Best Moments of LEDforum 2013: LED Lighting Enjoys Enormous Prospect

LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, jointly organized "LEDforum 2013 China International LED market trend Summit Forum" with Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The LEDforum 2013 was grandly opened at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8 on June 11, 2013. Many distinguished guests from LED industry participated in this forum, and there were more than one thousand of attendees, which is unprecedented, and thus it is obvious that this forum occupies a significant position in the LED industry. ...
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LEDforum 2013 Successfully Ends in Guangzhou with One Thousand of Attendees to Discuss the Future of LED Industry

"LEDforum 2013 China International LED market trend Summit Forum" grandly opened at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8 on June 11, 2013. The LEDforum 2013 was organized by LEDinside and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Many distinguished guests from LED industry participated in this forum, more than one thousand people attended this forum, unprecedented, and thus it is obvious that this forum occupies a significant position in the LED industry. The seminar mainly discussed the market trends and...
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LED Commercial and Architectural Lighting Attracts the Eyes of Visitors to the 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the global second largest and Asia's first largest International Lighting Fair, opened at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex on June 9-12, which was organized by Messe Frankfurt and Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd. More than 2,600 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions showcased LED lighting technology and products on the exhibition area of 220,000 square meters. In addition, Guangzhou International Electrical Building Technology Exhibition and Guangzhou International Photoelec...
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Merck at LOPE-C 2013: Unlocking the future with experience and pioneering spirit

Merck will be presenting its trendsetting portfolio of organic electronic materials at LOPE-C 2013 in Munich from June 11 to 13. One highlight will be the latest highly processable organic semiconductors marketed under the lisicon brand.  For more than a decade Merck has been spurring the rapid expansion of the Printed Electronics market with consistent innovation. Today Merck is accelerating the progress of futuristic display concepts with the latest developments in its lisicon portfolio. The new generation of polymeric organic semiconductors with mobility values exceeding 1cm2/Vs enable a performance approximately twice that of amorphous silicon and allow for dramatic improvements in process windows
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The 24th edition of LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®) set new all-time attendance and trade show records for its five-day run in Philadelphia April 21-25, according to Jeffrey L. Portman, Sr., president and chief operating officer of LFI managing partner AMC, Inc. The LFI 2013 trade show floor covered a record 233,850 net square feet and spotlighted 538 exhibitors, including 91 first-time exhibiting companies and 90 manufacturers headquartered outside the U.S. Attendance broke all previous records with 26,026 professional attendees registered.&nb...
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Information about LIGHTING Japan 2014

This is Machiko Aikawa of LIGHTING JAPAN Show Management. As you are aware, with diffusion of LED lightings, lighting control becomes key technology.   We, therefore, have launched "Lighting Control System Zone" inside LIGHTING JAPAN 2014. LIGHTING JAPAN gathers 1st-class exhibitors with high technologies every year.   If you produce/deal with below products/technologies/solutions, why not participate and showcase them.
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LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 Celebrates Innovative Products and Design in Philadelphia

April 23, 2013, the 24th edition of LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®), the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, opened at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Thousands of attendees flooded the largest trade show floor in LFI history ready to experience the technologies and innovations that will define the future. At LIGHTFAIR International 2013, the world’s top designers, specifiers, engineers, architects, consultants and other industry professionals converge to discover all that is ...
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The leading European LED technology event in the lighting industry presents an extended program for 2013

LED/OLED leading convention-trade show with 45 expert lectures, 5 workshops, 2 tech panels, 1 light art project, 80 exhibitors, 2,000 m² of exhibition space and over 1,000 expected visitors. Dornbirn, April 18th, 2013 -- The LpS light convention-trade show opens its doors for the third year in a row in Bregenz, Austria, together with internationally renowned exhibitors and speakers and leading light industry organizations from around the world (LightingEurope, Zhaga, Assodel, EPIC, ISA, PIDA and LED Light for you). The president of LightingEurope ...
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Innovative designs and energy-saving lighting products draw attention, the first “Small-Order Zone” to gather orders-2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) Broadcast II

 The 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) was held by HKTDC at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for four consecutive days. This grand exposition has gathered more than 1,000 exhibitors from 12 different countries, and it was also the first time for exhibitors from Finland, Greece, India, Macau and the UK to participate in this exposition.  The two new exhibitions at this year’s lighting fair--“Hall of Display World” and “World of Chandeliers” provided buyers with more options and enabled them to find more suitable products and suppliers.
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A Few Exhibition Highlights from the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring edition 2013) Boardcast I

 One of the great pleasures of attending an exhibition as large as the 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is discovering exhibitors who are able to separate themselves from the crowd. The 1019 manufacturers who turned up this year come from a total of 12 different countries, specialize in a wide variety of different lighting fields, and promote products that not only fulfill distinct purposes, but also possess unique and memorable attributes.   In no particular order, below are a number of interesting exhibitors and highlights that have made relatively strong impressions throughout the Hong Kong lighting event: ......
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Five Noteworthy Trends from the 2013 Taiwan International Lighting Show

The Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) opened on March 26, 2013, and as expected attracted hordes of casual visitors, LED professionals, and international buyers. While a myriad of different lighting items—from the basic component drivers to the colorful, flashy display boards–had been featured, a good portion of the exhibition appeared to be dominated by products utilizing LED technology. Anyone hoping to get a sense of where Taiwan's LED market is currently headed, along with those who simply want to understand more about LED components, designs and applications, should find TILS 2013 to be a particularly worthwhile experience.   While walking through many areas of the lighting exhibition, we had spotted a number of trends that reflect existing as well as developing movements within the LED industry. Below are five particularly noteworthy ones that stood out at TILS 2013:......
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For consumer rights and LED bulb product guarantee, Taiwan promotes “LED Bulb easy to read labeling label”

Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI),Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA) , and Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA), on March 26th at Taiwan’s Lighting Technology Exhibition announced that Taiwan domestic market will be the first to promote “LED easy to read labeling” label. With easy to read design and numbers, the four most important targets for the LED bulb products are easily shown, which include color temperature, luminous flux, color rendering index, and luminous efficiency, supplying consumers with clear and simple reference material when buying LED bulbs.  This is for LED bulb product guarantee, and also to ensure consumer rights.  Among these, LED bulb product and lighting leading manufacturers Delta Electronics, Everlight, China Electric and other company supported outside packaging usage of these labels.
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Light Fair Japan 2013 Summary: OLED lighting Achieves Full Ramp – Up, but Facing a Challenge

Author/Photo:Noriko Ishida  From “pursuing brilliance” to  “new light technology providing a unique value.”  The use of LED and organic EL lighting technology welcomes a transition period. During the Light Fair held in Tokyo during March 5th through the 8th in 2012, the introduction of new lighting technology possibilities was the most popular showcase. Before 2012, many showcases’s light rays still had a bit of a glare, but in 2013 the conference hall instead had a tranquil and happy atmosphere. The lighting market is quickly expanding, with the pursuit in lighting no longer only on brightness, but on using soft light rays to construct a comfortable environment and open space.  This years exhibition’s biggest distinguishing feature is the increase in number of organic EL light showcases. The trend of actively collecting suggestions in order to develop new uses  has attracted people’s attention.  There also included a lot of OLED Lighting products, some of them are compatible with LED lighting products,and many of them were already reach the market.
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Innovative products shine at Taiwan International Lighting Show 2013

The Taiwan International Lighting Show 2013 took place at the Taipei World Trade Center on March 26, 2013, gathering most of the Taiwanese LED manufacturers as well as experts and scholars in the LED field. Numerous excited exhibitors implied the importance of this annual event, and a variety of innovative lighting products also suggested a maturing LED industry.  The lighting products displayed at the exposition can be divided into three categories: power drivers, dimmers, and light bulbs. Almost all of the products, however, were highly efficient and innovative. TESS, for example, introduced a series of disposable light bulbs as well as innovative modularized power engines that could be applied to different light sources. They emphasized that with the combination of high efficiency power engines and energy-saving light bulbs,......
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Lighting Japan 2013 Broadcast 3: Taiwanese manufacturers shine throughout the Japanese exposition, market acceptance of LED lighting products increases

Taiwanese manufacturers that set significant booths at Lighting Japan 2013 including Everlight, OPTOTECH, Genesis Photonics Inc., and Ledlink Optics, as well as exhibitors of the Taiwanese pavilion have all acquired numerous orders at this exposition.  Genesis Photonics Inc. announced that they have acquired an order of 100,000 of their patent candle light bulbs. LED chips produced by the company are applied to these bulbs that share several features of incandescent light bulbs, and mass production is expected to take place in the second half of 2013.......
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Innovative Products add New Dimension of Interest and Value to the 5th edition of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the fifth edition of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair – Spring Edition will run from 6-9 April 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The show will play host to over 950 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions, who will showcase their innovative design and trend-setting products to buyers serving both the consumer and the commercial markets. The fair presents a wide array of the latest lighting products in a sectorised format. Established zones include Hall of Aurora, Hall of LED...
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LED CHINA Event Opens in Guangzhou in March 2013

LED CHINA 2013, organised by UBM Trust, opens from 1-4 March at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Area B in Guangzhou, China.1,012 exhibitors from 10 countries, an increase of 12percent compared to last year, have taken up 80,000sqm of exhibition space, another growth of 14percent. LED CHINA 2013,the world's largest dedicated event to the entire LED industry supply chain and one of the selected fairs which won endorsement from the China Ministry of Commerce in 2012, is the one-stop platform to see finished LED products and componen...
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Show Report: LIGHTING JAPAN 2013

Key event for LED/OLED lightings, LIGHTING JAPAN 2013 concluded with a remarkable success gathering 353 exhibitors and 18,357 visitors. Becoming more international every year as an event representing the Asian lighting industry,  more than 30% of the exhibitors this year were from overseas and the number of overseas visitors reached around 3,000. LIGHTING JAPAN, which now consists of 3 exhibitions, was originally launched in 2009 as an exhibition for LED/OLED lighting manufacturing technologies (LED/OLED Lighting Technolo...
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Lighting Japan 2013 snapshot – OLED lighting and design lighting raises eyebrows

Lighting Japan has its fifth exhibition kicks off in Tokyo, Japan, featuring a wide range of next-generation lighting applications into series of themes as shown in LED/OLED organic electro-luminescence (EL) segment and the first Design Lighting Tokyo. The exhibition not only demonstrates innovative technology but also incorporates views about the latest trends. The exhibition is board in terms of scale. For specialized areas such as lighting, it covers three key exhibitions including the 5th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo, the 3rd LED/OLED Light Expo...
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The 14th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)” Grandly Openned

The 14th edition of HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) has greatly opened on 27th, October. Nearly 2,300 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions have joined the big event. In addition, there is also a wider range of nationalities among buyers, with nearly 60 countries and regions represented and over 70 buying missions taking part. The exhibition has featured several zone, such as Hall of Aurora which is a sophisticated environment showing branded products to the best advantage in a handsome setting. More than 430 brands, including Cree, Ph...
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Lighting Korea 2012 Exhibition Report

Lighting Korea, a major lighting exhibition in South Korea, is organized by the Korea Institute of Lighting Technology and Korea Lighting and Utensils Association. The 2012 exhibition will take place in the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center beginning October 17, and cover many varieties of lighting related items, including controller chips, modules, and daily lighting appliances. There will also be an opportunity to see intuitive LED designs created by many of South Korea’s Academic Institutions. These designs demonstrate both the theoretical and practi...
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LEDinside Takes You to Visit LED Show in The China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE)

The China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) has grandly opened on September 6, 2012. There are more than 3000 enterprises joined, and the exhibition area is up to 100,000 square meters. In particular, the exhibition area for LED is over 30,000 square meters. According to LEDinside, this exhibition covers all kinds of LED industry. Among them, enterprises which are engaged in substrate and epitaxial wafer development play a key role. Meanwhile, Chinese localization concept is obvious. Statistics have shown that the number of Chinese sapphire subs...
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Report on OSRAM Opto Semiconductor Penang Base: Emphasis on Multiculturalism and Quality Assurance

Germany’s OSRAM, the lighting firm under Siemens, is a well-organized company – its OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is speclizaed in LED epitaxy, LED package and is an vertically integrated company. It also has a subsidiary company for LED phosphor business. OSRAM establishes strategic alliances with international major companies and OEMs to strengthen its leading position in the global market. LEDinside staff flied to Penang, Malaysia to do a report on OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LED production base (the biggest in the world). T...
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Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2012 Report: New LED Chip, Equipment, and Plant Lighting Products Generated Buzz

At Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2012 and Display Taiwan 2012, LEDinside found that 40W-60W equivalent LED bulb and LED tube makers adopt mid and small power LED chips in pursuit of better lm/$. One of the highlights at the exhibition was Osram’s release of Duris 5630 LED series, targeting Asian commercial lighting market. The two exhibitions commenced on June 19-21. Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2012 had 1,525 booths and Display Taiwan 2012 had 473, a total of 2,018 booths and 820 participating companies. LEDinside Survey Currently, E...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Report IV: Chinese Package Makers Strived for Innovations

The Pearl River Delta area has always been the base of Chinese LED companies, in particular LED package makers, and plays an important role in the Chinese LED industry. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012, held in the pivot city of the Pearl River Delta area, understandably became a vital event for the Chinese LED players. Therefore, the exhibition consisted of most China-based LED package makers. According to LEDinside research, as opposed to their copycat strategy in the past, Chinese companies showcased products which highlighted their o...
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LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou Highlights: The Demands for LED Lighting will keep Increasing

LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou organized by LEDinside and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, as well as co-sponsored by CNLEDW.com ,has grandly opened at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8 on June 11, 2012. This LEDforum has invited global LED market leaders from Osram, Philips Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Henkel (China), Lextar, Aixtron, Veeco Instruments, KLA-Tencor and Laytec to give wonderful presentations.   Dr. C.L. Liu from TrendForce Corp. gave an opening speech Louis...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 Report III: Redefine LED Lighting

The exhibition space of Guangdong International Lighting Exhibition 2012 hit a record high. Unlike the previous years, LED lighting took over the spotlight at this year’s exhibition. The exhibition showed a lot of promise given the breakthroughs in LED lighting performance and design. LED cylinder lights LED down lights LED lighting design plays an integral role in LED applications. In theory, LED lighting fixtures’ spectrum is hard to replace that of traditional lighting. However with the recent breakthroughs, LED lighting becomes...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 Report II: Exhibition Space Increase Marked LED Market’s Climbing Maturity

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 commenced on June 9-12, 2012 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. The exhibition consisted of not only Chinese companies such as Mulinsen, ChangFang, Honglitronic, and Refond Optoelectronics as well as global big names such as Philips, Osram, GE, Panasonic, Toshiba. Taiwanese LED companies gathered at Arena B – 10.2 and 11.2 while international top-tier firms showcased at Arena A – 3.1 and 4.1. Displays and TVs were exhibited at Arena B - 12.1 and 13.1. Fully pa...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 Report I: A record number of exhibitors

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012, Asia’s most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event, and Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology, which supports the growing trend of eco-friendly buildings, will have a record number of exhibitors when taking place 9 –12 June, 2012 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. Openning TrendForce LEDinside also join the opening ceremony.   Organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, the combined shows will have 2,900 exhibitor...
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LightFair International 2012 Report IV: Bridgelux and Toshiba to Mass-produce 8-inch GaN-on-Si LEDs

At LightFair International 2012, which commenced on May 8-11 in Las Vegas, LEDinside conducted an interview with Mr. Jason Posselt, Vice President of Marketing at Bridgelux, shedding light on the latest development of LED lighting and GaN-on-Si technology. Mass Production of 8-inch Gan-on-Si LEDs Posselt said that Bridgelux has successfully developed a 135lm/W Gan-on-Si LED. The Gan-on-Si technology helps reduce the cost of turning a large-size wafer into a LED. Also, silicon substrate’s cost is lower than that of sapphire substrate...
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE