Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Uses LEDs to Create Different Moods of Lighting

The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Regensburg, Germany has recently had its conference room renovated with linear modules with Golden Dragon LEDs from OSRAM. The LEDs hidden behind a large panel can provide any lighting of any mood, color and intensity depending on different occasions in the room. The renovating project was completed by OSRAM Opto Semiconduct together with LI-EX (LED Light Design Expert)
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New 1 Meter Integrating Sphere for Testing LED modules, SSL Light Sources

Instrument Systems, a leading global manufacturer of LED Test & Measurement systems has recently developed its ISP 1000 Integrating Sphere which has been specially designed with a diameter of one meter for precise measurement of the total radiant power and luminous flux of lamps. It is particularly suitable for larger and more powerful LED modules with applications in solid-state lighting.
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Infineon Releases New High-power LED Driver IC

Infineon Technologies AG has recently released a low-cost LED driver IC which offers thermal protection and high output current accuracy for high-power LEDs in general lighting applications.
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Chinese LED maker Aqualite ordered three AIXTRON MOCVD tools for LED chips

Aqualite Co. Ltd., a company based in Wuhan, China, has purchased three Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) CRIUS MOCVD systems from AIXTRON AG, worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. It’s disclosed that the three CCS CRIUS systems were delivered in the 31x2 inch wafer configuration in the third and fourth quarter of 2008. Aqualite intends to utilize these reactors for the development and production of blue, green and white LED chips.
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AIXTRON reports full-year results for 2008

AIXTRON AG of Aachen, Germany, worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, announced financial results for fiscal year 2008, ended December 31, 2008. Key Financials
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National Taiwan University orders AIXTRON MOCVD tool for R&D on white LEDs

AIXTRON AG reported that in the fourth quarter 2008 the National Taiwan University (NTU) of Taiwan ordered one Close Coupled Showerhead 3x2" wafer Research Platform MOCVD system for research and development on GaN and related materials and devices and it will be delivered in the third quarter 2009.  
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HessAmerica announces a large architectural LED light column

Recently, HessAmerica, a subsidiary of Hess AG of Germany, has introduced a large-scale light column - Sierra 6500. The company says Sierra 6500 is a large-scale illuminating column for outdoor area lighting. Standing twenty-one feet in height and ten inches in diameter, the column provides rich colored illumination from LEDs.
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RECOM’s RCD family of LED drivers deliver up to 1200 mA

Recently, RECOM Electronic GmbH has introduced its RCD series of constant current LED Drivers. They deliver a maximum of 1200mA to provide the higher currents needed by the next generation of high brightness LEDs. The company says the LED drivers have been designed to be as reliable as the LEDs they are driving and contain no electrolytic or tantalum capacitors.
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Tonghui Electronics to expand LED market with AIXTRON MOCVD tools

AIXTRON AG has received a triple order for MOCVD tools from a new Chinese manufacturer of LEDs Tonghui Electronics Corp. The order is for a AIX 2800G4 HT IC Planetary Reactor system, AIXTRON’s flagship reactor for large-scale manufacturing of LEDs and other advanced devices, and two AIX 2600G3 IC systems.
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RECOM Constant Current LED-Driver module with wires

RECOM Power, Inc. announces its Constant Current LED-Driver is now available with flying wires. This is No.1 Constant Current LED-Driver module that no knowledge of electronics is needed, just connect the wires and light it up! That means plug and play. The company says this package style is ideal for applications with an overcrowded board or applications without a board.
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Aixtron delivers CRIUS system to Chinese start-up

Recently, AIXTRON AG announced an order received in the second quarter 2008 for an MOCVD system from a new customer, Yangzhou Zhongke Semiconductor Lighting Center Co. Ltd. The Close Coupled Showerhead CRIUS system with 31x2" wafer configuration was delivered to Yangzhou Zhongke’s state of the art facility in the Yangzhou High-Tech Venture Services Center, PR China in the fourth quarter 2008. Its application will be for the development and volume production of UHB blue/green LEDs.
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Moritex Introduces Bar-shaped LED Lamp

Moritex Corp developed a bar-shaped LED lamp ”SpectraTrue” in cooperation with Schott AG of Germany, its parent company, that has already released a bar-shaped LED. Moritex says with a high color rendering property, it can precisely reproduce the colors of products and showpieces.
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Showa Denko targets at AIXTRON to boost nitride LED capacity

AIXTRON AG, a leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, is pleased to announce an order for a MOCVD system from Showa Denko K.K., a Japan based leading manufacturer of Ultra-High-Brightness (UHB) LEDs received in the first quarter 2008.
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Osram Forms LED Lighting Joint Venture with Traxon Technologies

Osram announces that it will set up a joint venture with Traxon Technologies Ltd., Hong Kong, a LED system and solution specialist, to strengthen its portfolio in the field of professional LED lighting systems and solutions.
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Avago Technologies Introduces 3-Watt Moonstone Cool-White and Warm-White Power LEDs

It’s reported that Avago Technologies announced the addition of new 3-Watt high power Cool-White (ASMT-Mx20) and Warm-White (ASMT-Mx22) low-profile LEDs to its Moonstone(TM) family.
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Leica releases cool light microscopy with LED light source

Recently, Leica has released a new inverted routine microscope that features LED illumination of the target. Brilliant optics and optimum illumination are the key to achieving the best possible results in microscopy.
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AIXTRON on Track for 2008 Targets

Recently, AIXTRON AG, a leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, announced the company’s financial results for the first nine months of 2008.
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The Great Future of LED TV(1)-- LED TV became focus in the IFA 2008

Why use LED backlight?A few days ago in the IFA 2008 hosted in Berlin,many of the branded TV manufacturers introduced LED-backlighted TVs(LED TV),aimed at the top layer of customers. Some leading manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung already introduced LED TV in 2006,but with the costs of LED have decreased and the LED technology has progressed rapidly, LED TV has moved toward a real product rather than just a demonstration of technology.
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A low-cost 10-channel LED driver - PR4010

It’s reported that PREMA Semiconductor GmbH, is located in Mainz, Germany, has designed 10-channel LED driver dubbed the PR4010 that drives up to 10 LEDs of any color individually.
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LED light to illuminate Tunnel in Germany

It's reported that Dellux Technologies Inc., Canada, an international leader in LED tunnel lighting, has selected Golden DRAGON LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for the luminaires to be installed in the 「Thüringer Schmücketunnel」 on the A71 in the German state Thüringen. Upon installation of the new LED luminaires, in the fall of 2008, it will be the first tunnel in Germany and the longest in Europe to be illuminated by LED light.
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LED modules illuminates Pumping station in Cologne

Cologne has been graced with a new landmark: the high-water pumping station in the Bayenthal suburb of the city. The pumping station is already a sight to see during the day thanks to its architectural aesthetic, which includes an organically landscaped area that inconspicuously tucks the structure into the banks of the Rhine.
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Ferdinand Braun Institute adds AIXTRON multiwafer MOCVD for GaN LEDs

AIXTRON AG is pleased to announce an order from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) for an AIX 2600G3HT Planetary Reactor system with 8x4 inch capacity.FBH, located in Berlin, Germany, will use the system to strengthen its research and development activities in GaN based UV- LEDs, laser diodes and GaN HFETs.
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