TriEye and Vertilas demo long-wavelength VCSEL camera

Collaboration combines CMOS-based infrared sensor with 1300 nm emitter array. SWIR sensing with CMOS A partnership between Israeli camera developer TriEye and Germany-based laser diode specialist Vertilas has realized a novel long-range sensor operating in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectral region. The setup combines TriEye’s low-cost SWIR sensors, which are fabricated using silicon CMOS processing, with vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) arrays operating at the relatively long wavelengths enabled by indium phosphide (...
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Photonics West: TRUMPF TruHeat VCSEL heating systems make battery production more sustainable

High energy efficiency with TruHeat VCSEL heating modules for battery foil drying // Next generation of innovative VCSEL technology supports lower power densities // Improved battery manufacturing process and product quality with VCSEL heating systems thanks to direct heat transmission // Live demonstration of TruHeat VCSEL heating modules for area heating and e-mobility Ulm/San Francisco, January 29, 2024 – TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL solutions for industrial laser heat treatment, is showcasing its latest TruHe...
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Market Value of Consumer Electronics 3D Sensing VCSEL Forecast to Soar to US$1.404 Billion by 2028, Says TrendForce

Jan. 10, 2024 ---- TrendForce’s latest report, “TrendForce 2024 Infrared Sensing Application Market and Branding Strategies” reveals a market decline for consumer electronics 3D sensing VCSEL in 2023 to US$847 million. This downturn has been attributed to a weak consumer market and pricing pressure. Major brands incorporating 3D sensing in their 2023 consumer electronics include Apple (smartphones and tablets), Honor (smartphones), Meta Quest 3, and Magic Leap 2. The iPhone 15 Pro, featuring Sony’s stacked technology, integrates VC...
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New Compact VCSEL Proximity Sensor Contributes to Greater Miniaturization and Battery Capacity in Wireless Earbuds and other Wearable Devices

ROHM has developed a compact 2.0mm × 1.0mm proximity sensor, the RPR-0720, optimized for applications requiring attachment/detachment and proximity detection. As the use of IoT continues to grow, sensor devices that play a critical role are requiring greater miniaturization and functionality. ROHM offers a lineup of proximity sensors that combine light emitting and receiving elements in a single package, providing unmatched versatility that has led to widespread adoption in a range of applications, from mobile devices to industrial equipment. Particularly for weara...
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LASER World of Photonics: Increased energy efficiency with industrial VCSEL heating solutions

High energy efficiency and low power VCSEL heating modules for battery manufacturing // Next generation of TruHeat VCSEL modules // Sensing applications benefit from the superior optical characteristics of VCSEL // Live demonstrations on speed and distance measurement and particulate matter sensing Ulm, June 19, 2023 – TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL solutions for industrial laser heat treatment and industrial sensing is showcasing the latest product developments of its TruHeat VCSEL series and live applications of optic...
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New VCSEL offers simpler, cheaper OCT

Medical University of Vienna believes inexpensive source could allow OCT imaging at home. The impact of OCT on medical imaging has been considerable, not least in ophthalmology where it has become a standard clinical procedure. A 2021 survey by the Medical University of Vienna predicted that the global market for OCT in 2023 will be $1.5 billion, and noted that this would include hand-held OCT units and new end uses, in addition to established integrated systems. Novel laser sources will play a large part in both the market growth and the use of more portable syste...
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TRUMPF VCSEL enables proximity sensor in iPhone

TRUMPF VCSEL featured by Apple // Collaboration with Apple on future laser technologies continues // TRUMPF to expand German manufacturing sites and further invest TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL and photodiode solutions for consumer and industrial sensing, has been featured as a key supplier by Apple [link to Apple newsroom] for its work supporting the proximity sensor in iPhone. The proximity sensor for iPhone turns off the screen when it detects an object that is close by — such as when a user holds iPhone up to their ...
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Apple Divides VCSEL Chip Orders Among Three Suppliers

On May 3, 2023, it was reported that Apple had divided its VCSEL chip orders between three suppliers: Lumentum, II-VI, and Sony. Industry sources stated that the orders were more evenly distributed among the suppliers. VCSELs are vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers that are used to power various features on Apple devices, including Face ID, Memoji, Animoji, and Portrait mode selfies. Lumentum remains the largest producer of VCSELs for Apple, with 68% of the market in 2020. However, II-VI has also become a major supplier for Apple and has incr...
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Sensor+Test: TRUMPF industrial-grade VCSEL lasers for optical sensing

TRUMPF Photonic Components, a specialist in VCSEL and photodiode solutions for industrial and consumer sensing is showcasing two live demonstrations to show the performance of the single-mode VCSEL solutions at Sensor+Test 2023, 09-11 May, 2023, Nürnberg Messe (Booth 1-156), in Nuremberg, Germany. The sensing components based on VCSEL technology are compact and robust laser sources, supporting industrial optical sensing systems. “Many industrial applications benefit from the continuous innovations in VCSEL technology,” says Ralph Gu...
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400 W 905 nm Multi-Junction VCSEL Array

M53-100   The M53-100, a 400 W 905 nm multi-junction VCSEL array, is an innovative, automotive-qualified product, ideal for short- to long-range flash time-of-flight (ToF) LiDAR solutions in automotive, industrial, and robotics applications. The M53-100 capitalizes on its unprecedented high 400 W peak optical power and small form factor to provide unparalleled power density for illumination of the scene, enabling the LiDAR systems of the future. M53-100 is part of the M Series VCSEL products that are optimized for tomorrow’s LiDAR, provi...
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Instrument Systems VCSEL analysis camera wins Photonics Award

Photonics industry awards Instrument Systems a prize for VTC 4000 infrared camera for the 2D near-field analysis of VCSEL arrays.   Munich, October 2022– Instrument Systems presented its new VTC 4000 infrared camera at Photonics West at the beginning of 2022. This camera has now received the “Laser Focus World Innovators Award 2022” in silver from a jury of experts from the photonics industry. The VTC 4000 VCSEL analysis camera was specially developed for the ultrafast, precise 2D near-field analysis of narrowband emitters, e.g....
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TRUMPF multi-junction VCSEL technology drives system efficiency and miniaturization

Multi-junction option supports miniaturization trends in consumer electronics and automotive // Up to triple-junction high-performance VCSEL arrays available // Increase in output power and higher efficiency // Up to 3 times more output power at same current level  Ulm, October 11, 2022 – TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL and photodiode solutions, supports the request for miniaturization in consumer electronics and automotive, and expands its VCSEL array portfolio with the multi-junction feature. The tunnel function technology off...
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10 W Flood Illuminator Module, FOI: 103 x 84 degrees

Lumentum 10 W flood illuminators leverage the company’s decades of large-scale manufacturing expertise in providing industry-standard and field-proven VCSELs to the market. The state-of-the-art module’s compact package integrates three-junction VCSEL arrays, an optical diffuser, a ceramic substrate, and a photodiode to provide high efficiency, reliability, and the highest optical peak power in a consumer-grade flood illuminator with built-in eye safety function. Lumentum partners with driver IC providers to offer illumination solutions for different sensing ...
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Battery Show Europe: TRUMPF VCSEL heating systems increase battery performance

Li batteries with better performance and reliability // TRUMPF presents new application for precise perforation of separator foils with VCSEL heating systems // L-Europe patented process and system for perforating battery separator foils using TRUMPF VCSEL heating system as key component // High accuracy of direct heat treatment with VCSEL heating systems enable new application fields in e-mobility Ulm, June 28, 2022 – TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL solutions, presents a new application field for its VCSEL heati...
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ams OSRAM to Show Sensing in a New Light at this Year’s Sensors Converge Exhibition

ams OSRAM will launch new innovations at Sensors Converge 2022 at the McEnery Convention Center and the San Jose Marriott Hotel in San Jose, Calif., June 28-29 On display will be the new TMF882X multi-zone direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) distance sensors that combine emitter, detector and optics into one tiny modular package for industrial and smartphone applications In addition, a demonstration of the recently launched AS7343 multi-spectral sensor, which in combination with an appropriate LED, detects fires earlier and differentiates different types...
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TRUMPF introduces the next generation, rugged industrial VCSEL solutions for oxygen sensing

Oxygen sensing in industrial applications as gas sensing in power plants benefit from integrated and robust VCSEL solutions // Spectroscopic sensors with in-situ measurement in less than a second // No thermal sensitivity with temperature controlled VCSEL in TO packages // New oxygen sensing solutions with wavelengths of 760 nm and 763 nm with improved performance Ulm, May 23, 2022 – TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL and photodiode solutions, is introducing its next generation of VCSEL for spectroscopic oxygen sensing. Spectrosc...
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ams OSRAM VCSEL illuminator brings benefits of integrated eye safety to Melexis automotive in-cabin monitoring solution

Demonstrates complete automotive iToF 3D sensing apparatus for in-cabin monitoring and gesture sensing   Demonstrates complete automotive iToF 3D sensing apparatus for in-cabin monitoring and gesture sensing The illumination board features an ams OSRAM infrared VCSEL flood illuminator which offers on-chip eye safety protection Integrated eye safety feature provides higher reliability, faster detection of fault conditions, and saves space compared to laser modules which require an external photodiode   Premstaetten, Austria (11 May, 2022)...
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Lumentum Announces Latest Multi-Junction VCSEL Array

Enabling flexibility and scalability with innovative LiDAR and 3D sensing solutions Lumentum has announced the M Series multi-junction VCSEL arrays for next-generation automotive, industrial LiDAR, and 3D sensing applications and availability of the first M Series product, the M51-100 905 nm 70 W multi-junction VCSEL array. Lumentum's automotive qualified, high-performance M Series features peak powers suited for short- and long-range advanced mobility and industrial LiDAR applications. In addition to higher available power densities, extensive ...
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High-performance for wavelengths in infrared

New CAS 140D IR spectroradiometer with improved optical and electronic components offer the user higher productivity due to shorter measuring times in the infrared range.   Munich, April 2022 – At LASER WoP 2022 Instrument Systems will be presenting its latest spectroradiometer CAS 140D IR for measurements in the SWIR (short-wave infrared) wavelength range. The latter offers the proven high measurement accuracy and reliability of the CAS140D series - internationally recognized as a reference - for wavelengths of 780–1700 nm. Compared to...
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TRUMPF announces new VCSEL products for advanced 3D sensing applications

Increasing demand in VCSELs for smartphones and consumer electronics // New VCSEL solutions for high quality proximity sensing, laser auto focus and under OLED display sensing applications // New generation of 940 nm single-mode and multimode VCSEL released Ulm, April 05, 2022 – TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL and photodiode solutions, presents new advanced VCSEL solutions to expand its portfolio for 3D sensing in consumer and industrial applications. The new generation 940 nm VCSEL arrays enable breakthrou...
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Artilux Demonstrates New Breakthrough for Multi Spectral Optical Sensing

Announcing world’s 1st ultra-sensitive CMOS-based SWIR sensing platform to advance versatile applications development in wearables for digital health  -           Artilux present the industry-leading CMOS-based SWIR sensing module featuring GeSi technology with compact form factor and ultra-low power. -          The new all-in-one sensing platform satisfies immediate market needs for solutions covering versatile event, vital sign monitoring and skin detection for true wire...
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Lumentum Expands VCSEL Array Range

New multi-function 1D and 2D addressable VCSEL arrays suit advanced long-range LiDAR applications Lumentum, a maker of VCSEL arrays for 3D sensing and LiDAR applications, has expanded its multi-junction VCSEL-based offerings to include new, breakthrough high-performance 1D and 2D addressable arrays for advanced automotive, consumer, and industrial LiDAR and 3D sensing applications. VCSEL arrays have become the preferred laser illumination source for short-range 3D sensing applications such as biometric security and world-facing LiDAR in con...
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IQE Reaches Key Milestones With IQDN-VCSEL™ Technology For Long Wavelength VCSELs On 150 mm GaAs Substrates

IQE reaches key milestones with IQDN-VCSEL™ technology for long wavelength VCSELs on 150 mm GaAs substrates IQE has achieved key power and reliability milestones for its IQDN-VCSEL™ technology for advanced sensing applications at longer wavelengths on 150 mm GaAs substrates IQE's customers benefit as they can use the same equipment and processes that were developed for shorter wavelengths to achieve longer wavelengths IQE is currently engaged in customer-funded development programmes with key Tier 1 customers to optimise th...
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New Level of Interaction – ams Osram Expands VCSEL-Portfolio for 3D Gesture Recognition

Bidos P2433 Q flood illuminator family provides industry leading small package and convince with high efficiency and performance New devices combine VCSEL emitter and photodiode in one package, simplifying integration effort for system suppliers Four different versions of Bidos P2433 Q enable leading-edge 3D Time-of-Flight systems like gesture recognition in augmented and virtual reality glasses   Premstaetten, Austria (14th October, 2021) -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, expands its 3D sensing portfo...
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Robotic Vehicles Get a 360-Degree View Thanks to ams OSRAM and Jabil

Labor shortages, a rapidly growing e-commerce industry and an increased focus on safety in the workplace are driving massive growth in the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) markets. AMRs and AGVs use various navigation methods to move materials autonomously in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and even offices. Jabil and ams OSRAM are rapidly advancing the robotic vehicles’ guidance systems by providing accurate and cost-effective 3D sensing and LiDAR technology. Jabil’s Omnidirectional Sensor uses Time-of-Fligh...
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Nichia Raises The Bar For Blue And Green VCSEL Efficiency

VCSELs with dielectric and GaN-based mirrors break efficiency records Nichia is claiming to have broken the efficiency records for GaN-based blue and green VCSELs This triumph, announced at the SPIE Photonics West meeting this March, returns by this Japanese LED and laser diode manufacturer to the forefront of GaN-based VCSEL development. Nichia pioneered this class of laser more than a decade ago, producing the world's first GaN-based VCSEL operating in continuous-wave mode at room-temperature, before appearing to abandon further developm...
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BluGlass Laser Diodes Heading For Commercialisation

Several products advancing through final stages of manufacturing supply chain Australian semiconductor developer, BluGlass, has released details of the commercialisation of its laser diode range. There are now multiple laser diodes (405nm, 420nm, 450nm and others) in the pipeline. The first products for launch have completed multiple design iterations and processing steps ahead of packaging, according to BluGlass. Packaged devices, once complete, will start accelerated reliability testing at BluGlass' US facility ahead of product launches. The company anticipates ...
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Seoul Viosys Begins Mass Production of 25Gbps VCSELs for 5G Communication Applications

With the launch of 25Gbps VCSELs, Seoul Viosys is targeting the $1.1B VCSEL market including 5G and data communication application market Seoul Viosys is fully equipped for mass production of VCSELs, with initial approval to supply three major customers Mass production of VCSELs for sensor applications is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2021   ANSAN, South Korea (January 28, 2021) – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a leading compound semiconductor provider, announced that for the first time in Korea, Seoul Vi...
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【Exclusive Interview】OSRAM's Diversified Infrared Sensing to Welcome the Market Demands on Automotive LiDAR, Industrial Automation and Smart City Markets

Alvin Tse, Vice President of Sales of Greater China & Japan, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a leading manufacturer of infrared sensing components in the industry. With its broad portfolio including Infrared-LEDs (IREDs), Edge-Emitting Lasers (EEL) and VCSELs the company addresses applications like advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) like automotive LiDAR or driver monitoring, biometrics and 3D Sensing for consumer electronics as well as industrial automation and many more. . LEDinside / Trend...
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【Exclusive Interview】Laser Components Providing Comprehensive Optoelectronics Product Lines, In Response to High-Resolution Requests in Automotive LiDAR Industry

Laser Components, a company providing comprehensive optoelectronics product lines, including Pulsed Laser Diodes, VCSELs, Si-APD-Array, and CMOS SPAD, for next generation LiDAR, announced cutting-edge advancements and achievements that are moving the sensors industry forward. In response to Automotive LiDAR and Rangefinder market demand, Laser Components has consistently expanded the capacity and successfully developed novel technique year by year. LEDinside / TrendForce was honored to have an exclusive interview with Winfried Reeb, Head of Busine...
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The OSCONIQ® P 3737 high-power LED achieves industry-leading wall plug efficiency of 83.2 % in Hyper Red, enabling unique output levels and cost savings Vegetable, flower, and other growers benefit from a stable photon flux thanks to the Q... READ MORE

New XLamp XFL LEDs are fully specified and optimized for flashlights and other portable lighting applications  Cree LED has just launched the new XLamp® XFL LED family, comprised of three LEDs designed for maximum performance in flash... READ MORE