Macroblock Presents Low Power Consumption LED Display Driver - MBI5035 with Power Saving Up to 35%

In response to the trend of energy saving and environment protection, Macroblock launches the first low power consumption 16-bit LED display driver - MBI5035, which features low knee voltage of 0.2V to reduce power consumption of LED display as well as carbon emissions up to 35%. "To implement the environmental protection concept, Macroblock presents MBI5035.” said Macroblock general manager Robert Chen. “LED display embedded with MBI5035 brings power saving and cost saving to advertisers. Facing with the worldwide rising electricity fees and en...
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LEDinside: Face to Face with Master-level LED Industry Experts

Overview LEDinside is the market research institute specialized for global LED industry. Orgainized by LEDinside, LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly open in Shenzhen On May 27, 2011. Management from well-known LED industry giants of the world will be invited as forum speakers. If you want to learn about Asian LED market trend, business opportunities and how to make it in the competitive LED market, you are sincerely invited to LEDforum 2011. Conference Title: LEDforum China of Internationa...
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Macroblock Introduces High Efficiency Non-Isolated AC / DC LED Driver- MBI6902 for T8 and E27 Applications

Macroblock introduces a new non-isolated, step-down and high efficiency AC / DC LED driver, MBI6902, especially for T8 and E27 lighting applications. The MBI6902 achieves superior efficiency in high brightness LED lighting applications. For example, the efficiency is over 90% when lighting up 6-LEDs @ VAC =110V, 350mA. The MBI6902 is able to drive external MOSFET current up to 3A. In addition, the MBI6902 requires only a few external components. The high efficiency and compact solution of MBI6902 make it most applicable for T8, E27 and general ...
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Macroblock Presents High Efficiency 60V, 1A DC/DC Buck Converter- MBI6661 for LED Street Light, Wall Washer and Tunnel Light

Macroblock introduces a high efficiency 60V, 1A DC/DC buck converter-MBI6661 for LED street light, wall washer and tunnel light applications. MBI6661 accepts wide input voltage range from 9V to 60V and provides up to 97% efficiency. The maximum externally adjustable output current is 1A with ±5% current accuracy. MBI6661 integrates the power switch and is able to drive an array of 10~14 pieces of 1W LEDs by a 52V DC power supply. With hysteretic PFM control scheme, MBI6661 requires no external compensation with better efficiency at light loading...
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Macroblock together with Mirle developed an LED display control system

FPD equipment maker Mirle Automation and LED driver IC designer Macroblock had jointly developed an LED display control system—— Mirle 503. Mirle noted the Mirle 503 had a built-in Macroblock MBI5042 16-channel constant current LED driver with 16-bit PWM (pulse width modulation) control. With the MBI5042, all output channels could be built with 16-bit color depth (65,536 gray scales).
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Macroblock's LED Driver Adopted in LED Displays for China’s 60th National Day Ceremony

China 60th National Day has just come to a spectacular end. The Tiananmen Square in Beijing was beautified by a lot of LED displays with abundant color and uniform brightness expressing the congratulations to the National Birthday. Some of these LED displays were provided by Beijing Leyard Co. and GULX Tech Co. Macroblock also shines in the ceremony with constant current LED drivers adopted in these LED displays.
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Macroblock Adopts Leading Clock Reverse Engine in New RGB LED Driver

Macroblock adopts the leading clock reverse engine in the newly launched 3-channel constant current LED driver, MBI6020, to assure the transmission reliability for LED architectural lighting applications.
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Macroblock’s August Revenues Beefed Up by Rushed Orders for the 2010 World Expo

Spurred by an influx of orders for the 2010 World Expo Shanghai, LED maker Macroblock’s revenues surged 30% MoM to $4.26 million in August; the growth momentum is expected to extend through September. Macroblock’s third quarter revenues is expected to reach $12 million, a QoQ growth of 34%, which is far higher than the previous estimate of 10~15% growth released at the investor’s conference.
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Macroblock Inc. Announces 1H09 Results at Investor Conference

Macroblock, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of LED driver, has released its half-year results of 2009, assessed the business environment, and outlined the business strategy at the investor conference on August 05, 2009. In 2009 half-year financial report, Macroblock reached revenue of NTD553 millions, decreased by 12.4% compared to that of the same period of last year. The consolidated gross profit margin reached 42.8%. The net income was NTD69.8 millions and the earnings after income tax was NTD2.28 per share.
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Macroblock Presents Step-Down and High Efficiency AC - DC LED Controller for LED Lighting Replacement

Macroblock introduces a step-down, non-isolated, and high efficiency AC - DC controller, MBI6901, that can deliver constant current to light up high brightness LED and stabilize the LED lighting system. The MBI6901 is able to drive external MOSFET current up to 3A for T-8 CFL replacement, general illumination and power supply for light panel. The MBI6901 accepts universal AC input from 80VAC to 265VAC and regulates the accuracy of preset output current within ±5% by switching the external MOSFET.
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Interview with Macroblock Chairman, Dr. Li-Chang Yang: 2009 Will be Macroblock’s First Year of Entering the Illumination Market

LEDinside has recently visited Dr. Li-Chang Yang, Chairman of Taiwan’s LED  IC manufacturer Macroblock Tech, to get some knowledge about the current situation on the global LED display (LED advertising screen) market, and the future developing direction of the company.  
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Macroblock Launches New 16-Bit PWM LED Driver with 8-Bit Digital Dot Correction for High-End LED Display

Macroblock launches a new 16-bit PWM LED driver with 8-bit digital dot correction, MBI5040. To provide uniformed LED brightness and accurate LED color for high-end LED display panels, “matched LEDs” are insufficient, and dot correction of each LED pixel becomes necessary. However, it is costly and complex to process dot correction through controllers for the increasing loading of the controllers and the limited control of LED pixels.
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Macroblock Presents High Voltage Constant Current LED Driver For LCD Monitor

Macroblock announced its newly-developed 8-channel and 4-channel constant current LED drivers –MBI1828 and MBI1824, for the application of LCD monitor and high brightness LEDs. Since LED contains no mercury and provides highly directional light source, it is suitable for backlighting applications to provide high brightness. By high voltage process technology, MBI1828 and MBI1824 are designed to light up cascaded LEDs in single channel with high luminance.
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Macroblock Inc. Announces 1st Quarter Results of 2009 at Investor Conference Held by GTSM on April 29, 2009

Macroblock, a leading manufacturer of LED driver, today released its annual results of fiscal year 2008 and the first quarter results of 2009. The gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2009 outperformed that of the same period of last year. In addition, Macroblock also assessed the business environment and outlined the business strategy at the investor conference held by Gre Tai Securities Market (the GTSM) at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei on April 29, 2009.
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Macroblock Introduces A High Efficiency, Constant Current And Step-Down DC/DC Converter- MBI6651

Macroblock introduces a new step-down DC/DC converter, MBI6651, to drive 1A output current with efficiency up to 93%. With merely 0.45ohm of switch ON resistance, MBI6651 reduces the power consumption on IC at rated voltage. Additionally, the internal start-up scheme eliminates the inrush current and limits it within 1.15 times of preset current. Besides, MBI6651 features constant current and provides uniform brightness with excellent output current accuracy up to ±5%(Max.).
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Macroblock Launches A New 40V 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver for LED Architectural Lighting

Macroblock launches a new 40V PWM-embedded 3-channel constant current LED driver, MBI6030, for LED architectural lighting applications. MBI6030 may cascade over 250 RBG LED clusters or large LED pixels at a distance of 2 meters between two clusters or pixels. Moreover, MBI6030 provides 16-bit gray scales at a low clock frequency of 4MHz.
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Macroblock presents its newly LED driver with smart power saving modes for LED traffic sign apps

Taiwan LED driver IC leading provider Macroblock has developed a 16-channel constant current LED driver - MBI5037. The company says the driver with smart power-saving modes and advanced error detection, is especially designed for long use of LED traffic sign applications with power saving up to 99%.
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Macroblock Presents Newly Developed LED Driver with Smart Power Saving Modes for LED Traffic Sign Applications

Taiwan LED driver IC leading provider Macroblock presents its newly developed MBI5037, a 16-channel constant current LED driver with smart power-saving modes and advanced error detection. MBI5037 is especially designed for long use of LED traffic sign applications with power saving up to 99%.
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Taiwan's Macroblock Presents Innovative LED Drivers for Various LED Applications at Electronica 2008

Macroblock, as a LED driver IC manufacturer will continue to showcase its technology breakthroughs realized in the new products for LED display and LED lighting fields at Macroblock booth A5.532 at Electronica 2008 from 11th to 14th November in Munich, Germany.
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