Taking Advantage of SnapDriveTM to Improve the LED Display Screen Quality

Full-color LED video display screen has become popular in recent years for various applications such as indoor/outdoor commercial advertisement, stadium billboards, traffic message signs…etc. Thanks to the evolution of LED technology which enables lower cost, higher luminance, uniform wave-length and better efficacy LEDs available, the LED display screen makers are able to build high quality display screen with cheaper cost.
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QFN Packaging Solves The Heat Dissipation Problem of LED Display

QFN Packaging Solves The Heat Dissipation Problem of LED Display Currently, almost all LED display manufacturers face the problem of heat dissipation during PCB design, with the thermal effect of drivers disturbing the normal light emitting property of LED and further influencing the color uniformity of the overall display. This article will illustrate how headaches can be prevented by changing the packaging of driving chips.
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Daktronics LED Display Features Real-time Carbon Counter

Van Wagner Communications recently chose Daktronics Inc. to design and manufacture a new, light emitting diode (LED) display as a component of a spectacular new sign for its client, DB Climate Change Advisors, an institutional and alternatives climate change business of Deutsche Asset Management, a business division of Deutsche Bank AG. The curved LED display functions as the world's first scientifically valid, real-time carbon counter.
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Interview with Macroblock Chairman, Dr. Li-Chang Yang: 2009 Will be Macroblock’s First Year of Entering the Illumination Market

LEDinside has recently visited Dr. Li-Chang Yang, Chairman of Taiwan’s LED  IC manufacturer Macroblock Tech, to get some knowledge about the current situation on the global LED display (LED advertising screen) market, and the future developing direction of the company.  
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Macroblock Launches New 16-Bit PWM LED Driver with 8-Bit Digital Dot Correction for High-End LED Display

Macroblock launches a new 16-bit PWM LED driver with 8-bit digital dot correction, MBI5040. To provide uniformed LED brightness and accurate LED color for high-end LED display panels, “matched LEDs” are insufficient, and dot correction of each LED pixel becomes necessary. However, it is costly and complex to process dot correction through controllers for the increasing loading of the controllers and the limited control of LED pixels.
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LED Digital Display

LED digital display is a semi-conductive lighting component, with light emitting diode (LED) as its elementary unit. By the number of segments the digital display is made of, there are 7-segment digital displays and 8-segment ones, with the latter with one more LED unit (also displays one more decimal point) than the former. By the number of the figure “8” displayed, there are 1-digit, 2-digit, 4-digit LED digital displays and so on. And by the way in which the LED units are connected, there are common anode digital displays and common cathode digital displays.  
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Blue and green LED versions added to digital panel voltmeter range

Murata Power Solutions has introduced its low-power, high brightness, three-and-a-half digit, DMS-20PC digital panel voltmeters. The company announces that they are now available with 'brilliant blue' or 'pure green' LED colors in addition to the current 'low-power red'. The DMS-20PC series provides a sub-miniature, low-cost solution in applications such as battery chargers, power amplifiers, rack-mounted power and high-end consumer electronics.
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Rangers Ballpark Adding LED Displays

It’s reported that Daktronics Inc will design, manufacture and install full-color LED display technology throughout Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers.
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ENE TECHNOLOGY enters LED Display market

ENE TECHNOLOGY, the NB Keyboard Controller (KBC) provider, starts to focus on LED Driver IC. Recently, ENE is promoting its latest LED product claimed to be the fastest amongst its middle-end competitors. In order to gain more insights of the company, its strategies and products, LEDinside interviewed Jeff Cheng, the product manager of ENE TECHNOLOGY. The leading firm of KBC
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Konka Group to Build LED Industrial Chain

It’s reported that Konka Group Co., Ltd., of Shenzhen, China, announces that it is to open its LED backlight design and production line in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Eastern China in mid December 2008. Established in May 1980, the Shenzhen company plans to spend three to five years building a complete LED industrial chain in China. The industrial chain is expected to produce LED related products with a value of more than CNY 10 billion per year.
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180-inch 3D LED screen is the world’s first and largest

NewSight Corp of the US developed a new "3D LED Video Wall". The 3D display used LEDs as pixels for the first time in the world. The feature is a 180-inch screen with a width of 3.84m, the "3D LED Video Wall" is one of the world's largest 3D displays.
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The 10th Strategies in Light 2009 — Lighting the Future with LEDs

The 10th annual business-oriented conference and exhibition on high-brightness LEDs will be held on February 18-20, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California by Strategies Unlimited and PennWell Corporation.
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Freescale and Samsung team up on LED Display Technology

Recently, Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics announced they will collaborate to address the burgeoning market for LEDs. Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of Freescale's Analog, Mixed-Signal and Power Division, pointed out that Freescale's LED backlight driver technology is the industry's most compact and integrated solution, their  collaboration with Samsung on LED backlighting in order to help spur further innovation and growth in the LCD market.
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New High-Performance LED Drivers from Toshiba Continue Company's Pursuit of Excellence in Display Viewing

It’s reported that Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC), a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, expands its LED driver product family with two new high-performance devices. The TB62777FNG and TB62778FNG devices are 8-channel, constant current LED drivers delivering a continuous current that can be regulated for superior illumination in the back-lighting of LCD panels, TV displays and notebook PCs, as well as light control for large RGB panel LED displays.
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LED lighting industry development in the post-Olympics era

Applications of LED during the Beijing Olympics have raised audience's eyebrows. According to non-official statistics from China, the Beijing Olympics has consumed a total of 500mn RMB worth of LEDs at 36 stadiums, excluding other public lighting applications that are installed at the Olympics villages and parks. But as Olympics grand completed, concerns about whether there exists a fundamental demand for LED surfaces.
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Let the "LED shows" begin in the Bejing 2008 Olympic Games

After a long wait, the Bejing 2008 Olympic Games, and also called the “Green Olympic, High-tech Olympic, and People’s Olympic” established by the Chinese government, has spectacularly opened today. However, one of our major concerns is the “LED Green Illumination” products which will not only be widely used in this game, but also will contribute to the global expectation in relation to the future of energy-saving luminary.
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How to improve the brightness of LED display

LED brightness can be improved through the following two methods: 1. To increase the light output of the chip itself: light output can be increased through improving the luminescence efficiency of the chip’s active layer or improving the external light extraction efficiency by optimizing chips’ shape or making larger scale chips that run high density current.
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Mitsubishi Electric Supplies 11 More Diamond Vision(TM) LED Scoreboards to PGA TOUR

Mitsubishi Electric, the Official High-Definition Television and the Official Large Outdoor Video Display Provider of the PGA TOUR, is supplying 11 additional state-of-the-art Diamond Vision(TM: 105.66, +0.54, +0.51%) LED high-definition scoreboards for PGA TOUR events. This completes the TOUR's initiative to upgrade the scoreboard technology to provide a better on-site experience for fans.
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Sparkling LED displays shine at the April China Sourcing Fair

Visiting buyers passing by the Electronic Components pavilion at the April China Sourcing Fair will be impressed with the tall LED displays to be shown at the booth of Guilin Hivision Technology Co. Ltd. With over 10 years' experience in the design and production of LED products, the company currently offers over 40 models of two-color or full-color LED displays. These products are widely used indoors or outdoors as information boards or billboards.
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