Meet the Creators of High Brightness and Yellow LED | LEDforum 2011 Taipei

LEDforum, an annual and the largest LED conference in Taiwan, will again bring together the leading manufacturers, materials and component suppliers, technology innovators, and the lighting community. Analysts from LEDinside will share the latest reports on global LED market: both industry trends and market intelligence.
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Pinpoint the Key LED Market Strategies | LEDforum 2011 Taipei

On the 2nd day of LEDforum, LEDinside will conduct a panel discussion on the strategies to enhance product competitiveness in an oversupplied LED market. The discussion will be led by Vice President & General Director of Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Yi-Jen Chan, Ph.D., panelists includes Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director Asia from Philips Lumileds, Ilkan Cokgor, Ph.D., Vice President of Global Marketing from Everlight, Gary S. Sheu Ph.D., the President from Genesis Photonics Inc. and Vincent Cheng, the Associate Vice President of Lighting Business Division from Lextar Electronics. 
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"LEDforum 2011 Taipei" Deciphers the 2012 LED Market Outlook with LEDinside Intelligence

LEDforum, an annual and the largest LED conference in Taiwan, will again bring together the leading manufacturers, materials and component suppliers, technology innovators, and the lighting community. Come and meet the representing elites from Aixtron, Delta, Epistar, Everlight, Henkel, KLA-Tencor, Merck, OSRAM, Philips Lumileds, ULVAC, Veeco and Yunfeng. Don't miss your opportunity to network and learn from this international gathering event.
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Epistar Strengthened Market Position in China: Epicrystal’s Changzhou Plant Inaugurated

Recently, a plant of Epicrystal, a subsidiary of Taiwanese LED maker Epistar, in Changzhou, Jiangsu was officially inaugurated, underlying Epistar’s endeavor of making inroads into the Chinese market. The inauguration ceremony of Epicrystal Mr. Biing-Jye Lee, the Chairman of Epistar, addressed the audience. Mr. Biing-jye Lee, the Chairman of Epistar, indicated that the successful inauguration of the new plant attributed to the support from shareholders and the government. He hoped that Epicrystal’s new products are able to meet the market&r...
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Download LEDinside APP for your iPhone/Android Device Now!

IPhone/Android users are in for great news. LEDinside have released an iPhone version of LEDinside APP, helping you keep track on the changing LED industry.
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TrendForce‭: ‬Ultrabooks to Stimulate‭ ‬Key Component Market, Notebook LED Demand to Be Determined‭, ‬Competition Heightened

Ultrabooks are set to take the‭ ‬market by storm‭, ‬gradually taking a piece of the‭ ‬traditional notebook market and providing‭ ‬new momentum for the entire IT industry‭. ‬According to‭ ‬market research firm TrendForce‭, ‬chip giant Intel is leading the ultrabook revolution in 2011‭, ‬with the MacBook Air‭ ‬dominated‭, ‬ultra thin and light notebook market as their goal‭. ‬The birth of ultrabooks is expected to benefit many different industries‭, ‬and will hopefully sweep away the‭ ‬clouds of tablet PC popularity and global economic factors currently l...
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LEDinside: LED Light Bulbs Evaluation (40W Incandescent Light Bulbs)- Luminous Flux

LEDinside: Luminous Flux is Key to LED Light Bulbs’ Replacement of 40W Incandescent Light Bulbs Currently descriptions of many LED light bulbs on the market indicate that they are able to replace the 40W incandescent light bulbs, but are they really able to replace incandescent light bulbs in terms of luminous flux? Based on the comparative survey of LEDinside, luminous flux is a key factor. The luminous efficacy of traditional light sources like incandescent bulbs is approximately 11-12 l/W. In other words, to truly replace a 40W incandescent light bul...
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Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2011 Series II: International Major Manufacturers Invest in Mature LED Plant Growth Light Market

Aside from regular LED lighting applications, the spotlight of Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2011 mostly shone on LED plant growth light. After the establishment of Philips’s plant factory, Osram has also invested in the LED plant growth light market. In addition, the establishment of plant factory is one of the focuses of China’s 12th five-year plan; the Japanese government established 100 plant factories after the strike of earthquake. Manufacturers of Taiwan, the second largest LED manufacturing country in the world, are surely taking initiatives in gain...
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Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2011 – Special Lighting Applications of Taiwanese Makers Propel Prospects

The Spotlight of Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2011 Shines at Special LED Lighting Applications According to LEDinside's survey , as the efficiency of white light LED improves, major manufacturers have been trying to make their ways into the promising LED lighting market, where the competition is intense: Everlight has begun developing lighting products for cosmetic surgery; Energyled Corporation has great success in the low-temperature lighting sector; ALT, Simon-Tech and Fong Kai have been making their into the grow light market. With the existing edg...
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LEDforum Shanghai 2011 Concluded with Phenomenal Success; Renowned Speakers Shed light on the Latest Industry Trends

  LEDforum Shanghai 2011 commenced at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai on July 6 and 7, 2011 with a full house. Higher executives of the world’s leading companies presented in-depth analysis of the LED market and cutting-edge report on the future development of LED Industry. In addition, the analyst of LEDinside released the latest research of the trend of global LED market and industry report, which were one of the highlights at this year’s forum. The first day of LEDforum Shanghai 2011 began with the opening spe...
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The Second Day of LEDforum Shanghai Received a Huge Success; Spotlight Shined on LED Applications

The second day of LEDforum Shanghai began with a welcome speech addressed by C.L. Liu, Ph.D., the Chairman of TrendForce. Afterward, Jocelyn Chen, the Vice President of Marketing of TrendForce, gave a comprehensive presentation with assorted data and charts, in which she used the advanced development and the high penetration rate of LED in Japan as an example to elaborate the importance of LED and relevant technologies.                        &nb...
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LEDforum Shanghai Commenced with a Full House; In-Depth Market Analysis Attracted Wide Attention

Today, LEDforum Shanghai 2011 commenced at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai with a full house. Executives of the world’s leading companies not only presented the latest and highly relevant information regarding product designs, technologies, end-market applications, market trend of the LED industry, but also provided an in-depth analysis and a cutting-edge report on the global LED industry. Today was the first day of LEDforum Shanghai 2011, which consisted of the opening ceremony including major manufacturers around the world, the keynote speech, and a complete an...
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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Xiaoning Lin, Deputy General Manager of Unilumin: LED Display Giant Makes Successful Performance in LED Lighting

The late Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011 won supports from 2, 600 enterprises, including ESTO Lighting (Australia), General Electric (US), Osram (Germany), Philips (Holland), QSSI (US), Reggiani (Italy) and received visitors and exhibitor groups from Korea, Japan, Singapore, UK and the US. During the exhibition, LEDinside was honored to interview Mr. Xiaoning Lin, Deputy General Manager of Unilumin Technology Co. Ltd, who introduced their unique market strategy and sales channels which had led the Unilumin’s sales growth...
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Exclusive Interview with Mr.Zhijiang Sun:Focus Lightings Adopts High-speed Strategy to Advance into White LED Applications Market

In recent years, China has seen the expansion of LED chip market and been gradually raising self-manufacturing degree. Meanwhile, the LED package industry, which is already widely established in China to a considerable scale, has also achieved a lot in LED lighting of commercial and residential space besides public space. LEDinside predicts that China’s lighting market will show more remarkable growth in public space and road lighting market along with the second implementation of “10,000 lights in 1,000 cities” project and incentive measures. As for the g...
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2011—2015 China LED lighting market size and trends report

In recent years Chinese mainland LED industry is developing rapidly.LED application has been used in great expansive area, especially in backlighting and lighting fuction. Despite a large scale downstream LED industry manufactures are mostly producing TV-backlighting products. As the result of extra huge scale of China potential LED lighting market, more and more big manufactures which were sensitive to market trend has began to regard the Chinese LED lighting to a “big tasty cake”. In the mean while in recent year the LED lighting cost has been decline...
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LEDinside: LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly Open on Friday

Organized by LEDinside, LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly open in Shenzhen on May 27, 2011. Conference Title: LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications Organizer:  LEDinside Date:May 27, 2011 Time:9:30 A.M.-4:20 P.M. Venue:Sydney Room, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Speaker Profile LEDinside has invited heavyweights throughout the LED industry from home and abroad as our speakers, including D...
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The Fifth Green Lighting Shanghai Expo and Forum 2011

Sponsored by Delta Electronics and co-organized by EnergyTrend and LEDinside, the thematic session A, featuring green building applications, came to an end with remarkable exchange of industry insights and tremendous success on May 11 at Green Lighting Shanghai 2011.
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LEDinside: Face to Face with Master-level LED Industry Experts

Overview LEDinside is the market research institute specialized for global LED industry. Orgainized by LEDinside, LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly open in Shenzhen On May 27, 2011. Management from well-known LED industry giants of the world will be invited as forum speakers. If you want to learn about Asian LED market trend, business opportunities and how to make it in the competitive LED market, you are sincerely invited to LEDforum 2011. Conference Title: LEDforum China of Internationa...
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LEDinside & EnergyTrend to Bring a Thematic Session on Green Energy at Green Lighting Shanghai 2011

EnergyTrend and LEDinside will be co-organizing a one-day workshop at Green Lighting Shanghai 2011, addressing innovative approaches to energy utilization of green buildings, on May 11. As developing countries race to pursue high economic growth, the world’s dependence on petroleum has never been higher. Urbanization trend in China has also put great pressure on the eco-system, it takes energy saving devices, more efficient energy storage systems and alternative energy sources altogether to mitigate ever increasing energy needs.
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LEDforum 2011 - LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications

LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly open on May 27, 2011, at Sydney Room, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China. Conference title: LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications Organizer: LEDinside Date : May 27, 2011 Time : 9:00 a.m – 4:20 p.m Venue : Sydney Room, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Overview Coincided with the 12th Five Year Plan of Chin...
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LEDinside: LEDforum2011 ShenZhen be Grandly Open on May 27

Sponsored by LEDinside ,  LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly open on May 27, 2011, at Sydney Room, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, which will be helpful for you to master industry situation, learn about market trend and seize more business opportunities. The global LED industry heavyweights ,including LEDinside chairman LIU, CL, Sc. D., top leaders of Philips, Veeco, Osram, Macroblock and other industry giants, and senior staffs from professional LED t...
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LEDinside: The Effects Caused by the Earthquake in Northeast Japan to LED Industry are Limited

LEDinside points out due to the fact that, unlike semiconductor manufacturing process, the manufacturing process in LED industry is mostly regarding chemical reactions and is shockproof, the effects caused by the earthquake are limited. The two leading LED manufacturers in Japan – Nichia and Toyoda Gosei are far from the disaster area in northeast Japan. According to LEDinside’s inquiry at these two manufacturers, not much damage has been done. SDK’s LED production line is located in Chiba, where whether the power blackouts and power cuts affect the production line is still waited to be confirmed. 
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LEDinside: Dramatic Demand Decline Pulls Down the LED Price in Q310, Down Pressure Expected to Exist in Q4

LEDinside, the LED industry research institute has released its latest LED price trend report, showing that the LED price plummeted sharply in Q3 2010 due to the sudden decline in the LED application demand including inventory adjustment resulting from less-than-expected large-size panel demand and sluggish lighting application demand.  The LED price for large-size panel application fell around 11-16% while the high power LED for lighting application slumped more than 17%. As for the mobile application, LED price kept roughly flat with about 3-4% seasonal erosion thanks to the relatively stable demand.
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Inventory Preparation for Christmas Hot Season to Help Reviving LED Industry

Based on the industry researcher LEDinside's analysis and statistics, in August 2010, listed LED manufacturers in Taiwan reported total revenue of NTD 10.593 billion, posting a 2.4% decline, compared with revenue of NTD 10.853 billion in July and a rise of 64% YoY. The revenue for LED chip manufacturers in August reached NTD 4.89 billion, down by 1.6% from July. The revenue for LED package manufacturers in August amounted to NTD 5.70 billion, down by 3% from July. The constant increasing momentum in revenue for nearly half a year ended in August in the LED industry.
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LEDinside: 2010 Report on China's LED Chip

LED industry has become one of today’s most promising industries because LED is energy-saving, environment-friendly and long-lasting. In China, the LED industry has attracted great attention from Chinese governments and private investors. China’s LED chip industry has received a huge investment from 2009 to 2010.
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LEDinside: China Plans to Increase over 1200 MOCVDs - Special Report on China’s LED Chip Industry(3)

According to LEDinside’s latest Report on China’s LED Chip Industry in 2010, China has planned to introduce over 1200 MOCVDs and more than 300 units will be added in 2010.
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Record High Revenue for July Generated by Upstream LED Chip Manufacturers; Panel Inventory Adjustment to Influence the Performance of Package Manufacturers

Based on the industry researcher LEDinside’s analysis and statistics, in July this year, listed LED manufacturers in Taiwan have total revenue of 10.853 billion NTD, a 2.7% growth compared with June revenue of 10.56 billion NTD and 80% rise YoY. The revenue for LED chip manufacturers in July reached 4.97 billion NTD, up 7.6% from June. The revenue for LED package manufacturers in July amounted to 5.88 billion NTD, down 1.1% from June.
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LEDinside: Concerns of high LED inventory; Japan’s orders will spur the next wave of LED industry growth

Recently, panel manufacturers have been concerned about the excess inventory, triggering uncertainty toward demand for LED TV backlight. LEDinside’s survey showed that Korean panel vendors have started to save LED inventory since the end of 2009. Therefore, when facing the slack season, they hit the brake for LED procurement in advance. Taiwan-based panel manufacturers have formally adopted large quantities of LED backlight products; AUO is the fastest of all at this stage, creating short supply for its LED plant Lextar.  
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LEDinside: Limited LED Price Decline in Q3 under Continuous Demand for Large-size Backlight Application

LEDinside, a research division of Trendforce Corp., has made the latest price trend report, pointing out that the LED price for backlight application remained stable in Q2 due to a robust demand and shortage of upstream materials. It predicts that there should be limited pressure to lower the price in Q3 as the supply of LED materials gradually stabilizes and large-size backlight application demand continues.
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LUXEON Core, CX, and the new CS CoB board sizes are supported by industry-standard holders and optics San Jose, CA – Though there are many standards in the LED industry, the footprint or board size for CoBs is not one of them. Over the y... READ MORE

Higher max current & more color options for Cree LED’s smallest XLamp package The XLamp® XQ-E LEDs are available in two versions: high density and high intensity. The XQ-E High Density LED enables lighting manufacturers to signif... READ MORE