Ennostar and PlayNitride Join Forces to Develop Micro LED, and Value of Market for Display-Related Micro LED Chips Will Reach Around US$542 Million in 2024, Says TrendForce

Nov. 11, 2022 ---- Ennostar’s subsidiary Epistar and PlayNitride’s wholly-owned subsidiary PlayNitride Display have announced that they have teamed up to build a production line for 6-inch Micro LED epi-wafers. Looking at the latest progress in the development of Micro LED, large-sized displays are regarded as the forerunners to the more advanced end products. Even though Micro LED has unresolved technological bottlenecks and cost-related issues, TrendForce is optimistic that this technology will eventually be adopted for the development of different kinds...
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Samsung to Launch Mass Production of Micro LED TVs in 3Q22 with AUO and PlayNitride as Suppliers

According to the South Korean media outlet TheElec, Samsung plans to start producing Micro LED TVs in the third quarter this year. The product will be engineered with LTPS-TFT technology. It is also the first Micro LED TV that does not use PCB technology.   Photo credit: Samsung   In 2022, the South Korean electronics conglomerate aims to roll out 89", 101" and 114" Micro LED TVs. Production of the 89" model was about to kick off this May; however, the schedule was delayed due to unsatisfactory yield and the C...
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PlayNitride to Be Listed in 3Q22 and Will Become First Taiwanese Micro LED Concept Stock

On June 23, Micro LED developer PlayNitride held an investor conference, announcing the upcoming IPO plan along with its future prospects. If the company successfully goes public—currently scheduled for 3Q22 with a total of 6,305,000 shares listed through capital increase with a share capital of NTD 1.07 billion—it will become the first company listed on the Taiwan Innovation Board, a new trading platform established by TWSE in an effort to hatch Taiwanese unicorns. Founded in 2014, PlayNitride specializes in research and development of Micro LE...
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【SID Display Week 2022】: Rise of Micro LED, Mini LED and OLED Displays

SID Display Week 2022 was held between May 8 and May 13 in San Jose, California. During the annual event, leading players worldwide showcased their latest Micro LED display technologies and products, including Samsung, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE and PlayNitride. The product applications shown included large-size displays, automotive displays, transparent displays, wearables and AR/VR headset displays. PlayNitride In response to the trend of Micro LED commercialization, PlayNitride presented its products in several categories at SID Display Week ...
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PlayNitride showcases new MicroLED commercialization solutions at SID Display Week 2022, focusing on automotive, consumer electronics products, and AR applications

PlayNitride will exhibit at SID 2022 in San Jose McEnery Convention Center from May 10th to 12th. Along with the trend of MicroLED commercialization, PlayNitride is going to exhibit three different scenarios to bring the visitors to experience the MicroLED world. First, the 132-inch PixeLED Matrix seamless tiling MicroLED modular display as a welcome banner, showing unlimited contrast ratio, 116% NTSC, 2000nits brightness to catch the eyes in a short viewing distance than ever. The delicate and vivid picture quality can break the limitation of large s...
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【Touch Taiwan 2022】Partnerships between Giants to Create Win-Win Micro/Mini LED Display Solutions

Touch Taiwan 2022 kicked off on April 27 in Taipei, centering on the theme “Features on Cross Industry Integration , the Future of Displays”, during which major players––such as Ennostar, Macroblock, AUO and PlayNitride––showcased various products which they have spent years to make. Ennostar Ennostar focused on displays and sensing. The first thing catching visitors’ eyes was an ultra fine pitch display featuring 0404 RGB LED. The LED manufacturing group also exhibited solutions for small and large displays powered...
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PlayNitride Will Kick Off the CES 2022 with a Virtual Exhibition of MicroLED

HSINCHU, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd (PlayNitride) will hold a virtual exhibition of MicroLED, the next generation of display technology at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022 Las Vegas, from January 5 to 31, 2022. PlayNitride will be showcasing its latest technology online with four major application scenario demos including modular-large size display, transparent display, wearable display, and AR micro-display. PlayNitride is unveiling the latest MicroLED Solutions MicroLED is the ultimate new gen...
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PlayNitride Debuted Four New Micro LED Displays, Targeting AR/VR and Automotive Applications

Recently, many display brand manufacturers rolled out a series of new Mini/Micro LED displays on their New Product Launch Events. On top of that, manufacturers across the globe plan to demonstrate diverse new display products in the upcoming CES 2022 to be hold on January 5th. But ahead of CES 2022, Opto Taiwan 2021 was just held in Taiwan and enterprises like PlayNitride also brought their Micro LED display products in the spotlight.  Aiming at New Opportunities, PlayNitride Debuted Four Micro LED Displays According to LEDinside&rsquo...
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PlayNitride introduces new microLED display prototypes at SID Displayweek 2021

MicroLED developer PlayNitride introduced interesting new display prototypes at SID Displayweek 2021 <iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/aum4S8PtbZQ" title="YouTube video player" width="560"></iframe> The first display is a 89-inch 5K (59 PPI) curved display, produced from tiled microLED panels. The display has a 32:9 aspect ratio with the microLEDs driven by PCB. The 89-inch display is build from ...
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PlayNitride and ITRI Sign on a Cooperation Project to Focus on Micro LED

PlayNitride and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) signed on a long-term collaboration project at a press conference last week. In addition, Epistar’s Chairman Biing-Jye Lee and AUO’s President Frank Ko also attended the conference. Being the only Micro LED design company in Taiwan, PlayNitride has done many rounds of fundraising. Its CEO Charles Lee is the most important person of the company. In addition, because Epistar acquired ForEpi, Epistar has been its large shareholder holding 20% of PlayNitride. With stro...
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PlayNitride Says Micro LED Could Be Competitive with OLED in Five Years as Its Cost Will Drop by 95%

Charles Lee, CEO of PlayNitride, said in a recent interview that the company has secured several strategic investors that are willing to fund the expansion of the company’s production capacity. Hence, mass production of Micro LED solutions is not a slogan, but an imminent reality. Li further stated that the company’s annual revenue will eventually hit the 100 million mark in US dollars. Presently, the main bottleneck in the development of Micro LED is the low yield rate of the mass transfer process. Although manufacturers in the LED and display industri...
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Micro LED Technology Developers to Increase Production Lines, Preparing for Booming Applications in the Coming Years

With applications featuring Mini LED display technology about to enter the market, the industry seems to hold a more optimistic view towards Micro LED. Two Micro LED technology builders unveiled their plans to set up new Micro LED production lines this week, including Taiwanese company PlayNitride and French Aledia. (Image: LEDinside) PlayNitride is going to commence construction of its second Micro LED chip production line with its secured funds of US$50 million. The production is scheduled to be completed and begin mass production by mid-2021, boos...
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Automotive and Wearable Micro LED Displays at Display Week 2020 Demonstrate Mass Transfer and Bonding Breakthroughs

Even without a physical presence, Display Week 2020 still functioned as a major arena for competing technology providers to showcase their offerings. Noteworthy participants that unveiled their latest Micro LED products included LGD, AUO, Tianma, and BOE. In demonstrating their cutting-edge solutions, exhibitors used videos, images, and other media resources to overcome the limitations of the virtual venue. The lack of physical exhibitions and conferences did not diminish the excitement over Micro LED displays during Display Week 2020. Many prominent developers ...
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QD Color Conversion and Wafer Technologies Drive Micro LED Display Mass Production

Micro LED technology developers from Taiwan unveiled their latest progress in quantum dots (QD) color conversion and wafer production. Lextar introduced its progresses in reliable QD development to realize full color Micro LED displays while PlayNitride shared its achievement of 6-inch Micro LED epitaxial wafers with advanced uniformity. (Image: screenshot from PlayNitride video) Lextar, a vertical integrated LED company based in Taiwan, shared that the company has been working on deploying QD color conversion technology on Micro LED display. Since M...
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【Display Week】Micro LED Display for Automotive and Wearable Applications

Despite the interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of novel display technologies have to go on. At the virtual Display Week held last week, there were still several new Micro LED display exhibits showcased by worldwide experts. LEDinside selects a few innovations that cannot be missed. AUO AUO exhibited an integrated full color TFT driven Micro LED automotive displays with two 9.4-inch flexible Micro LED panels. Its S-curve shape enables the display to be mounted into automotive interior design. It also demonstrated a 12.1-inch Micro...
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PlayNitride Aims to Cut Micro LED Cost by 95% in Five Years

Micro LED technology supplier PlayNitride said that it aims to reduce production cost of Micro LED chip by 95% in five years to meet the requirement of mass production and is continue to raise funding. Charles Li, CEO of PlayNitride, noted that the two major keys of Micro LEDs are to make them small and cheap, which is the current challenge for commercialization. In order to achieve the goal, it is critical to connect the supply chain from wafer manufacture, chip process, transfer technology, display module, backplane driver and system tuning. Most of the processes ...
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【Interview】PlayNitride Achieves 100% Yield for Micro LED Mass Transferring

Featuring high definition, saturation and reliability, Micro LED as the next-gen display technology continues to progress. Leading brands such as Samsung and Sony have released large size Micro LED TV products and the rumors of Apple to reveal Micro LED based wearable products like Apple Watch or AR smart glasses never stopped. PlayNitride, the Micro LED technology provider based in Taiwan, is one of the key players of the supply chain. It has teamed up with leading display makers to present Micro LED innovation in CES and SID in the past few years...
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AUO Partners PlayNitride to Develop High Resolution Flexible Micro LED Display Technology

Taiwan-based display manufacturer AUO has partnered with PlayNitride to unveil their latest Micro LED technology development. The two companies leverage their expertise and developed a 9.4-inch flexible Micro LED display with the world's highest 228 PPI pixel density, achieving yet another industry milestone with pioneering technological breakthroughs. The 9.4-inch flexible Micro LED display is based on an LTPS TFT driven backplane which allows pixels to be lighted separately. With a high-speed mass transfer technology, more than 5.5 million Micro LED...
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AIXTRON Qualified for Micro LED production at PlayNitride

AIXTRON announced that PlayNitride has qualified its AIX G5+ C MOCVD system for the manufacturing of GaN-based (gallium nitride) Micro LEDs, concluding the joint collaboration agreement signed in January. The German equipment provider and Micro LED specialist PlayNitride reported their partnership in January 2019 to speed up Micro LED mass production with AIXTRON’s AIX G5+ C platform. According to AIXTRON, PlayNitride ordered another tool for expanding its capacities for high-volume production of Micro LEDs. The M...
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Major Micro LED Application Trends Focused by Worldwide Industry Players

Micro LED technology is on its way to take off with various applications launched by leading companies across the world. Small size displays for wearable products, middle size display for automotive applications and extra-large TVs are the three major areas targeted by current Micro LED players according to their strategies of Micro LED technology. LEDinside observed several roadmaps of Micro LED technology developments of different leading companies in the field. Luxury Micro LED TVs Since Micro LED technology still faces the challenge of high pro...
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Evatec Wins Repeat Order for Micro LED Production Equipment at PlayNitride

Swiss equipment supplier Evatec reported that it has received repeat orders from Taiwan’s Micro LED company PlayNitride. Evatec will deliver multiple fully automated thin film production tools to PlayNitride for Micro LED manufacture. The tools from Evatec will support PlayNitride’s scale up production. (Image: Evatec/PlayNitride) Evatec’s Head of BU Optoelectronics Dr. Stefan Seifried commented, “With our complete thin film process portfolio for metals, TCOs, passivation layers and DBRs Evatec sputter technology was al...
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PlayNitride Plans to Raise $100M for Micro LED Production; Konka Group to Dive into Micro LED R&D with $211M

Micro LED technology is seeing commercialization in one or two years with wearable products and large size displays leading the way. Taiwan-based Micro LED company PlayNitride is planning to increase investment for Micro LED product production while China-based Konka Group also announced to put RMB 1.5 billion (US$ 211 million) in Micro LED research and development. PlayNitride teamed up with RiTdisplay to jointly develop PM Micro LED product for wearable applications with trial production starting this year and mass production expected in 2020. Seein...
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【SEMICON Taiwan】 Smart Applications Development with Advanced Optoelectronics including Micro LED to be the Focus

SEMICON Taiwan 2019, as a key event of the semiconductor industry, was held from September 18 to 20 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan. More than 700 exhibitors across the world participated in the show with focuses of smart applications, autonomous electric vehicles and more, attracting about 50,000 visitors to explore the latest technology development. During the show, LEDinside noted that several leading semiconductor equipment providers unveiled solutions and systems of Micro LED and Mini LED. The industry players are cooperating to build an eco-...
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Micro LED Wearables and Automotive Displays on the Way to Mass Production

Until the third quarter of 2019, we have seen Micro LED products presented at several international events, marking the progressing maturity of the technology after years of development. Recently, companies of the Micro LED supply chain revealed that they are getting ready for mass production. Taiwan’s RiTdisplay and PlayNitride jointly developed two Micro LED displays for wearable applications. One is a 1.25-inch display and the other is a 0.94-inch flexible display. Both panels are featured with a resolution of 228 ppi. According to RiTdisplay, it has been ...
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【Touch Taiwan 2019】Micro LEDs Hit Automotive and Wearable Applications

Touch Taiwan closed on August 30. Visitors at the show could find a wide range of display applications from wearables panel below 1 inch to large TVs up to 120-inch based on Mini LED and Micro LED technologies. One of the eye-catching products showcased by panel manufacturer AUO is the 12.1-inch Micro LED automotive panel that delivered vivid colors, high contrast and smooth display performance. At the same time, an AM Mini LED display flaunted an astonishing screen quality. According to AUO, since automotive verification takes long time, the company see...
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Taiwan’s PlayNitride and RiTdisplay Reportedly Join Apple’s Micro LED Supply Chain

The rumors of Apple using Micro LED in its Apple Watch continue. This time, it was said that the strategic appliance of Taiwan’s PlayNitride and RiTdisplay will provide their Micro LED technologies including chips and display modules for the Apple Watch, according to the report of Taiwan’s Economy Daily News. PlayNitride’s expertise is Micro LED technology has been recognized by worldwide partners. At SID 2019, PlayNitride showcased a 7.65-inch full color transparent Micro LED display, a flexible Micro LED display and a wearabl...
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【SID Display Week 2019】Micro LED Display Products Progress with Chinese Panel Makers Joining the Field

Display Week is an iconic event for the display industry across the world. Micro LED display is still a major focus of the show in 2019. Most of the Micro LED display exhibitors have demonstrated their products last year and came with upgraded Micro LED display this year. LEDinside noticed that Chinese panel manufacturers have joined the game of Micro LED and showcased active driven solution on glass backplane, indicating the technology progress of Micro LED display. Let’s take a look at the latest Micro LED developments at SID Display Week 2019. ...
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Micro LED Progress Updates from Worldwide Companies for 2019 – Asia

The development of Micro LED display technology has further materialized in 2019 in the form of more solid applications presented in big trade shows. Micro LED products demonstrations marked the intensified collaboration between industry players in the supply chain across the world. Researchers, chip makers, panel producers, equipment providers and application device developers have intensified their cooperation to accelerate Micro LED technology progress. Since the beginning of 2019, many companies have announced their Micro LED progresses and plans. Follow the update...
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AIXTRON Provides Its AIX G5+ C to PlayNitride for Micro LED Production

AIXTRON announced that it has signed a Joint Collaboration Agreement with PlayNitride to accelerate technical and commercial breakthroughs of Micro LED. AIXTRON’s AIX G5+ C MOCVD system will be adopted by PlayNitride for the manufacturing of GaN-based (gallium nitride) Micro LEDs. PlayNitride has presented Micro LED displays with high resolution and supplied its Micro LED chips to Samsung for the 75-inch Micro LED display demonstrated at CES 2019. By signing a joint collaboration agreement, AIXTRON and PlayNitride ...
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【CES 2019】PlayNitride Showcases 232 DPI Micro LED Displays

After Samsung released the new Micro LED displays at First Look CES event, Taiwan-based PlayNitride is also exhibiting its latest Micro LED technology. Unlike Samsung’s large sized TVs, PlayNitride is showcasing small sized Micro LED displays of 3.12-inch and 5-inch. The pixels of the displays were made by RGB chips that are smaller than 30µm. The five-inch display is featured with transparency whose penetration rate could reach 50 percent. The resolution of the display is 350*170 with more than 180 thousands chips in one module. The oth...
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40V-150V breakdown voltage lineup: ideal for motor drive and industrial power supplies ROHM has developed Nch MOSFETs (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, 13 part numbers, suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V pow... READ MORE

LUXEON Core, CX, and the new CS CoB board sizes are supported by industry-standard holders and optics San Jose, CA – Though there are many standards in the LED industry, the footprint or board size for CoBs is not one of them. Over the y... READ MORE