CALI and Zhaga Sign Liaison Agreement to Advance LED Technology Progresses

The China Association of Lighting Industry (CALI) and the Zhaga Consortium (Zhaga) have signed a liaison agreement which entered into force by May 1, 2020. (Image: LEDinside) The two parties said in their joint press release that LED technology has improve radically in the past decade and changed the lighting industry. Dedicating to standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, Zhaga sees the progress and identified areas of mutual interest with CALI. Thus they agreed to structure and strengthen their relationship and to foster closer cooperat...
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Zhaga Transforms LED Driver Specification

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, has published a significantly updated version of its interface specification for LED drivers.
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LED Modules in the Zhaga Spotlight

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing components of LED luminaires, has finalized several new and updated specifications for LED lighting products that are typically used in spotlighting and related applications.
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Zhaga Releases Book 12 on COB LED Arrays

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing LED lighting components, has published its eagerly-awaited specification on chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays. The specification, known as Zhaga Book 12, can be downloaded from the Zhaga website (//www.zhagastandard.org/books/book12).
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Zhaga Releases Book 13 for Standardized LED Drivers

The Zhaga Consortium has published a new specification for LED drivers that are used in combination with separate LED modules. The introduction of standardized form-factors for LED drivers is expected to bring significant benefits for LED luminaire makers, including enhanced second-sourcing options and the ability to interchange different LED modules and drivers independently.
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Zhaga Releases New Editions of Book 1 and Book 7

Zhaga has published the latest editions of Book 1 and Book 7, two of the approved Zhaga specifications.
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Seven Challenges Lighting Designers Face when Using LEDs

Do LED lights always live up to manufacturers label claims in real-life applications? Not all the time, according to James Wallace, Principal and Design Director of Light Plan and Director of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA). Speaking at a presentation at 2014 Taiwan Solid State Lighting Forum organized by Industrial Technology Research Institute at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on March 20, 2014, Wallace highlighted seven obstacles lighting designers still face when using LEDs as a light source.
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Zhaga Publishes Book 7 and Book 8 Interface Specifications for LED Light Engines

Two more interface specifications for LED light engines have been published by the Zhaga Consortium. Zhaga is an international organization that is enabling the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers.
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Everlight to Host Zhaga Consortium this November

The Zhaga consortium, an international organization for industry standards for interchangeable LEDs, is once again coming to Taiwan. This time Everlight will be hosting the international conference
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Samsung Introduces Zhaga-Compliant LED Linear Modules With Highest Efficacy

Samsung announced the introduction of a new lineup of Zhaga-compliant LED H-Series linear modules that feature extremely high efficacy, as well as excellent light quality, and color consistency for use in a wide range of LED lighting applications including ambient lighting and linear fixtures. “Our new Zhaga-compliant H-Series is well suited to be used in a variety of high performance light fixtures,” said Jaap Schlejen, senior vice president, LED lighting sales and marketing, Device Solutions Division, Samsung Electronics. “This leading-edge LE...
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Zhaga Consortium Publishes Book 2 Interface Specification for LED Light Engines

Zhaga has published its second interface specification, as part of its mission to enable the interchangeability of LED light sources. Products carrying the Zhaga logo are already available from various manufacturers.   The Zhaga Consortium has published its second interface specification for LED light engines. Zhaga Interface Specification Book 2 can now be downloaded from the organization’s website (//www.zhagastandard.org/specifications/book-2.html). In addition, Zhaga has created a database of certified products, which are all commercially available. T...
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The Zhaga consortium publishes Book 3, the first of seven interface specifications for LED light engines

Zhaga has made the interface specification ‘Book 3’ publicly available as free download from its website (zhagastandard.org). Book 3 defines the interface for a small, round, LED light engine suitable for spot lighting and other applications that need a point light source. Zhaga specifications start their life as confidential documents, available only to the more than 270 members of the Zhaga consortium. Zhaga makes a specification publicly available when the first products that implement that specification have entered the market. As of today, 32 LED light engine...
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Edison Opto introduces the ultra-high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series, and sets up a high standard among the LED industry

Due to the rise of environmental consciousness and the increase in electricity tariff, the LED lighting market is getting active. Edison Opto, a Taiwanese leading lighting manufacturer in high power LED market, has been developing the products which fit the market demand and environment protection actively since their establishment. Recently, Edison Opto has successfully developed the high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series, and showed their sophisticated R&D capability. The Edixeon C Series are available in cool white and warm white. Featuring...
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Edison Opto Joins Zhaga Consortium and Introduces the EdiLex Linear Series (Strip and Area Lighting) Module

Zhaga is an industry-wide collaboration between companies from across the globe. Many international lighting manufactures have joined Zhaga. In order to maintain the leading position, Edison Opto, a Taiwanese leading lighting manufacturer in high power LED market, joins Zhaga consortium and develops the products which fit the market demand and environment protection actively. Edison Opto has successfully developed the EdiLex Linear Series (Strip and Area Lighting) Module which is referred to the specifications of Zhaga. EdiLex Linear Series (Strip and Area Lighti...
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Luger Research announces new partnership with Zhaga

Luger Research has signed a contract with the general secretary of the Zhaga Consortium, Mr. Menno Treffers for the exclusive publishing rights of 7 articles put together by the consortium. The articles will be published in the LED professional Review #33 (LpR) and will be available in this form the 7th of September, 2012 worldwide through this channel. The Zhaga consortium is engaged in the standardization of LED light engines. To enable interchangeability of LED light engines, Zhaga has created specifications for LED light engines covering several interfaces ...
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Lustrous Zhaga products was accredited certification from UL

As the industry- leading brand of high Power COB LED manufacturer in Taiwan, Lustrous Technology Ltd., (4997TW) recently announced their Zhaga series products were accredited certification from UL in June, marks as the pilot of LED lighting industry in Asia Pacific region.   Considering Zhaga light engine is the future mainstream in LED lighting industry, In July 2010, Lustrous was registered as the first Taiwan regular member of Zhaga Consortium, investing great efforts and resources in developing Zhaga light engine products. This June, they proud...
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Taiwan Lustrous Technology, Asia’s First LED Maker to Win UL-Certified Zhaga Light Engine Certification

Taiwan Lustrous Technology has received Asia’s first Underwriters Laboratories-Certified Zhaga-compliant light engine certification. The company’s chairman, J.C. Liu, pointed out that Zhaga standards are very important to LED light engines and the company’s products conform to Zhaga Book3 standard, which regulates light engine’s mechanism and light uniformity. In addition, the company much stresses Zhaga compliance of its products and hopes to offer lighting-fixture manufacturers optimal solutions and services with Zhaga-complaint engines. U...
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The Latest LED Products of Edison Opto attracted customers' attention at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012

The world's biggest lighting exhibition—17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 was held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China from 9 to 12 June, 2012. This year, the organizer established an Asian LED exhibition area and attracted more than 1800 exhibitors to showcase their products. The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition offered a world class industry platform where visitors and exhibitors can gain a comprehensive overview of LED development in both the Asian and global lighting. Edison Opto, a Taiwane...
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For interchangeable LED light sources around the world: Zhaga at the largest lighting exhibition in Asia

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is the third stop of the global tour – seven members will exhibit Zhaga-compliant innovations First Europe, then North America and now Asia! After Light+Building in Frankfurt and the International Lightfair in Las Vegas, Zhaga has added another premium international event to its tour schedule – the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. From 9th to 12th June 2012 seven members of the global consortium will present Zhaga-compliant innovative new products at Asia’s largest lighting exhibition...
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Cooper Lighting Creates World's First Zhaga Certified LED Recessed Luminaire

Cooper Lighting has claimed to create IRiS™ Lighting Systems P3LED directional series, the World's First Zhaga Certified LED Recessed Luminaire. Developed for demanding commercial and residential applications, the P3LED 3-inch aperture LED recessed series combines the flexibility of interchangeable optics with energy savings, long life and the sustainability of LED. The P3LED's unique design allows the light distribution to be modified during construction or years later by changing out the optical elements (trims), which are available in d...
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LightFair International 2012 Report III: GE Lighting Released Zhaga Standard LED Module and 100W Equivalent LED Bulb

At LightFair International 2012 in Las Vegas, LEDinside visited U.S. lighting giant GE Lighting’s pavilion to see the company’s latest endeavors in LED commercial lighting fixtures, LED light bulbs and LED modules. GE’s 100W Equivalent LED Bulb GE Lighting’s GE Energy Smart 27-watt LED bulb (an equivalent to 100W incandescent light bulb) was developed in the company’s East Cleveland, Ohio LED lab. The LED bulb, according to GE Lighting, incorporates proprietary synthetic jet technology that was enab...
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Epistar’s Lee Estimates Zhaga Standards to Make LED Lamps Popular in 2015

Several Zhaga-standardized engines were released at the Light+Building 2012 fair held in early April in Frankfurt, Germany. As a member, Taiwan Epistar’s Chairman B.J. Lee thought that interface standards that Zhaga Consortium, which consists of over 195 individual LED companies around the world, is working on for LED light engines will make LED lamps prevalent in three years. In Lee’s opinion, architects have been loath to design LED lighting fixtures into their works all because of the inconsistent interface specifications among LED light eng...
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Zhaga Members will Showcase First, Interchangeable LED Light Sources at 2012 Light+Building in Frankfurt

Zhaga is a global consortium of companies from the international lighting industry. Members are luminaire manufacturers, LED module makers, material and lighting component suppliers as well as service providers like laboratories. Zhaga is dedicated to making LED light engines interchangeable through standardized LED module interfaces. Since its establishment in February 2010, Zhaga has grown rapidly and today has over 180 members. The following contains a listing of our current members. The companies with booth numbers have indicated to Zhaga that they plan to display Zhag...
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Zhaga's debut at Light+Building 2012

Zhaga members show the first Zhaga-compliant, interchangeable LED modules at Light+Building 2012 The international lighting industry has so far lacked clear guidelines to ensure the interchangeability of LED modules made by different manufacturers. With Zhaga that is now changing. Since its foundation in February 2010, the consortium has developed specifications for LED module interfaces. These interfaces enable easy LED module integration into luminaire designs and reduce overall system design cost. At Light+Building 2012, from 15 to 20 April in Frankfurt am M...
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