BluGlass demonstrates feasible reliability of laser diodes

Highlights • BluGlass has demonstrated feasible reliability of its gallium nitride laser diodes o Lasers have passed 500 hours of continuous operation with stable optical and electrical performance • Reliability feasibility is a critical milestone needed for beta production and product launches • Key technical milestone enables BluGlass to increase engagement with potential customers Global semiconductor developer BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) advises its gallium nitride (GaN) laser diodes have achieved feasible reliability, successfully demonstrati...
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BluGlass ships first prototype products

  First laser diode product prototypes shipped to initial customer as part of product development process to gain valuable customer feedback Fully packaged 405nm and 420nm multi-mode products to be evaluated within new customer designs and applications Australian semiconductor developer BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) has shipped its first fully packaged laser diode prototypes to its initial customer. BluGlass’ 405nm and 420nm alpha products will be integrated and tested by the customer within their new product design and development cycles. An alpha ...
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BluGlass acquiring US laser fab for $2.5m

BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia – which has developed proprietary low-temperature, low-hydrogen remote-plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) technology for manufacturing devices such as laser diodes, next-generation LEDs and micro-LEDs – has agreed to acquire the lease on a commercial 19,000ft2 purpose-built laser diode production facility in Silicon Valley (Fremont, CA, USA) plus manufacturing equipment for US$2.5m (US$2.5m comprising US$2m cash and US$500,000 of new BluGlass shares). The acquisition should fast-track BluGlass&rsquo...
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BluGlass Demonstrates World First RPCVD Tunnel Junction LD

Key points BluGlass demonstrates proof-of-concept milestone with world-first RPCVD tunnel junction laser diodes Utilising BluGlass’ proprietary RPCVD and tunnel junction technologies, the novel dual-n-wave laser diode offers significant future performance advantages Demonstrating good lasing behaviour as uncoated, unpackaged devices Standard (MOCVD) laser diode product development continues to focus on solving reliability and improving downstream production ahead of commercial product launches BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG...
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BluGlass Now Funded Through To First Commercial Orders

BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia – which develops low-temperature, low-hydrogen remote-plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) technology for manufacturing devices such as laser diodes, next-generation LEDs and micro-LEDs – has provided an update for the June quarter, highlighting (i) its prototype 420nm laser diode products meeting commercial specifications in light output and wavelength (while th firm works with expert fabrication specialists to resolve reliability issues); raising $8.42m via an oversubscribed entitlement offer and placements; and laser ...
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BluGlass Updates Its Progress on Micro LED Technology

Australia-based BluGlass updated its business operation recently, presenting its developments in its direct-to-market Laser Diode business unit (launched October 2019) and recent progress on its Micro LED and LED programs. (Image: Pixabay) BluGlass has processed new RPCVD tunnel junction laser diode test structures which replaces the heavily lossy and resistive p-AlGaN cladding layers needed in standard laser diodes, paving the way for laser diodes improvement with reduced optical loss. The BluGlass US based Test Facility is on track for completion and f...
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X-Celeprint Adopts BluGlass’ RPCVD p-GaN to Achieve Micro LED Display Prototypes

Australian semiconductor technology developer, BluGlass, announced that its Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) p-GaN technology has been adopted by X-Celeprint, a micro-transfer printing company, to develop Micro LED display prototypes. By implementing BluGlass’s RPCVD p-GaN technology, X-Celeprint’s active matrix Micro LED displays demonstrated good luminance with color uniformity, quantum efficiency and forward voltage that equal current high-performance commercial applications of 2000 nits. (Image: X-Celeprint/BluG...
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BluGlass Demos Huge Improvement to p-GaN Light Output

Australian Cleantech innovator, BluGlass Limited, has announced today that it has been successful in demonstrating the best ever p-GaN light output using its propriety technology, Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) on an MOCVD partial LED structure. This result is greater than a 10 fold improvement in LED efficiency over the first p-GaN demonstration data published by the company in December 2012, when the same measuring methodology is applied. 
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BluGlass Utilizes RPCVD Process to Develop p-type GaN Layers for LEDs

BluGlass has utilized its low temperature RPCVD process to develop p-type GaN, an essential material that make up the top layers of a nitride LED.   Preliminary testing has been carried out on the sample using a 0.5mm diameter size p-type indium contact. The light output was measured with a UV-detector positioned under the wafer calibrated at the wavelength of the light emission. At 20mA and 4.7V, the light output was 270µW (light emission at 458nm with a full width half maximum of 19nm) At 50mA and 5.5V, the light output was 1.23mW (light emission ...
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BluGlass Receives US Granted Patent for RPCVD LED

The Sydney based clean-tech innovator BluGlass’s patent US2008272463, "Method and apparatus for growing a group (III) metal nitride film" has now been allowed in the U.S. This patent brings its international patent portfolio up to 16 granted patents in key semiconductor markets including the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea and China. These patents help to provide the company with broad protection of its Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) technology and underpin the commercial opportunities for BluGlass in the production of high e...
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BluGlass Signs License Agreements with BLK of Korea

BluGlass Limited recently announced that it has signed a term sheet outlining the material, terms and conditions to be encompassed in an Exclusive Sales and Marketing License Agreement with BLK CO., LTD (BLK) of Korea. This term sheet is a significant advancement in the commercialization of BluGlass and marks the first steps towards a full customer agreement.
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Itochu Plastics wins sole rights to market BluGlass’s GaN in Japan

Energy efficient lighting pioneer BluGlass Ltd and Itochu Plastics Inc. (CIPS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese trading company Itochu Corp. have signed a sales and distribution agreement. That means CIPS has won the sole rights to market BluGlass’s gallium nitride (GaN)-based LED manufacturing technology in Japan.
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