Illumitex Raises $4 Million in Venture Capital to Accelerate Digital Horticulture

Illumitex Inc., a major manufacturer of horticultural LED fixtures, has received $4 million in equity funding from WP Global Partners and NEA to accelerate the development and deployment of its digital horticulture system. WP Global lead the recent $4 mm round of growth capital. 
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Illumitex Prolongs USDA Grant Program for U.S. Agricultural Entities

LED designer and manufacturer Illumitex today announced the extension and expansion of its popular USDA grant application program.  The program helps customers tap into a $50M grant fund available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The fund, called Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), provides grants to agricultural entities in both rural and urban settings that implement energy-efficiency improvements or a renewable energy system.
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Illumitex Forges Partnership with Indoor Harvest for Indoor Growing Systems

Illumitex is pleased to announce that Indoor Harvest, design-builder of farms for indoor agriculture, has selected Illumitex as the preferred lighting provider for their systems, which are sold to innovative growers around the world. Together, Illumitex and Indoor Harvest will engage in R&D and coordinated business development activities to offer a complete hardware solution for the indoor farming industry, all at the bleeding edge of agricultural science.
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Illumitex to Provide Consultation to Indoor Horticulture Farmers

Illumitex, LED innovator and maker of the world’s most optically advanced lighting products for horticulture, today announced it has launched a new division to further its mission of helping indoor growers become more profitable.
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Large Vertical Farm in Singapore Selects Illumitex as LED Lighting Partner

Illumitex, green tech developer and manufacturer of LED grow light technology, announced initial steps in what is expected to be a long-term partnership with Singapore’s largest vertical farm, Sustenir Agriculture. Sustenir is an innovative indoor farming endeavor that brings much-needed local, fresh produce to the island country in Southeast Asia.
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Nevada-based Cannabis Grower to Purchase LED Grow Lights from Illumitex

Illumitex Inc., LED innovator and maker of the world’s most optically advanced lighting products for horticulture, today announced it has signed a new customer, Green Life Productions (GLP). Based in Nevada, GLP is a pioneer in the organic cannabis cultivation industry. Illumitex’s highly sophisticated lighting technology will enable Green Life Productions to accelerate and maximize sustainable cannabis growth; producing a large yield while using less energy without the use of harmful chemicals.
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Illumitex Helps Customers Tap into $50M USDA Grant Fund

Illumitex, maker of technologically advanced LED grow lights, today announced an initiative to help innovative indoor growers to secure a portion of a $50M grant fund available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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Illumitex Supplies LED Grow Lights to Penn State University for Agricultural Research

Illumitex and The Pennsylvania State University are pleased to announce an educational partnership that has resulted in more than 400 Illumitex Eclipse ES2 LED grow lights being put into service in multiple greenhouses operated by the storied university's College of Agricultural Sciences.
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Illumitex Raises US $16M to Expand Grow Light Sector

 Illumitex announced it has concluded its C1 round of funding, strengthening the company's cash position by US $16 million.
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Horticultural Lighting Industry Veterans Join Illumitex

Illumitex, announced the addition of Paul Hardej and Mathieu van de Sande to its team of horticulture lighting experts.
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PARsource and Illumitex Partner up to Service Greenhouse Industry

LED lighting manufacturer Illumitex today announced that Illumitex and PARsource Lighting of Petaluma, Calif., have formed a partnership to service the commercial greenhouse industry in North America.
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White Paper: Illumitex Advantages in Cannabis Cultivation Technology

Since inception, Illumitex has invested more than US $45 million into the development and commercialization of our innovative LED technology. An expert in the field of optics, company founder and Chief Technology Officer Dung Duong based the design of Illumitex LED optics on basic physics principles, which ensure that the vast majority of the photons being emitted from the LEDs are captured and delivered directly to the cannabis canopy. As a result, the highest level of efficiency and light intensity is achieved in a proprietary and patented LED package. A vertically integrated company, Illumitex manufactures its LED packages in Penang, Malaysia (including robotic die placement, gold wire bonding, phosphor application and optic assembly) and assembles fixtures in Austin, TX.
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Illumitex Announces Partner With Gerard Lighting Group

Illumitex, Inc. announced today that it has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Gerard Lighting Group Limited(ASX:GLG). In addition, GLG has invested $3 million into Illumitex for a small minority interest as part of the LED company’s latest round of private equity financing. Under the strategic agreement, effective immediately, GLG will become the exclusive general lighting integrator and distributor of Illumitex’s innovative LED products in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. “Gerard Lighting’s commitmen...
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Illumitex LEDs Designed for Horticulture Lighting Market

Illumitex recently has developed Surexi LEDs to accelerate plant growth while promoting maximum plant size and vitality. According to Illumitex ,the Surexi is the only LED on the market that includes a custom light spectra in a single LED package, eliminating the colour separation issues inherent in other horticulture LED lighting. Utilising Illumitex’s patented square light pattern and precision beam control, Surexi LEDs produce unrivalled edge-to-edge light uniformity while ensuring all plants receive the same amount of light – leading to more unifo...
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Illumitex’s $13.5 million Investment for LED Lighting

Illumitex has announced to raise $25.23 million in total for LED lighting, and has closed $13.5 million of that. Dan Watkins at DFJ Mercury, and Forest Baskett and Jimmy Treybig at New Enterprise Associates is listed on Illumitex’s filing. New Enterprise Associates and DFJ previously invested in Illumitex. Illumitex develops LED chips and assembles them into modules that will be built into light bulbs and installations. The company is targeting the general lighting market as well as lighting designs that accentuate architectural buildings and lightin...
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LEDs Get Brighter and More Energy-Efficient

Illumitex, a U.S.-based company, says that it is now in beta production of a light-emitting diode (LED) that it claims can brighten PC screens while using less electricity. The company had raised $10.5 million in March in its first round of funding, and is expecting an additional $20 million early in the summer, according to CEO Matt Thomas. The product is expected to reach full production in September.
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