Germicidal UVC LED product line. Klaran LA® represent... READ MORE

Thanks to the special batwing optics, greenhouse owner can enlarge the distance between the single lamps without a decrease in light quality for the plants.   - Oslon Square Batwing extends ams OSRAMs comprehensive and market-leading port... READ MORE