SiliconCore First to Market with Highest Resolution Modular LED Floor

Industry LED technology leaders and innovators of CommonCathode Technology ™, SiliconCore Technology Inc., launched the world’s first durable 1.2mm ultra-fine pixel pitch LED floor display at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas. The SiliconCore High Resolution Modular LED Floor with next generation LISA technology, is a breakthrough for the dvLED display industry, and the only durable 1.2mm floor available for fixed installation, requiring no separate overlay. Viewers could walk directly on the 4' x 7.4' LED floor display which features...
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SiliconCore Technology to Enter Consumer Micro LED Display Market

SiliconCore Technology to Enter Consumer Micro LED Display Market Since 2021, Micro LED display manufacturers including Samsung, Leyard and Ledman have announced that they would bring their developed Micro LED commercial applications to the consumer market. Recently, another business has decided to join them. As a foreign media outlet reported, SiliconCore Technology, a US developer specializing in LED display technologies, launched its Micro LED display solutions during CES 2022 with a focus on the mainstream consumer market for direct view LE...
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SiliconCore Presents 0.83mm MicroLED at ISE

SiliconCore showcased its Lotus 0.83mm technology with a Micro LED display at ISE 2020. The Micro LED display, according to SiliconCore is three times as bright and 50% more power efficient. (Image: SiliconCore) SiliconCore LED displays features lowest power consumption, highest brightness, and lowest operating temperatures. The Lotus 0.83mm LED display with a brightness of 2000 nits surpasses the market with the brightest and most efficient sub-1mm pitch LED display in the world. A 4K resolution display can be achieved at 144-inch with a smooth, touc...
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Harvard Business School Installs Fine Pitch LED Display of SiliconCore

An enormous LED display was installed in Harvard Business School’s newly opened multipurpose auditorium in the campus. With a pixel pitch of 1.9mm, the curved LED display supplied by SiliconCore is 6 meters high and 18.8 meters wide. The new auditorium in Harvard Business School is named Karman Hall and accommodates up to 1,000 people. The LED display was set in the center, providing viewing distances ranging from 5 to 40 meters. (Image: SiliconCore/Harvard Business School) The digital canvas can connected with devices via HDMI and can be fed ...
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SiliconCore Partners TOPCO to Supply Driver ICs for Mini/Micro LED Displays

SiliconCore built a partnership with TOPCON to supply its LED driver IC products for Taiwan-based display manufacturers to meet growing demands in the progressing Micro LED and Mini LED display market. TOPCON will help SiliconCore to deliver its LED driver ICs featured with common cathode solution. Compared with LED displays adopting common anode drivers, the common cathode ICs based LED displays can save energy consumption up to 40 percent with lower surface temperature. The products are suitable for Mini LED and Micro LED display prod...
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【Touch Taiwan 2019】Micro LED and Mini LED Applications Getting Ready for Mass Production

Micro LED and Mini LED technologies and applications created a sensation at Touch Taiwan 2019. Exhibitors from the supply chain presented key materials, components, equipment solutions as well as products applications following the Micro LED and Mini LED waves. eLux and Epileds jointly demonstrate a 12-inch full color Micro LED automotive display. The display adopts Micro LED RGB chip sized 40-50µm by Epileds and active LTPS backplane drive solution, reaching 42 ppi and brightness over 1,000nits. The full color and high contrast display performan...
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【InfoComm 2019】The Market Trends of LED Driver IC for Fine Pitch Displays

With the rising market of fine pitch display, LED driver IC should be equipped with improved energy efficiency and higher integration. During InfoComm 2019, LEDinside interviewed three LED driver IC manufacturers to learn more about their approaches. Macroblock launches series products to tackle main issue of the display market Macroblock focused on three featured LED display driver ICs at InfoComm 2019 targeting live-stage and broadcast applications. Its 16-Channel SRAM LED Display Driver IC, MBI5253, is an upgraded version of MBI5153, w...
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SiliconCore(GZ) Leads the LED Video Wall Industry Stepping into Sub 1mm Era by Authorizing Their Common Cathode Technology Solution

On May 27, 2019, the authorization conference for COMMON Cathode IC of Guangzhou SiliconCore (SiliconCore) was held at Hilton Hotel in Guangzhou. LEDinside, the LED industry research division of TrendForce was honored to have the chance to interview Mr. Eric Li, the President and CEO of Guangzhou SiliconCore on-site. During the conference, Guangzhou SiliconCore demonstrated the latest products of LED display driver IC based on Common Cathode Technology, including SCL8080 series and SCL8081 series. Combined with the control chip develope...
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Tokushima, Japan – 25 January 2023: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is pleased to announce the additions of the NVSW719AC and NVSW219C-V2 to its industry standard ce... READ MORE

Pro9™ LEDs set the new standard for high fidelity (90 & 95 CRI min) LEDs   15% higher efficacy for 90 & 95 CRI LEDs 90 CRI light quality at 80 CRI LPW 95 CRI light quality at 90 CRI LPW Upgrade light quality without sacrific... READ MORE